CBS2 Thursday Evening Weather HeadlinesThe little bit of snow that fell today was just that-- a little bit. Most saw a few periods of flurries to a trace. Some folk out east will probably end up with a 1/2" or so.
1/28 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather HeadlinesExpect another cold one today as the snow pack from the storm keeps things a few degrees colder than normal. The sunshine will be ample, but expect some blowing and drifting snow to be a problem out in eastern Long Island.
1/8 CBS2 Thursday Evening Weather HeadlinesYou don't need a weatherman to know it's cold out. Brutally cold wind chills started the day.
11/19 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather HeadlinesBundling up if your traveling around this morning is necessary. Gloves, hats, scarves, and parkas are all good clothing choices. Record lows are potentially being broken as we speak.
11/17 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather HeadlinesAfter the rain exits east, its all about the temps. Waking up tomorrow morning will feel like a typical morning in mid-January.
11/15 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather Headlines
11/14 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather HeadlinesIf you have early drive this morning, you're going to want some extra time. Everyone is driving in some slick conditions for the first time since last spring.
11/5 CBS2 Evening Weather HeadlinesToday is a transition day in the world of our local weather. Clouds have overwhelmed much of the Tri-State ahead of the approaching cold front, and even the winds are starting to pick up.
11/1 CBS2 Morning Weather UpdateNovember really starts off on a less-than-ideal fall day -- it's going to a damp and chilly. On-and-off showers will plague us today, and a still easterly wind off the ocean will make it a day for a sweatshirt AND a waterproof jacket.
10/30 CBS2 Evening Weather HeadlinesTonight is clear and quiet. But if you're headed out, grab the jacket, because the later it goes, the chillier it gets with lows in the 40s for much of the Tri-State.
Deep Freeze Coming To Tri-State Area This WeekCome Tuesday, a deep freeze will settle into the Tri-State Area, likely dragging temperatures below zero in some areas and sending wind chills plunging into the negative 20s.
Bitter Chill Persists, Sandy Victims Remain LividTri-State Area residents began the weekend in lingering bitter cold, as the temperature still refuses to climb out of the 20s, and the wind chill continues to make it feel much colder.

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