DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Frank On Furniture Row in SoHo

March 12, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr new york DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Frank On Furniture Row in SoHo

“Have big vehicle, will travel.”

The Ride
The Driver: Frank
Car in Question: Navy Blue 2007 Range Rover HSE
Spotted at: Furniture Row, Wooster St. and Houston St., New York, N.Y. 10012
Odometer: 72,986


Q: Hi Frank! What can you tell us about your ride?

A: I have a 2007 Range Rover HSE. I bought it in December 2007.

Q: What’s been your favorite drive to do in your Range Rover?

A: My favorite in city drive, believe it or not, is driving up Madison Avenue.

Q: Really!? Why is that?

A: Because the way this car is built and designed is kind of like a tour bus from a viewing perspective. <laughing> The car was originally designed to be an expedition vehicle, so you could spot game, and to view things. There’s no other car out there that gives you that spacious feel, where you’re above it all. It’s just a great way to view the city.

Q: What’s the longest drive you’ve taken in it?

A: I took a trip up to Lake Sabago in Maine. On the way up, I went through Vermont, New Hampshire through the white mountains of New Hampshire, which was breathtaking. All together, it was a little under 1,200 miles.

Q: What were you doing in Maine?

A: I have a friend who has a cottage on the lake. We water-skied, did a lot of fishing and a lot of cooking. The cottage, we call it Camp. It’s got no electricity, so it’s fairly primitive and it’s just a great place to get back to nature. We did a lot of canoeing and there’s an old drive-in movie theater, which we took the Range Rover to.

Q: In your opinion, what is the quintessential movie to see at a drive-in?

A: Caddyshack.

Q: So what are your favorite drive-in movie theater snacks, if snacks are permitted?

A: Milk Duds, popcorn’s a must, beers, Raisinets. You’ve got to have something else salty in there. Maybe some Sour Patch Kids.

Q: That’s a lot of snacks!

A: Those are the go tos.

Q: I see that you have a roof rack on the top of your car. What is that for?

A: That particular roof rack, I installed for my stand-up paddleboard. It’s 14 feet two inches long and it needed a special tooling rack to be able to carry something that big.

Q: When was the last time you used it?

A: This summer for the New York stand up paddleboard race around Manhattan.

Q: Sounds like you have the perfect car for your sporty, athletic, outdoor life.

A: I do. It has an enormous trunk. Being a Manhattanite, that’s my second storage unit. In the back of that trunk is equipment for all seasons. At all times there’s a croquet set, fishing gear, mountain and road biking gear, plenty of towels, a beach blanket and a cooler. Have big vehicle, will travel!

Photos and interview by Chinae Alexander

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