Best Romantic Places In New York City To Propose

July 25, 2010 11:30 AM

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nyc proposal flickr photo Best Romantic Places In New York City To Propose
Thinking about popping the question this Valentine’s Day? New York City is great place to do so. You, the about-to-be groom, have several beautiful options from which to choose. And no, the scoreboard at Madison Square Garden didn’t make our list.

the loch Best Romantic Places In New York City To Propose

Tucked away in Central Park at about 103rd Street is a place called The Loch. Here you’ll find some little-known waterfalls, and any of them will do as a place to propose. The water cascading behind you as you drop down on one knee is just breathtaking for any bride-to-be. Just make sure you pack the mittens.

the loeb boathouse Best Romantic Places In New York City To Propose

If you are looking for more of a public scene, try the Loeb Boathouse. You can ask her in front of the lake, by the fountain, on the steps – all these spots provide the perfect winter backdrop, and the boathouse provides a real Hollywood moment for the bride-to be: It’s been seen in flicks like 27 Dresses. Just a short walk away is the Bow Bridge where Peter Parker proposed to Mary Jane in Spiderman 2. This bridge crosses over the same body of water. Being surrounded by this spectacular piece of nature, how could she possibly say no?

sleepless in seattle Best Romantic Places In New York City To Propose
Act out Sleepless in Seattle and meet her on the top of Empire State Building. Enjoy the view and make the night absolutely unforgettable. You can see views of the city from Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center in Midtown.

ice rink proposal Best Romantic Places In New York City To Propose

For the winter proposal, you have three ice rinks to which to take her. Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center or Central Park should cause your other half to answer yes. From Thanksgiving until the end of January, Midtown is decorated with Christmas decorations, and if you time it right you could pop the question while the snowflakes at Saks Fifth Avenue gracefully accompany you with Hark Hail the Bells.

wonder wheel Best Romantic Places In New York City To Propose

If you’re waiting til summer to work up the nerve to get down on one knee, thrill-seekers can hop on the subway and ride down to the historic Coney Island. There you can pop the question at the top of the Wonder Wheel or on the Cyclone rollercoaster. The boardwalk allows you to walk right along the beach. Be careful: This boardwalk can get rather crowded, so pick a low traffic time and location to ask.

Erin Semple is a writer, editor and book author living in the New York City area.

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