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Residents of Highland Park, New Jersey have been ordered to fix crumbling sidewalks in front of their homes, but they say it should not be their responsibility. (Credit: CBS 2)

Sidewalk Slab Repair Battle Brews In Borough Of Highland Park, N.J.

It’s a sidewalk standoff in one Garden State borough. Highland Park requires homeowners fix decrepit sidewalks, but some say it’s not their responsibility and that it’s a safety issue, too.


Cars stranded on the Northern State Parkway in Jericho on August 13, 2014. (credit: CBS 2)

‘Storm Of Historic Proportions’ Dumps 13 Inches Of Rain In Some Spots Of LI

A storm that dumped nearly an entire summer’s worth of rain in parts of the Tri-State area caused major flooding in some spots, stranding motorists and snarling the morning commute.


Heavy rains caused flooding at Jones Beach. (Credit: CBS 2)

Drenching Rains Set Off Powerful Flooding, Health Warning At Jones Beach

Drenching rains set off powerful flooding on Jones Beach leading to a health warning on Wednesday night.


The Prospect Park Alliance is enlisting volunteers to help fight an invasive species of grass. (Credit: CBS 2)

Alliance Says Invasive ‘Phragmites’ Grass Isn’t Welcome In Prospect Park

It may be green, but it isn’t welcome in Prospect Park. Landscapers say a species of invasive grass has got to go.


A stretch of Macon Street in Bed-Stuy was recently named the 'Greenest Block In Brooklyn' (Credit: CBS 2)

Scenic Bed-Stuy Street Honored As ‘Greenest Block In Brooklyn’

A block in Brooklyn has people everywhere green with envy. That’s because it’s been named the greenest in the entire borough.


Furry Friend Finder (Credit: CBS 2)

Furry Friend Finder: Princess And Molly

In this edition of “Furry Friend Finder,” CBS 2′s Vanessa Murdock and Diane Macedo introduce us to Princess and Molly, who are looking for homes.


Mayor Bill de Blasio hands out "go bags" to residents in Brooklyn on Aug. 1, 2014. (credit: Marla Diamond/WCBS 880)

De Blasio Talks Hurricane Preparedness As Tropical Storm Bertha Churns In Atlantic

De Blasio appeared alongside Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Esposito in Brooklyn Friday to talk hurricane preparedness.


AquaFence (Credit: CBS 2)

AquaFence Protects Buildings From Flooding

The AquaFence is water resistant and constructed of some of the strongest materials around.


Pest control specialists have been working overtime to combat a bat and squirrel invasion in Westchester. (Credit: CBS 2)

Pest Control Specialists Work Overtime To Round Up Unwanted House Guests In Westchester

Pest control specialists are working overtime to round-up all kinds of creatures in Westchester.


Furry Friend Finder (Credit: CBS 2)

Furry Friend Finder: Kyle And Gem

In this edition of “Furry Friend Finder,” CBS 2′s Vanessa Murdock and Diane Macedo introduce us to Kyle and Gem, who are looking for homes.


Newlyweds Madonna Badger and William Duke (Credit: CBS 2)

Madonna Badger Marries Fiance Two Years After Fire That Killed Children, Parents

Clutching a bouquet of white flowers, smiling from ear to ear, Badger proves life can go on, even after enduring the unimaginable.


The Department of Environmental Conservation has ordered Queens homeowner Al Risi to tear down a seawall protecting his home. (Credit: CBS 2)

Bitter Battle Waged Over Queens Seawall

The owner of the seawall says it’s necessary to protect his home, but the government has told him to tear it down.


Furry Friend Finer (Credit: CBS 2)

Furry Friend Finder: Maya And Angel

In this edition of “Furry Friend Finder,” CBS 2′s Vanessa Murdock and Diane Macedo introduce us to Maya and Angel, who are looking for homes.


(Credit: CBS 2)

‘Furry Friend Finder': Logan And Chico

In this edition of “Furry Friend Finder,” CBS 2′s Vanessa Murdock and Diane Macedo introduce us to Chico and Logan, who are looking for homes.


Map of expected temperatures in mid-July (Credit: CBS 2)

Meteorologists Forecast Polar Plunge For Tri-State Area Next Week

The colder temperatures are expected to hit the area next Wednesday and Thursday due to a jet stream that will take a huge dip into the eastern United States.