Best Resources For First-Time Moms Over 35

July 28, 2010 9:54 AM

In the past twenty years in the United States, the number of first-time mothers over age 35 has increased by 64%. This jaw-dropping statistic has led to a flurry of websites, books and support groups that try to meet the needs of older expectant mothers. CBS New York has endeavored to comb through the information overload and provide you with the best of the best for this special Mom demographic.
inseasonmoms Best Resources For First Time Moms Over 35 

InSeason Mom

This is a wonderful website created by Cynthia Wilson James, a former childbirth educator and over 40 first-time mom of two daughters. Pregnant at age 42, Cynthia found very little encouragement or positive information in the healthcare community about later-in-life motherhood. This led her to create “InSeason Mom” a site packed with useful articles, links and recommended books for older moms and those considering motherhood past age 35. Cynthia even does “Let’s Talk” sessions, affordable private and confidential telephone consultations with those who just need to speak to someone who has been there, done that.

motherhoodlaterthansooner Best Resources For First Time Moms Over 35 

Motherhood Later… Than Sooner

This support network was started by Robin Gorman Newman after an unsettling experience: a stranger asked her if she was her 2-year old son’s mother or grandmother! The New York City/Long Island chapter of “Motherhood…” plans mom’s night out dinners, workshops and family getaways and has a strong social networking presence. Newman’s philosophy is that older moms have more wisdom to share through the life experience they’ve cultivated.

hotflasheswarmbottles Best Resources For First Time Moms Over 35 

Hot Flashes, Warm Bottles: First-Time Mothers over 40

A warm and funny book by Nancy London, one of the original authors of “Our Bodies, Ourselves.” London had her first child at the age of 43 and found herself in a predicament that often happens to older mothers: she had a young daughter and she was going through menopause. She formed a support group for older mothers, listened to their tender, emotional and often hilarious individual stories and “Hot Flashes, Warm Bottles” was born.

sandwichgeneration Best Resources For First Time Moms Over 35 

The Sandwich Generation

One of the most challenging situations for many older moms is that they often become a member of the so-called “Sandwich Generation”, middle-aged women caring for both young children and aging parents. Carole Abaya, the woman who popularized the term in the 1990’s, offers lectures, seminars and support for this very particular segment of the older mom population.

Shari Simpson is a blogger with Mom in the City. 

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