Blog Imagines Derek Jeter In All 30 MLB Uniforms

DALLAS (AP) — Having trouble imagining what Derek Jeter would look like in a different uniform?

Beckett Media, which prices baseball cards, is helping out, posting pictures of the shortstop in the jerseys all 30 major league teams, a blog page titled “TOTALLY FAKE BASEBALL CARDS.”

With the Yankees captain and his team still apart in contract negotiations, Beckett playfully envisioned him with the Pirates, Royals and Cardinals, among others. First up is Jeter in a Red Sox uniform on a card that says: “Boston’s Best” followed by “Jeter: You Ain’t Seen Nawthin’ Yet.”

LINK See Jeter in all 30 MLB uniforms

His Oakland card says: “Moneyball! Jeter Cashes In With Long-Term Deal,” and his Colorado Rockies card calls him the “Blake Street Bambino.” His Mets card says: “New York, New York” and “Derek Jeter Takes the Subway in 2011.”

Jeter’s Dodgers card says: “Bleeding Blue” and “Jeter Sees Green With Long-Term Deal.”

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  2. Mr Putnam says:

    The guy is not a saint! I’d love to see Mr. Jeter pull the plug and walkaway. It would serve the Yankees organization right. Money isn’t everything!!

    To treat a franchise player this way is a disgrace!!

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