You Ready Jets Fans? Join In On The Trash Talk!

NEW YORK (CBS New York) — It’s all green, all the time as the Jets embark on their road to glory. The Jets and Patriots will clash in New England Sunday for the third time this season.

Got something you want to say? Want to join in on the trash talk? Comment below!

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WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell on trash talk

The last time Gang Green traveled to Foxborough it was a fiasco — the Patriots won 45-3 — but fans in New York aren’t worried. “Everybody has a bad game,” one man said. “That was ours and that’s the last one this season.”

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“We have a lot of things going on right now, and Rex is gonna show them a lot of new looks and it’s going to be a whole different story,” a fan said.

landmark diner You Ready Jets Fans? Join In On The Trash Talk!

Jets fans at the Landmark Diner in Roslyn (Photo/John Montone)

“We’ve got two more games and then we’re going to the big dance,” another fan said.

Even Mayor Michael Bloomberg has no doubts about how the Jets will do. “The Jets are going to the Super Bowl, you heard it from me,” Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show with John Gambling.

The excitement is building for what is shaping up to be a trash talking (and singing) rivalry game to end all games. The winner gets this season’s bragging rights and moves one step closer to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas.

Players on both sides were getting into it with Coach Rex Ryan leading the charge for the Jets. He has brought it down to almost a personal vendetta between himself and Patriots Coach Bill Belichick.

WCBS 880 Sports Director Jared Max with WBZ 1030’s Carl Stevens

The fans aren’t holding anything back either. “I think Rex should bet Belichick a foot rub on this one,” a fan told 1010 WINS’ John Montone.

1010 WINS’ John Montone with fans on Long Island

The Jet juice has been flowing at bars across the boroughs and at the Landmark Diner in Roslyn, L.I. where fans said they love Ryan’s big mouth. “We wouldn’t have it any other way,” a fan said. “He’s gonna back it up this week, we’re gonna show you what he’s been talking about, we’re ready for the Super Bowl.”

And fans are also sending out a warning to Tom Brady: be careful because the defense is hungry.

Join in on the trash talk and comment below!

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One Comment

  1. Johnny Blaster says:

    Where did all the Pat lovers go????

  2. tina says:


  3. dabooch says:

    Sanchez was lucky last week against the Colts, his throws were so bad nobody could intercept them. Jets may take a good pasting. Jets 20 New England 27.

  4. BQ says:

    jets fans = classless.

  5. martin a says:

    watch for airplane over Gillette on Sunday with message to Rex. Courtesy of Pats fan.

  6. Andrew Bencivenga says:

    I been a jets fan all my life. We are 1 win in 2nd week and the 12th week we loss so we are 1-1. We will win the game. Like fireman ED SAY J-E-T-S jets jets jets.!!!!!!!!!!!:) 🙂

  7. Andrew Bencivenga says:

    I been a jets fan all my life. We are 1 win in 2nd week and the 12th week we loss so we are 1-1. We will win the game. Like fireman ED SAY J-E-T-S jets jets jets

  8. Sharon Sherman says:

    REALLY,,,,,,,,,,,REALLY? jets do you even think you have a chance aginst Boston? I don’t think the jets could even beat the boston cheer leaders,but dream on,thats all you can do is dream,

  9. ron says:

    Gang green 26 pats 20. Now or never 4 the JETS!

  10. Ellen says:

    Hector, thanks for the info, And I have to tell you something. Years before New England or Boston got a football team most people from here were Giants fans themselves. Believe it or not from here in Lowell Ma. my grandfather was a huge Giants fan and so were a lot of people in his generation, and still people here will root for the Giants, well that’s when the Pats are not in the picture.

  11. Carol Decker says:

    Ya gotta BELIEVE!! J E T S!!! YES! YES! YES!

  12. Hector says:

    Ellen, in New York, no one cares about the Pats. Giants fans may not root for the Jets, but we never, ever will root for a team from up North. Pat do not matter, never have, never will. Giants took it to the Pats and beat them in the Suoer Bowl and that’s what matters.

  13. Ellen says:

    Like to know how many Giants fans are rooting for the Pats to win?

  14. Giants Fan says:

    Not a Jets fan but they will lose since they are less talented. If Brady gets injured or Welker then N.E. may lose.

  15. Eduardo Rey says:

    J-E-T-S. SUck. Suck. Suck.

  16. WILEY WILLIE says:


  17. Charles says:

    who cares, the Jets play in Jersey not New York, so they’re New Jersey Jets. This is an insult to all the teams that do play in New York City. They have been playing in Jersey for well over 30 years now. it’s time they remove the New York Logo and put NJ on the helmet.

    1. bob says:

      you’re an idiot!

  18. NYCROB says:

    Hey PATS Losers Pls go home and sleep with ur FISH! JETS 17 FISHLOSERS 13

  19. NYCROB says:

    Hey FISHY PATS We r going to RUIN ur PARTY on Sunday! Go J E T S

  20. TOM B says:


  21. Paul Szalkiewicz says:


  22. Martin says:

    I thought they were the New Jersey Jets.

  23. Sterling Smith says:

    As long as the lid stays on Brady, the Jets prevail 20-13

  24. Ellen says:

    CBS-Boston, channel 4, is now debating whether the greatest sports rivalries is between the Pats-Jets, or the Red Sox-Yankees. I posted that the Red Sox-Yankees are one of the greatest sports rivalries going on. Big debate there.

  25. Ellen says:

    I’m a Pats fan, this is a free country, and we should all be able to talk and root for our home team. Love New York, but not the Jets.

    1. JBK says:


      1. Bills Fan says:

        either are the Jets…they are from New AJersey moron

      2. Bob says:

        Hey BillsFan, How’s that 4-12 NY team working for ya? Nah, it’s the true NY team that has the 11-5 record!

      3. Bills Fan says:

        At least my team knows where they play..your Jets have been hit in the head too many times like you to know that they play in East Rutherford, NJ. Unless you win the Superbowl, the season is a loss. Up yours New Jersey fans

  26. DOMINC THE GUIDO says:


  27. Drew Barr says:

    I’m a Pats fan…but see the game sunday afternoon as much closer than last month. In the end, I think the Pats will win by a score of 28-13.

  28. Johnny Blaster says:

    Tell all the Pats fans to go to Boston news sites, this is NY. On to the game ball control mistake free football by our Jets and on to the AFC Title Game.. Jets 20 – Pats 17

    1. TONY says:


  29. Patrick says:

    I smell another good ole’ fashion beating from New England.

  30. footballbaby says:

    The Jets barely beat the Colts JV team (let’s not forget the Colts had something like 11 or 15 guys on injured reserve). They have no chance against the Pats.

  31. Mr. Roarke says:

    well Barbara, Jets fans are not from another planet, but from an island, not the given Ryan island name of Revis Island, but Fantasy Island. This is the island where Jets fans dream every year that the Jets won the Super Bowl. “The plane boss, the plane”. “Welcome to Fantasy Island”. Jets fans are such LOSER!!!!!!

  32. Barbara says:

    The Jets don’t have a chance against such a great team like the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. Wishful thinking Jets fans. Your coach is a loud mouth idiot!!!!!! And you certainly can’t compare Sanchez to Tom Brady. What are you from another planet?

  33. DanTe says:

    Ahh… Football Season. The time of year when wimpy p00sy boys “talk” like real men.

    If they’re going to try to act like men, they should really tone up that flabby arm.

    This trash talk enough for you?

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