The 5 Best Cocktail Bars In Williamsburg For 2014

April 10, 2014 6:00 AM

If you’re a cocktail lover and haven’t spent time in Williamsburg, you’re missing out. This neighborhood is home to some of the city’s best and most unique cocktail bars. So grab your Metrocard and hop on the L train — it’s time for some cocktails.

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maison premiere absinthe fountain The 5 Best Cocktail Bars In Williamsburg For 2014

Credit: Maison Premiere

Maison Premiere

298 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Maison Premiere channels the Old Absinthe House in New Orleans with a replica of the absinthe fountain that once was there. If absinthe isn’t your speed, there’s a full list of cocktails, including a selection of juleps, perfect for sipping in their tranquil back garden with a few dozen oysters. While Maxwell Britten’s cocktail menu is full of gems, drinks pefect for spring include a selection of juleps, such as the Spanish Crown (lemongrass mezcal, sherry, Suze, Creme Yvette, blueberry and lemon).

dram The 5 Best Cocktail Bars In Williamsburg For 2014

Credit: Jackie Neale Chadwick/Dram Facebook


177 South 4th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

This wood-paneled spot in South Williamsburg has wide-open windows that open up in good weather. As the breeze blows in, you can enjoy a selection of classic cocktails, or house cocktails, which change from time to time. If you fancy a tiki drink, there’s usually one on the menu, along with a range of cheese, charcuterie, and small plates to stave off your hunger.

huckleberry The 5 Best Cocktail Bars In Williamsburg For 2014

Credit: Huckleberry Bar

Huckleberry Bar

588 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

This East Williamsburg bar manages to be elegant without being the least bit stuffy. They serve classic cocktails alongside well-crafted, seasonal house originals. Be sure to check out their backyard if the weather permits.

basik The 5 Best Cocktail Bars In Williamsburg For 2014

Credit: Martin Diegelman/Ba’sik Facebook


323 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

This cozy neighborhood bar serves stellar cocktails that betray the simplicity of the decor. Grab a Poppa’s Pride, a mix of bourbon, ginger, mint, lemon, soda, and Angostura bitters, and head out to the backyard.

shanty The 5 Best Cocktail Bars In Williamsburg For 2014

Credit: New York Distilling Company

The Shanty

79 Richardson Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Sure, this bar is unique because it’s connected to a working distillery, the New York Distilling Company, but even without that added lure, it’s worth a visit. The head barman highlights New York Distilling Company’s gins, and it’s in good company with the other spirits with which it shares the cocktail menu.

Laren Spirer is yet another lawyer (and freelance writer) obsessed with food and drink, who also blogs at Sweet Blog o’ Mine and tweets at @sweetblogomine.

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