Best Stuff For Preschoolers

July 28, 2010 10:25 AM

New York City is so packed with places and activities for preschoolers to the point that it almost could be nicknamed “The Small Apple”. Whether indoor or outdoors, your preschoolers will have a blast!


(credit: Moomah)

161 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013
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A playspace, cafe, arts studio and interactive theater all rolled into one. “Moomah” is the brain child of Tracey Stewart (wife of Jon) and it is one of the most fun, refreshing and tranquil ‘kid’ places in the city. The colors are soft, the coffee is excellent, the kid food is healthy and beautifully artistic (albeit slightly pricy), and the Funky Forest, an interactive nature theater, is seriously something else.

New York Hall of Science and Science Playground

nysci Best Stuff For Preschoolers

(credit: New York Hall of Science)

47-01 111th St.
Queens, NY 11368
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One of our favorite spots in the five boroughs, the NYHS is great for the whole family, and has a special “Preschool Place” with fun exhibits for our little scientists to push, crank, build and discover. But our favorite part about NYSH is the Science Playground. How great is 60,000 square feet of cool playground equipment all based on the scientific principles of motion, balance, sound, and sight? Sand pits, a fog machine and a giant spiderweb—who could ask for anything more?

Chelsea Waterside Park

chelseawaterside Best Stuff For Preschoolers

(credit: Hudson River Park)

West 23rd St. and 11th Avenue
New York, NY
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Water, water, everywhere. Not only is this park gorgeous to look at with kid-sized spouts and fountains and a wading pool, but it also has funky playground equipment designed by a Danish company with all sorts of unusual ways to climb, spin, swing and jump.

The Carousel for All Children

Brooklyn Childrens Museum


145 Brooklyn Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11213
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We love, love, love the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. We love that it’s 111 years old, we love that it had a recent overhaul and is looking gorgeous, and we love that it’s nearly as much fun for parents as it is for kids. The ‘Totally Tots’ exhibit is exclusively for kids 5 and under with a water-play area, an art studio, a building zone and a small theater where they can don costumes and put on a show.

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