Bloomberg Highlights Better City Snow Performance

NEW YORK (AP/CBS New York) — The City rolled out a massive snow response Wednesday after Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration faced heavy criticism for its previous performance, taking advantage of lower snowfall totals in the latest storm to get streets passable by the time many New Yorkers had woken up.

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Snow started falling late Tuesday and when the storm headed away from the city snow totals ranged from 12 inches in the Bronx to about 9 inches at Central Park, and about 6 inches at Kennedy and LaGuardia airports — far less than the accumulations of more than 2 feet that crippled the city over Christmas weekend and beyond. The mid-Hudson Valley and eastern Long Island bore the brunt of the latest storm, but many residents there — accustomed to weather at its worst — shouldered on.

At 5 a.m. the Department of Education announced all New York City public schools would be open, despite the snowstorm. New York City public schools have only closed 6 times since 1978 for a total of 8 lost educational days.

Many parents, it seems, decided to make the decision on their own. According to the Department of Education, attendance was way down on Wednesday. Only 46 percent of students across the city attended class, down from 89.7 percent a week ago, on a normal Wednesday.

Some schools on Long Island announced closures for Wednesday, but most appeared to be taking a wait-and-see approach before deciding whether students and teachers would be in class.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says New York City’s response to the latest bout of snow is very different than during the blizzard a few weeks ago. He said plows were expected to hit every street in the city at least once by midday.

Bloomberg said the city’s goal was the most effective snow response ever. He said the decision to declare a city weather emergency got cars off the road. That meant overnight traffic was lighter than usual. Plow drivers didn’t have to worry about stuck cars and buses when they were trying to clear the streets.

“Our goal for this storm was not merely to get back to business as usual,” Bloomberg said. “Our goal was to deploy a more effective snow response operation than ever, more aggressive and more accountable, based on the lessons that we learned in the last storm and that’s what we’ve done.”

In many of the neighborhoods that were hit hardest by the blizzard, the mayor’s attempt at turning things in his favor still did not go that well, reports CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

“First off, I think he should have been here,” Jim Briganti, of Middle Village, said. “I know he’s entitled to a private life, but I really fee he should have been here, knowing what was coming.”

In Park Slope, an area paralyzed by last month’s storm, all major and side streets were plowed by Wednesday morning. It was business as usual. Glum-looking high school students trudged to school on slushy sidewalks, while ambulette driver Yuri Arutyunyan cleared ice from the grill of his van outside New York Methodist Hospital.

“The snow was this deep,” he said, pointing to a spot above his knee. “This time, only this deep,” he added, pointing at his ankle.

The Queens borough president’s office says the borough is in much better shape than it was after the post-Christmas blizzard. Spokesman Dan Andrews says it was still awaiting a full report but so far has received no complaints about unplowed streets. The average snowfall in the borough on Wednesday was 9 inches. Last time, some parts got as much as 22 inches and many areas went unplowed for days.

This time around, Andrews says, some residents reported hearing plows all through the night and blacktop was visible on some of the borough’s major highways by the morning rush.

The city stood ready Wednesday with more than 300 salt spreaders, 1,700 plows, and 200 front-end loaders, backhoes and Bobcats. Sanitation workers were on 12-hour shifts.

“They were prepared – they knew better,” said Crown Heights resident Malcolm Hall. “They weren’t going to mess up again, I think.”

Teams of observers in SUVs have been trolling the city with video cameras to monitor street conditions as part of a new initiative launched last week. The live video feed is accessible at the city’s emergency operations center and can also be viewed by the mayor and other top officials on their iPads.

The snow made Wednesday morning’s rush hour a bit complicated for some commuters. The Long Island Rail Road, suspended some service to prevent trains from becoming snowbound and canceled 23 rush hour trains Wednesday morning. Amtrak suspended service between New York City and Boston because of damage to the overhead power system south of Boston.

Airports across the region canceled flights, but nothing was expected to match the problems produced by the post-Christmas storm, which stranded thousands of travelers just as they headed home after the holiday. LaGuardia Airport canceled 675 flights, Kennedy Airport 300 and Newark Liberty 440.

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One Comment

  1. Tina says:

    Mayor Bloomberg is ridiculous, I mean when it was hardly bad weather he closed the schools but when theres weather where you can barely move outside he makes kids go to school and than they get upset when parents dont take them to school, its because parents actually give a dame. Not to mention he has a car moving him around, most New Yorkers train and bus and guess what it takes waiting in the freezing weather.

  2. tj says:

    Like someone else posted, you can’t compare the response to an 8 inch snowball to a 20 inch blizzard.

  3. tj says:

    The December 26 event was a blizzard compare to the snow that fell today. You can’t compare the cities inaction leading up to the blizzard which was forecast well in advance of Christmas. An emergency command post should’ve been in place on Christmas day and all employees for sanitation snow removal should’ve have remained on the job or called in to work, as well as agency heads at command centers as well as in the field.

  4. joan says:

    Can’t help thinking how much this will cost all of us. How many millions is it costing to put GPS and cameras and all the other bs they are implementing?? If they all had done their job and there was no intentional job slow down, then we wouldn’t have needed any of this nonsense.!! The Christmas storm was NOT our first big snow storm and we never had these problems in the past! So now we’ll all have to pay more taxes and fees just to keep Bloomberg’s cover up well hidden!

  5. Nick Randy Alberto says:

    union workers are like kids the san men only did their jobs this time around because of all the eyes on them like gps tracking and video monitoring… correct me if i am wrong kids

    1. midi-man says:

      You are 100 % correct. They did not pick up the trash on Tuesday which is my regular trash day near my home. Before the storm they must have been sleeping on the job getting ready for the snow.

  6. Joe says:

    Why are we comparing the response between an 8in storm vs a 20in storm. It’s a different animal all together.

  7. Maria Paronich says:

    Overall, the Mayor and the Sanitation Department did a much better job this time around. However, I have one major complaint. I live on a dead-end street on Staten Island. The block leading into my street, Exeter Street, was plowed this morning, while my street, Lamoka Avenue, did not get plowed until this afternoon. When the plow finally came, it chose to plow only half of my street and not the other half. I would love to know the logic behind this. This is completely unacceptable and my neighbors and I deserve an explanation for this complete lack of consideration by the sanitation engineer who did this.

    1. Joe says:

      You say it happened in the afternoon when he stopped ? Probably because burger king has 99 cent whoppers on wednesdays. But in all honesty, these sanitation people are the worst. I have no respect for them at all. I had alot of respect before the storm, but from now on, they get the same treatment most meter maids get. They are no at the same level.

      1. SAN MAN FROM QUEENS says:

        @ Joe,

      2. Joe says:

        Yeah at least I am from Brooklyn, not jersey or long island. Most of you guys live outside of NY. You guys truly suck at what you do. Not only that, when you do street cleaning, you don’t clean anything, you just make a bigger mess or just mix water and the street guck to make it more shiny and guckier.

  8. Reginald D. Vanderbilt III says:

    Many of us have discussed Mr. Bloomberg running for President, but it is just that the timing may be off. Barack Obama is scheduled to win re-election in 2012, and we fear that Mr. Bloomberg’s age would be a factor against him running in 2016. Worry not – there are other excellent candidates we are looking at for 2016. One of which might be Governor Cuomo, depending on how the public views him after his first 100 days in office. These are the only 2 individuals from New York that are presently under consideration.

    1. midi-man says:

      Reginald D. Vanderbilt III,

      he will not get my vote, he is not a great mayor nor would he make a good president. He just dose not care about the working middle class people. I totally understand things need to go up but 19.5 % property increase and 4 raises to the MTA. Is uncalled for.

      Think about this, his new School Chancellor he hired she needs an assistance to help her so 2 people doing one job. Is that cost savings?

      This proves what I have said all along, he can not add and needs to go back to school.

  9. BKTeacher says:

    I went to work today. Did you people really think he was going to close the schools? I had a very productive day with zero students. It seems the older teachers are the ones with all the gripes. At least that’s what it seems at my school.

  10. Fred says:

    Now he can run for President.

  11. Nick Randy Alberto says:

    mr. bloomberg if you want to talk about gun control go tell your bodyguards to give up their guns first!!

  12. rodney k. says:

    If you cut her a break on the rent, would she let you join in?

  13. Mayor Bloomberg says:

    Thanks Cathie! You’re the best chancellor ever!

    1. D'Anna Finocchio says:

      Mayor Bloomberg Hi My name is D’Anna Finocchio i am a Student in Queens.High.School.of.Teaching located in Glen Oaks and I Highly Disagree of how you Handle the school situation I strongly think You should of canceled school today because of how nasty it was outside because I didn’t even go today because I live in Manhattan and I have to take 2 trains and a bus to school I have to the the 1 to f to the Q46 to go all the way in glen oaks.Since 1967 schools only had 6 snow days. And it doesn’t make since that you had to wait until 5 am in the morning weather we have school or not.Same Rerun from last year but last year you announced at 6 am.For Future Reference If the Snow is Really bad.You should think about have students are going to get to schools far from there houses also In school my friend told me she goes to IS238 and almost all of her Teachers were absent so they put her class in the Auditorium does that sound like learning to you to me it does not so that I have to say.

  14. Reginald D. Vanderbilt III says:

    Thank you Mr. Mayor. I reside in one of the wealthier parts of the city and the response to the snow was outstanding. Myself and many of my influential friends & neighbors contributed heavily to your campaign. We appreciate the return favor of you looking out for us and making sure we were cleared out first. This is good politics, Mr. Mayor. Very good.

    You keep taking care of us, and believe me, we will return the favor to you as well.

    1. UNBELIEVABLE says:


  15. JOE AITCH says:


  16. geminilady5 says:

    Again they haven’t come to the outer boroughs! There are parts of Brooklyn still not clean from the 12/26 blizzard – there are piles of snow on street corners (put there by sanit guys) that are so high & big that you practically have to pull into the middle of the intersection to see if there is any oncoming traffic! Piles of snow where cars should be parking but sanit decided to put snow there instead. So how can he even compare this storm to the last if we are still cleaning from that one? Besides we got way below what they predicted!

  17. Ellen says:

    You mean to tell me that NYC has school today. I don’t get it. Big snow storm all over the northeast and the Mayor didn’t have the foresight of shutting down the schools for one day. If I lived there I would be pist off big time.

    1. Rob says:

      Its not a big deal, why do these kids need a day off anyway?

      People – the world doesn’t stop just because it’s snowing.

  18. BAFL says:

    Make your own decisions people about your children If u feel its unsafe to send them to school…..dont. Mayor mccheese doesnt care…..It’s about the funding. How is this a well thought out decision? Drivers stay off roads but let the childen and teachers go out on those same roads. Bad deciion MMcC…

  19. Mikemo says:

    Nice person using my name.

    1. Mikemo says:

      Well, the toilets are clean, I refilled the toilet paper in both bathrooms and the feminine hygiene stock in the woman’s room (took a fresh one for myself). Just blew the principal AND vice principal and they STILL won’t let me leave. The mayor should be condemned! This is an outrage, I deserve some time off!

  20. Parent says:

    3 accidents just around my block… how are schools open? How are parents and teachers supposed to commute to schools?

    Bloomberg is only intended in $ and not safety of this city!

    1. Joe says:

      It’s 8 inches of snow. Why would they close school? They’ve only closed schools due to snow 6 times in NYC history.

  21. NYTEACHER says:

    School’s open. Now, 22 teachers are absent, our student attendance will probably be below 50% and we have to scramble to figure out holding rooms for the students with absent teachers. I’m sure this will be a great day for the education of our city’s youth!

    1. Jack Wagon says:

      It will teach the kids why they are off on November 2nd.

  22. Mikemo says:

    As much ad I hate to admit it, I’m making good time on the MTA. Good job guys.

  23. Damon says:

    My wife is a NYC public school teacher. She went to work today and so will the vast majority of her colleagues. The few teachers who sit here whining are not representative of most teachers.

  24. E Dawg says:


    OPEN FOR THE $$$ (.)

  25. E Dawg says:

    Reason Bloomberg opened schools= STATE FUNDING ONLY FOR EVERY SCHHOL DAY THAT IS OPENED (.)

    NO SCHOOL FOR 1 DAY is over 1MILLIN$ LOST in State Aid to the City.

    May-be the teachers should be issued Board of Ed. Skiis? (Sorry)

  26. E Dawg says:


    1. Mikemo says:

      I didn’t. You are right. Enjoy your day off. I’m not jealous or envious. Good for those that have the day off.

  27. Mikemo says:

    Attention to all that blog on this space. Be careful of what you write. Use correct grammar, it justifies the schools being open. Besides that, the roads look great. Have a safe trip to work everyone.

    1. E Dawg says:


  28. Maddy says:

    NYC schools open, but leave cars home; Bloomberg makes sense…doesn’t he?

    Should rename the school system-“Babysitters R US!!

    1. Common sense says:

      I guess you don’t live in an outer borough.

  29. Queens mom says:

    I don’t understand why the Mayor didn’t close the NYC public school, it’s a state of emergency but yet our kids and teachers still have to be on the road, and the mayor is saying stay off the road.

    1. The Good Samaritan says:

      Queens mom

      There was only 7 inches of snow which once cleared streets are passable

    2. Damon says:

      Parents have to go to work, so kids and teachers have to go to school.

    3. cvwcv says:

      what state of emergency?! check your facts.

  30. Mikemo says:

    Hey noneya,
    If you want anyone to take you seriously, learn to write in the Queen’s English. Maybe you should take some extra time at school.

  31. Angie says:

    Is IS281 open?

    1. The Good Samaritan says:

      All NYC public schools are open.
      Use common sense

      The Good Samaritan has spoken.

    2. notaniceperson says:

      It is but the drug dealers that work the school yard are reporting 2 hours late. May have to wait for your fix.

  32. Barry H.M. Soetoro says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I’m really a person that’s going to make suer the USA looses it’s jobs!

    1. Mikemo says:


  33. The Good Samaritan says:

    Mayor Bloomberg by keeping the schools does at least save the malls to be infested by holligans.

    Students act like holligans in the malls.

    The Good Samaritan has spoknen.

    1. The Good Samaritan says:

      Hanslands its ridiculous that the schools are open.

    2. Mikemo says:

      Why should the malls be different than some of the schools?

  34. Mikemo says:

    Hey wiseguy2011. You are an a..hole. I am not going to complain about going to work. I expected it. You are just jealous because we have steady jobs. I’ll trudge through the snow like a good soldier. I have off next Monday, Spring Break, and oh yeah, summer also. Maybe you should have stayed in school and gotten a not very high paying and secure job. I only hope the children and the teachers arrive safe and stay safe while we are all watching empty classrooms. I predict 30% attendance today.

    1. Wiseguy2011 says:

      Hey Mikemo. Get to work. I have a good job, I AM a public servant. I happen to have today off.

      I got my education at STFU. You should too.

      1. Mikemo says:

        As I said, you are an a..hole. No need to say more. I will enjoy my day at work. I do everyday.

      2. E Dawg says:

        Hey MikeMO , I work in a Long Island School. While I am sipping my hot CoCo, Off today, I will Toast to you soldier Boy!

    2. Wiseguy2011 says:

      Mikemo. I am an ahole. Good educated comeback.

      I make > 100K and work 181 days a year. I work when I have to. I don’t come on 1010 WINS to post my displeasure with the fact that I have to do what I signed up to do which is DO YOUR JOB. It wouldn’t matter if there was 0% attendance. You still have a responsibility to the public to show up for work. Grade some tests, catch up on some work. You teachers are always crying hopw overwhelmed and overworked you are, well, if the schools were to have closed, you could take that time to sit in your quiet classroom and catch up on your considerable work load. Your presence here is telling…

    3. E Dawg says:


      I have a steady job. I work in a Long Island School. I will toast to you while sipping my Hot Coco this morning…..when I get up from my nap…

  35. One of many irate teachers says:

    Bloomebrg declares a snow emergency yet has the schools open? Here’s the deal-I am a teacher not a babysitter-I am not risk my life to BABYSIT five students. This in no way would be a teaching day-Your awesome Bloomy!!!

    1. Non native English speaker says:

      Another teacher that needs to go back to school to learn grammar! It’s “you’re”, not “your”.

      1. Wiseguy2011 says:

        The fact that public school teachers take the time to come on here and vent in the morning, displaying the grammar and spelling on display here, as well as responding to anyone who criticizes them with “my job is better than your job” vitriol, paints a pretty bleak picture of the board of education, doesn’t it?

    2. E Dawg says:

      Sure hope you are not an english teacher!!!

    3. common sense says:

      Teachers are lazy and overpaid. They work a part-time job and whine about how little money they make. Yet, if tenured they get a pension and lifetime health care. Get your ass to the class room so that we parents can go to work. Every day you have off, it costs parents money, it costs the city money, it costs the city money from the state.

  36. abby Stein says:

    The mayor has asked us to stay off the roads, but the schools are open??? At the least, there should have been a delayed opening until the worst is over. Not everyone has access to public transit.

  37. A. Williams says:

    Why are the schools opened and if the children are stranded, What Than. The BOE lost it this time

    1. johnjacobjingleheimersmith says:

      not sure but “what than”?

      you should probably go in and sit down if they’re open

  38. teacher says:

    he keeps the schools open because we are BABYSITTERS!!! he’s worried about what these parents will do if their children do not have school….he declares a weather emergency and urges the public to stay off the rodes…are teachers and students not part of the public?? i am disgusted…especially when two weeks ago nothing was done to clean our streets, he could have cared less. he is awful…now excuse me i have to go dig my car out of the snow!

    1. mind boggled says:

      I agree some parents feel teachers are babysitters EXCEPT me. Everyone had time to make other arrangements and its a damn shame they will risk their kids lives just to get them to school so they can go about their business. Parents should keep their kids from school today.

    2. student says:

      i hope you dont teach English.. “rodes”..?

    3. wiseguy2011 says:

      hey teach, you are a public sevant. closing the schools would serve the public. open or closed, public servants should report to work. quit your whining and go earn your keep. the job has great benefits, for a reason! Don’t shirk your responsibilities to the public.

      1. Maddy says:

        It is not a question about going to work or whining Mr. Wiseguy! Oh, and the bebfits are not as great as you think they are but that is not the issue here. The issue is just what people have said, the decosion should be made earllier so that parents can make arrangements. Also, you do know that most of these parents will be driving their children to school despite being asked to keep cars off the roads!!! It’s just a question of consideration and safety for all involved…not just teachers!

  39. Ron says:

    I think Bloomberg’s insane. I just looked out my window, and since i live on a nrrow street the snow is unplowed. How does he expect me to make it out of my house to get to my bus stop? I think we deserve a snow day, this is dangerous for the little ones.

    1. Common Sense says:

      Don’t you need to get to work to get paid? Are you on public assistance?

  40. Mary says:

    Thanks a lot Bloomberg. My poor son is going to have to take 2 buses to get to high school. The trip normall takes him about an hour, I can’t imagine how long it’s going to take today. You could have at least issued a delay!

    1. Damon says:

      Your son does not have to go to school. You are his parent, if you think he’d be safer at home then keep him at home.

  41. mind boggled says:

    Bloomberg and Rice do not even care about the safety of these children so they open the schools. They only care about the fact that they get money for each child that shows up at school. I say keep the children home and decide what is best for your child. I’m not sending my kid to school.

    1. BloomyTakesAnHourAndAHalf2Watch60Minutes says:

      Schools are required by law to be open x a mount of days a year. Out here in LI, they cut intmake up snow days on certain holidays…Dimbulb I mean Bloomberg is trying to avoid that. Open the schools, most people won’t come anyway, problem solved for the old jackwagon. I wonder if Rudy can run for a third term when this schmuck is done?

      1. arn says:

        Rudy is a worse fraud than even Old Money Bags

  42. The Good Samaritan says:

    Mayor Bloomberg is a complete idiot for keeping the schools open.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

  43. Worst says:

    How do you declare a snow emergency but keep schools open? I guess the whole “emergency” is a crock of …. This from the man who complains about people calling 911 when its not an emergency and call 311!

    1. fwe says:

      What snow emergency? It was a weather emergency. Two very different status. Check the books pal.

  44. Alex says:

    Gee, what a surprise… I didn’t even expect Bloomberg’s cheap ass to close the schools, but at least have a delay… Ridiculous

  45. snow says:

    They should have a new reality show that follows the lives of New Yorkers as they shovel snow in front of their apartments and wait until 5 AM to see if school is closed due to snow. Followed by the hit series The Cape.

  46. The Good Samaritan says:

    Mayor Bloomberg is insane.

    The Good Samartian has spoken

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