Jets’ Revis To Deion Branch: Take Loss ‘Like A Man’

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Memo from Darrelle Revis to Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch: Take Sunday’s 28-21 loss “like a man.”

After New York’s wild on-field celebration in Foxborough — complete with Braylon Edwards’ backflip — Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch called the Jets “classless,” a description that irked the Jets’ cornerback.

“Just take the loss like a man and move on,” Revis said on Monday. “They do stuff as well. I don’t know who was doing it or whatever, but if so, whatever. If they would’ve won, I’m sure they probably would’ve done the taunting like they did that last game we played them. Their secondary was doing the airplane and just teasing us. So you’ve got to take it both ways, when you win or lose.”

“I’m not embarrassed. I’m just frustrated,” Branch said after New England’s ouster. “The embarrassing part came from a few classless guys after the game. There were a lot of classless things that went on.”

Care to explain?

“Didn’t you see it?” he said. “You’ve got to go back and watch it. Pretty classless stuff.”

Jets wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery also took exception to Branch’s blast.

“He creates a perception we were classless, and all we’re doing is enjoying our win,” Cotchery said. “We were just enjoying the win, enjoying the moment. For someone to try to create that perception that we’re classless, that’s heartbreaking.”

Branch may have launched the last shot in a week when most of the salvos came from the Jets. But he won’t have another chance to make postgame comments. The Jets will.

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  1. stevesheehy says:

    I am a lifelong Boston/N.E. Patriots fan. The better team won Sunday. Will never forget Joe Namath and the Jets in 1969. Will cheer for the Jets against the Stealers (AZ Cards were robbed in that Super Bowl) Hope the Jets win the Super Bowl. Remember the AFL.

  2. JPaul says:

    Being from New England, I have had enough of the Pats, C’s, B’s and Sox. Their fans are disgusting, always looking for an excuse. Take a look at how many were left in the stands after NY beat them. The Jets were by far the better team on Sunday and deserved to celebrate in the end. Those teams will just go out, spend more money and buy their way into the round of the playoffs. It is so pleasing when the Sox, C’s, B’s and now the Pats go down. Can’t wait for the NBA playoffs with the “old and fold” gang. Hope Miani, NY or Orlando take them out quiclly.

  3. a. p. shap says:

    as far as classless, in this league guys celebrate a sack in the fourth quarter when they are down by three touchdowns, so what does that label really mean anymore?
    what IS totally classless are the SORE LOSER cry baby pat fans. face it you got beat by a team that was better on THAT day and NOTHING else matters in this game or any other game. everything else is b.s. and any athlete, pro or amatuer, knows that! Apparently it does take a man to “take it like a man”…

  4. Michael says:

    Clearly all celebration should be removed from football. Better yet, let’s create a few more rules and over-officiate the game even more. Put a ref on the field specifically for “emotional” violations. Give me a break.

  5. jeff says:

    You cry babies who watches football looking for class. None of the National Football League’s football teams are classy. Pats are cheaters how’s that for class…But nobody cares.. Go stay at a Hyatt or Hilton if you’re looking for class, football just isn’t for you then. I like that the jets kept it exciting. They shouldn’t be expected to keep quiet when they have a victory that no one gave them a chance at winning even though the detail point at them being a better veteran team. Billecheat and tom Beiber can’t win unless they can cheat. The choke artists have reinforced this the past decade. There is no real Patriots dynasty Just a bunch of uninformed media/football fanatics. Jet Jets Jets

    1. toldyouso says:

      Love this. The patriots didn’t play bad, they had there moral broken. Jets out played them and made it seem like the pats played terribly. Brady knew that the interception was a turning point. After all the talk, the jets pulled out an interception that broke Brady’s streak. Obviously he began to think the Jets ment what they said. Brady got sacked five times… come on now. The patriots let that happen? No, the jets pushed them to the dirt. Brady was out played by Sanch as well. The jets offensive line was unbreakable when it came to getting to Sanch. Patriots issue was that they were to readable. Rex figured out there weakness and broke them. It’s a game of chess and Rex was calling on a check mate to Bill. Hell, stats show the game was in Check in the first half. Enough excuses, they lost. Who’s still in the playoffs and who isn’t? The better team. 45-3 doesn’t mean anything now. “our players were exausted”… really? Jets fans can say the same thing about the second game played. Players were injured and not playing that day… Good game.

  6. K H S says:

    Please! Can we try and move on about Tome Brady’s hair? I dodn’t read anything about Clay Mathews hair, or anyone else’s. I saw a few guys with substantially longer hair, on the Jets! It’s a non-issue. Let’s just try and grow up a bit and move on, about the hair, shall we? Regarding the part about being beaten “by a better team?” Ehh…I’m still not convinced of that either! New England handily beats every current Super Bowl contender…including the 45-3 embarrassment to the Jets! And then what! Sunsay night, there was NO FIRE, NO SPIRIT! Nothing to indicate a team that might’ve really cared! Now if there is such rampant corruption in the U.S Government, and U.S corporations, can we not consider any corruption in the NFL, and further consider that the Patriots were instructed to lay down? Oh they played, but any Patriot fan would’ve noticed…that it wasn’t to their full capability! let’s just see how far the classless Jet’s can go. Colts, Patriots…really? C’mon, they really don’t have the stuff to beat any of the other teams either!! But let’s just see, if they go and actually win the Super Bowl! And uh…the next time Mr. Cromartie shoots of his mouth reagrding the type and caliber of other people – maybe he should remember his many children, with his many wives! Now that…IS CLASSLESS!!

    1. Mike Oxbig says:

      The NFL is filled with rapists, murderers, dog fighters, wife beaters, but the Jets have to be classy. That was real classy when wilfork went after Sanchez after the whistle, real class there. You soar losing idiot.It is morons like you that make that victory feel so damn good!

    2. Clarke W. Griswold says:

      Oh and video taping defensive signals is real class.

    3. toldyouso says:

      … You had to make a conspiracy to cope with your beating? Fail… Next your going to bring up Big Foot and Unicorns, right? Silly Patri-cheats.

  7. Christopher London says:

    The New England Patriots have developed somewhat of an entitlement complex, that they are somehow beyond reproach. Tom Brady, and his hairdo weaved with plugs, could not even acknowledge seriously that he was just literally beaten by a better team. The Jets defense shut down Brady and frustrated him. Their cheap score at the end in garbage time gave the illusion that the game was closer than it was. Revis owned Branch in this game. And for the record, the Jets were 2-1 against the Patriots this season, proof itself that despite the blowout and Brady’s legend of choking in the big games the last few years, the New York Jets were a better team this year than the Patriots.

  8. Mark says:

    The Jets are classless….

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