10/3 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather HeadlinesExpect cloudy skies to remain through the night, along with some drizzle or spotty showers.
10/3 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesBig story is the continued threat of moderate to major coastal flooding due to the persistent onshore winds.
10/3 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather HeadlinesHope you have weekend plans to be indoors for at least this morning!
High Winds, Heavy Rains Pound Jersey ShoreThe National Weather Service has issued coastal flood warnings Friday with widespread tidal flooding expected during high tides throughout this weekend.
10/2 CBS2 Friday Evening Weather HeadlinesIt has been a raw windy day with temps not getting out of the 50s.
Tri-State Area Hit With More Rain As Hurricane's Path Takes ShapeThe Tri-State area is dealing with another day of wet and dreary weather Friday but got some comfort as forecasters said the powerful Hurricane Joaquin would likely stay out at sea.
10/2 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather HeadlinesPlease take the umbrella out the door today. I don't bean to sound like a broken record, but no one wants to get wet before they go to work.
10/1 CBS2 Thursday Evening Weather HeadlinesAnother very busy day today. Updates on the very strong CAT 4 Joaquin have been coming out every 3-6 hours.
NY, NJ Officials Urge Caution As Storms, Hurricane Joaquin ApproachThe governors of New York and New Jersey are warning residents to prepare for drenching storms that could cause power outages and close roads as Hurricane Joaquin gains strength.
10/1 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather HeadlinesClouds should be overhead if you live in the Tri-State, but don't expect too much in the way of rain today until the evening.
9/30 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather HeadlinesHope your day has been pleasant despite the wet weather and all the hurricane talk. We received anywhere from .5" - 2.5" of rain across the area with most confined north and west.
9/30 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather Headlines