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To say it was a ‘crazy’ Sunday of football would be an understatement, but here goes, it was a ‘crazy’ Sunday of football.  So we get today’s Blog started off with an understatement and we’ll go from there.  The Jets squandered a 16 point 4th quarter lead, but managed to eke out a win, when Mark Sanchez found Santonio Holmes in the back of the end zone with 10 seconds left and Gang Green got their 8th win of the season by a score of 30-27.  There are two sides to this coin; Sanchez was great – passing for 315 yards and three TD’s – and the Jets defense, which was far from dominant.  Just two weeks ago the Giants were considered to be elite, tabbed by many as the most complete team in the entire NFL.  After last night’s loss to the Eagles, Big Blue has lost two straight and are suddenly fighting for their lives. So plenty to talk about from the gridiron and those ‘Not So Amazin’ Mets are reportedly set to hire Terry Collins, not Wally Backman, as their new Manager…

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Plus, a tough day for the Mannings and a good update from Jerry, Cris Collinsworth has a ‘Mike’ Vick obsession, Boomer & Craig rip Lupus/Rocco/Nick for talking Wednesday off, no one wants to be stuck in a fox-hole along with Craig, what fans do when their team is on a bye week, the guys have admired Terry Collins for quite some time, Jerry’s Moment of the Day and an ‘Attention Grabber’ that could be described as ‘strong’…

dilfer B&C Show Blog & Audio: Crazy Football Sunday

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After the Jets defense was exposed in the 4th quarter yesterday against the Texans, Boomer pointed out that there really isn’t one dominate defense in the NFL right now.  Then we heard from Horace, who is concerned about the Manning family’s well-being, which prompted Craig to compare Eli to Trent Dilfer.  After all of that Jerry delivered his first update of the morning and admitted to being a ‘homer’ when calling the Columbia football games ‘on the internet’…

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collinsworth B&C Show Blog & Audio: Crazy Football Sunday

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Craig couldn’t help but to be distracted while watching the Giants –Eagles game on NBC last night because Boomer’s old buddy, Cris Collinsworth insisted on referring to Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, as ‘Mike’ Vick, over and over and over again throughout the broadcast…

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shirtless2 B&C Show Blog & Audio: Crazy Football Sunday

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With the Thanksgiving fast approaching, our boy Lupus/Rocco/Nick decided he wanted to get a head start on the Holiday by taking Wednesday off.  When B&C got wind of this, they questioned his motives and poor Lupus was at a loss…

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foxhole B&C Show Blog & Audio: Crazy Football Sunday

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When talking about giving up on the Jets, which Craig did via text to Boomer yesterday, Craig asked Al, Eddie and Dominique who they would rather be stuck in a fox-hole with, himself or Boomer.  Not surprisingly, all three selected the Blonde Bomber, which Craig promised not to forget…

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What do NFL fans do when their favorite team is on a bye???  According to a study that Craig stumbled upon, they surf the internet for pornographic material.  Makes sense I guess…

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Before Jerry delivered his highly anticipated Moment of the Day, we listened back to some audio of B&C back in March, praising Terry Collins.  Collins is of course reportedly going to be the next manager of the Mets.  Then Jerry delivered his Moment and I threw Lupus under the bus and the guys ripped him some more for taking a personal day this Wednesday…

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***Now we get to one the Blog’s most popular features, the daily ‘Attention Grabber’.  We have teamed up with the folks over at and today we provided you loyal readers with a treat from Phoenix, Arizona who goes by the name of Alyssa…Hellooooooo Alyssa!!!
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