NYC’s Top 3 ‘Hair Of The Dog’ Cocktails For New Year’s 2013

January 1, 2013 6:00 AM

Happy Hangover! If your vitamins and minerals are a tad on the depleted side after a New Year’s celebration, these cocktails may cure what ails you. They call it “Hair of the Dog”; alcoholic remedies meant to cure the common hangover. But do they really work? Doesn’t hurt to try. – Jonathan Pogash

Cynar Gin Fizz

pulinos drinks1 NYCs Top 3 Hair Of The Dog Cocktails For New Years 2013

credit: Pulino’s

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Pulino’s Bar and Pizzeria, with it’s cured meats and crusty bread, acts as a hot bed of activity for those looking for a liquid boost. Popular with the brunch crowd, Pulino’s cocktails seem to skew towards that night-owl reluctantly peeling open it’s eyes after a busy soiree. Try the Cynar Gin Fizz, blending Hendrick’s gin, Cynar (an artichoke-based Italian bitters liqueur), muddled cucumber, fresh lemon juice, demerara syrup, and prosecco.  You may also want to have a gander at their Bloody Mary options.

The Little Neck

the tippler bar1 NYCs Top 3 Hair Of The Dog Cocktails For New Years 2013

credit: The Tippler

In the mood for something quick and simple? Try one of The Tippler’s “Fast and Furious” options from their expansive cocktail list. Served as a shot, the Little Neck mixes citrus vodka, clam juice, lemon, and stuffed tomato. A take on a Bloody Caesar, this quick fix is a force to be reckoned with.

The Apropos

gramercy tavern1 NYCs Top 3 Hair Of The Dog Cocktails For New Years 2013

credit: Gramercy Tavern

Bitters-based aperitif and digestif liqueurs have long been known to include so-called medicinal ingredients in their botanical blends. The “Apropos” cocktail at Gramercy Tavern has not one but two bitters-based liqueurs: Yellow Chartreuse and Aperol. Along with those two spirits, the bartenders at Gramercy add Bombay gin and fresh lime juice. Seems apropos for the week after New Year’s.

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Jonathan Pogash, aka The Cocktail Guru, is a beverage consultant, writer, and educator.

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