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Best NYC Online Delivery Services

February 25, 2011 2:00 PM

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delivery Best NYC Online Delivery Services
New Yorkers are busy. We don’t like when people walk slowly on the streets, blocking up valuable real estate. We hate that nanosecond when the subway doors stutter open after already being closed. It’s no surprise, then, that a lot of us don’t particularly enjoy spending a good portion of our day completing errands. Many companies have used the Web to come to our rescue in recent years. These delivery companies offer two conveniences: One, stuff gets delivered to our house. Two, we don’t have to talk to anyone to order it. We simply sit at our computers and click, click away. Pretty soon, something arrives at our doorstep. It’s like consumer-driven magic! Here are the best of the best. The most magical online delivery Web sites that make our big city lives easier. By Lawrence Bonk.


fresh direct Best NYC Online Delivery Services

This may be the one that started it all. To the uninitiated, you’ve probably seen these trucks around town and wondered to yourself “What in the heck is a Fresh Direct?” Well, dinosaur, it’s a grocery delivery company. Simply go to the Web site, and fill your basket up with all sorts of tasty goodness. It arrives the very next day. They offer a full range of produce, meat and even fully prepared meals.


pet flow Best NYC Online Delivery Services

Why should you be the only one that gets tasty food delivered to your gullet? Look into your dog and cat’s precious little eyes! Shouldn’t they also partake in the convenience? That’s where PetFlow comes in. It’s basically Freshdirect, but for your pets. The site has a great search engine that lets you decide the best food for your favorite bud based on a number of criteria. Then you order as much as you want and pay a small($4.95) fee for the delivery. That’s it. Precious little Fido is gonna be chowing down in no time. The company only services dogs and cats at this juncture but have plans to branch into the “pets that weird people own” categories in the near future.


grub hub Best NYC Online Delivery Services

Before we describe GrubHub, let’s get one thing clear. These delivery sites sure like to smash two words together and make it one word don’t they? New Yorkers have no time for the space between two words! Anyways, this GrubHub is just what the name implies: A hub of grub. You can peruse the menus of your favorite takeout joints and place an order, all via the Web site. The tip can be left there as well, to make things even easier. Then all you do is wait. The site gives you an approximate arrival time and all you have to do is queue up your favorite Netflix Instant movie and get ready to eat.


delivery dot com Best NYC Online Delivery Services

This service is eerily similar to GrubHub. You put in your address and the site queues up a bunch of affiliated restaurants that deliver to you. Then you place the order within the site and get that Netflix going. Sounds familiar, right? Well, yeah. There are a few differences. The Web site doesn’t deal in just takeout food. It handles groceries and other knickknacks. Delivery also has an odd, and admittedly fun, prize functionality. Each order presents you with points and the points can be redeemed for coupons and a variety of ridiculous prizes. It’s kind of like skee-ball but instead of balls you are using gigantic portions of chicken Parmesan. I could go further with this analogy but I’m going to stop here.


kamwo Best NYC Online Delivery Services

This site fills the void left by the late, great Pharmacy.com. It’s basically a herbal supplement shop that delivers the healthy doo-dads right to your front door. It trades in all-manner of what your borderline racist Uncle would call “hippie junk.” Kamwo has just about every reputable Chinese herbal supplement available, not to mention acupuncture and aromatherapy supplies. The company also features a store-front in Little Italy that has been serving up ointments and powders since 1973.

Grace Wine and Spirits

grace wine and spirits Best NYC Online Delivery Services

There is no currently no one entity that delivers spirits to the entire city, but this is the closest we can get at the moment. If you live anywhere close to Midtown, hit up this website and eliminate the hassle of carrying those heavy liquor bottles to your next soiree. It has a wide variety of brands and styles, from stuff that will make you throw up in a few hours to stuff that will make you throw up in just a few minutes. And, kids, don’t even try to call and use an “old sounding voice.” They’ll ID you when they arrive. Kids these days!


hamperville Best NYC Online Delivery Services

Most may agree that one of the loneliest and wretched places on earth is the laundromat. Just sitting there. Hours on end. Staring at a television blaring “According to Jim.” Wishing you were anywhere else. It’s sort of, but not quite, a level of hell. Many big city laundromats will wash and fold your clothes for you, but that still requires lugging it down the street or wherever. Hamperville has you covered. Their devoted laundry agents will show up at your apartment, scoop up your dirty clothes, then return them when they are properly laundered. The company also handles dry cleaning and tailoring. Thus far, it services all of Manhattan and most of Brooklyn with more neighborhoods to be added soon. Now you have no reason to not pour mustard all over your brand new shirt. Come on, you know you want to.”

Lawrence Bonk is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn.

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