5 NYC Workout Classes To Try This Summer

August 11, 2015 6:00 AM

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Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Getting out of the house to exercise is never easy, especially when it means doing the same, tedious routines each day. So why not spice things up a bit? With the help of these 5 unorthodox exercise classes, you can get the workout you need, with some much-needed fun and adventure in the mix.

Workout video tycoon Shaun T is back with a brand new work out system. Unlike “Insanity,” his most popular exercise program until now, Cize uses dance moves to burn calories and tone muscle, turning what could be tumultuous tasks into fun, and groovy challenges. Intriguingly deemed “The End of Exercise,” the new workout hinges on everyone’s desire and natural ability to learn choreography. While the main format for the workout is a DVD series, in-person “Cize Live” classes will be held across the United States. Sessions are sure to crop up in the greater NYC area soon, and information can be found on the Cize website.

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Om Factory: Aerial Yoga
873 Broadway
Suite 202, New York, NY
(212) 353-3500

Into alternative yoga, but tired of dripping sweat in steamy Bikram classes? Lucky for lovers of the Zen workout, there seems to be a new trend in yoga popping up all of the time, and in this case, the new wave involves a room-temperature thermostat. Aerial yoga incorporates acrobatic techniques to revitalize classic yoga poses, and hanging on the soft, fabric suspensions at OM Factory New York puts students in the middle of relaxation and excitement. While it may seem challenging, OM Factory assures newcomers that no experience is required to try it out, circus or otherwise.

Tone House: Total Body
20 East 17th St.
2nd Floor, New York, NY 10003

For some city-dwelling fitness buffs, the average class may not be tough enough to satisfy workout goals. That’s where Tone House comes in. Regarded by many as the toughest workout in NYC, Tone House offers workout plans and equipment normally reserved for professional realms of fitness and athletics. Their “Total Body” sessions provide strength and conditioning instruction with the goal of working every muscle group in the body.

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Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Cityrow: Cityrow X
80 Fifth Ave.
Suite 1501, New York, NY

After months and years of your regular gym-routine, stair-climbers and treadmills can be hard on your joints and just plain boring. The Cityrow workout facility understands, and in doing so provides cardio and strength training on their self-described “sexy, water-based rowing machines.” Their offerings include the signature class, a vinyasa yoga infused session, and Cityrow X, the signature class taken to a new, intensified and sweaty extreme.

Equinox: METCON3

Ready to incorporate some science into your workout? METCON3 is a relatively new class in the Equinox roster (they offer quite a few), and if it sounds like a military alert, think again. The title represents the class’ focus, centering on the body’s three metabolic systems over a fine-tuned workout period. The sessions focus on aerobics and strength, cycling through 30 one-minute exercises, ten exercises for each metabolic system. With a large amount of locations in the NYC metro area, fit-freaks shouldn’t have any problem finding a place and time that works.

Jake Hirshland is a lifestyle intern for CBS Local Media.

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