Truck Lunch

Cemita From El Idolo Taco Food Truck

NY Food Truck Lunch: Spicy Chicken Sandwich From El Idolo Taco Truck

The cemita comes on a sesame seed bun with shredded chicken, avocado slices, cooked onions, refried beans and cheese.


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Mr. Smith ‘Durger’ From The Trusty Truck

Another new food truck hit the streets of New York a couple of weeks ago, and this one you should pay attention to. It’s called the Trusty Truck, and you can trust them to deliver tasty lunches at a good price.


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Arroz Con Pollo From Manos Peruanos

There were 2 large pieces of chicken, a thigh and a leg, both with the skin on. It appeared to be stewed, and was very soft and moist. No dry chicken here.


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Sicilian Rice Ball From Jiannetto’s

Jiannetto’s is essentially a mobile pizzeria, with high-temperature pizza ovens in the truck. They serve “Grandma”-style pizza, which has some sauce, and even less cheese.


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Chicken Bao From Fun Buns

Fun Buns was founded by the folks behind the popular Bian Dang Taiwanese food truck. The Fun Buns cart emerged last spring with pork belly bao (Chinese buns), then they came out with beef bao at the beginning of the summer.


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Chorizo Burrito From Taco Bite

There’s a fairly new food truck in town called Taco Bite, but since we’ve been eating and writing about tacos a lot lately, we decided to get a burrito this time.


Veggie cigars from the Comme Ci Comme Ça Truck (credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Veggie Couscous From Comme Ci Comme Ca

The Cinnamon Snail is probably the best-known vegan food truck in the city, but one of the better options for vegetarian food may surprise you – the Comme Ci Comme Ça truck.


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Korean Tacos From Big D’s Grub Truck

The tacos come 3 for $7, and there’s plenty of food for your hard-earned lunch money. As for deciding which tacos to order, the choices are bulgogi beef, spicy pork, ginger chicken or spicy chicken.


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Dessert: Taiwanese Shaved Ice From Wooly’s Ice

After the ice is shaved into a cup, they put on fruit or other toppings, then a sauce. My fruit choices were blueberries, strawberries or frozen grapes. I went for strawberries and frozen grapes, which sounded intriguing.


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Chicken Curry From Cambodian Cuisine Torsu

One of the better lunch deals around, whether from a food truck or a restaurant, is Cambodian Cuisine Torsu. Most of their lunches are $5.95, and you get a lot of bang for the buck.

CBS New York–08/22/2012

BLT Hot Dog  (credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Bark Hot Dogs On The High Line

Bark started with a small strorefront in Park Slope, then added another outlet at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. This season they opened a stand at High Line Park. That’s where I went a couple of times recently to sample some dogs.

CBS New York–08/20/2012

(credit: An Icy Introduction)

NY Food Truck Dessert: SnoBalls From An Icy Introduction

There are many ways to cool off during a hot city summer, and here’s another one: An Icy Introduction, a stand selling Caribbean-style SnoBalls, SnoCreams and Slushes.


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Fish Po’ Boy From The Fishing Shrimp Truck

The fish po’ boy is 3 pieces of fried whiting with house cole slaw in a sandwich. On the first bite, there was a nice crunch from the breading, the taste of fresh fish, and more crunch from the coleslaw. The breading was nice and crunchy, but not heavily spiced at all.

CBS New York–08/15/2012

(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Sweet Chili Chicken From Indian Tasty Halal Food

When we see a halal food cart, we assume they will have chicken or “lamb” over rice with white and hot sauce. Lately, we’ve run into a few halal carts with chicken tikka masala, kati rolls and fish served with Indian spices and sauces.


Cookies From Sweetery Food Truck

NY Food Truck Dessert: Cookies & Ice Cream Cupcakes From Sweetery NYC

We brought home an assortment of cookies to enjoy with our family – and enjoy them we did. Our goodie bag included a snickerdoodle ($2), flourless chocolate walnut ($2.25) and a macarella ($3).