N.J. Woman Injured After Ice Flies Off Truck

Sparta Police: Flying Shards Like 'Projectiles'

SPARTA, N.J. (CBS 2) — Imagine driving and suddenly you’re bombarded by flying ice and shards of glass. That’s what happened to one driver because someone in front of her didn’t remove snow and ice from his truck.

It’s the law in New Jersey and it’s a reminder as the next storm approaches, reports CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

The thick sheet of ice went through the windshield of a Jeep Wrangler, showering the driver, Cheryl Hubere, with shattered glass.

“She got some glass in her eyes and in her mouth and in her scalp and stuff,” said Tom Perkins, the victim’s husband.

Police said ice that injured Hubere came off of a John Heine Plumbing truck, which they pulled over and ticketed under a new law that holds drivers responsible if ice or snow flies off of their cars.

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Police showed Sloan a view inside the plumbing truck and of what appeared to be more ice that had yet to fall off.

“He was unaware the ice had come off his vehicle,” Sparta Police Sgt. John-Paul Beebe said.

Sloan caught up with the owner of John Heine Plumbing, who initially said he “had no idea” about the incident.

Police said they issued a summons to Kristopher J. Heine, the 28-year-old son of the owner.

“I feel terrible. Cops won’t tell us who it was. We can’t even send her a fruit basket or anything to say we’re sorry,” the owner said.

The husband of the injured woman said a hat somehow protected her face, preventing what could have been more serious injuries.

“She seems fine right now, but she has a headache and some blurred vision,” the husband said.

“The ice comes off … it’s like projectiles. They just don’t strike your car, they penetrate it,” Sgt. Beebe said.

While Heine won’t be charged criminally, he faces up to a $1,000 fine.

Police said if a driver of a car is aware of ice or snow flying off and hitting another car, and they flee the scene, they can be charged with assault by a vehicle.


One Comment

  1. niklu says:

    The Good Samaritan probably got out of school early and has no one to play with. egnore him.

  2. Kana says:

    Good for NJ for enacting a law requireing motorist to clean snow and ice off their vehicles. One could only hoppe some of the neighboring states would enact similar laws. I’ve seen plenty of vehicles of all sizes where the only snow cleared off the vehicle is just the windsheild and maybe the fron hood. Just enough for the driver to see out. Even several days after a snoe storm there are plenty of vehicles still driving around with large amounts of snow\ice on top of the vehicle.
    It doesn’t take that long to clean off your vehicle, I can save someones life.
    In this case at lteast the women wasn’t more seriously injured.

    1. 12 girl says:

      docs said she could have died and that she is lucky she did not die

  3. NoNmae4U says:

    Wait till this happens to you big mouth-small-brains we’ll see if you can continue to talk dismissive like this.
    Imagine now a USPS truck and a piece of ice 1.5 feet by 0.5 feet which smashed my windshield in a fraction of a second on Jan 14th on White Stone Expressway Northbound at 7:15 in the morning.
    Yes, you guessed right, the driver had no idea of what happened I had to honk a long time for him to pull over and I called the cops to file a police report.
    Since the truck is USPS – as in Federal Government – (self-insured) it had no plates just a truck number.
    Now I am fighting the USPS monkeys to get reimbursed for replacing the windshield.
    They freakin’ need to clean their trucks of snow and ice, period.
    In my case no one was hurt, still, would you like to pay hundreds of dollars because of this?

    1. NoName4U says:

      And yes the first sentence was directed at the “Good Samaritan”

  4. Captain Obvious says:

    Thank God this woman is okay & the injuries seem minor. This type of incident is so unnecessary. Just take 15 minutes and clear the damn snow & ice off your vehicles.

    This woman has a Bodily Injury claim against Heine Plumbing. She needs to seek out a good personal injury attorney & pursue a claim. She is absolutely entitled to compensation. Heine’s insurance carrier WILL settle with her – they will NEVER let this case go to trial.

    1. 12 girl says:

      she actually got glass in her eyes and she also swollowed some glass

  5. Luke says:

    She didn’t clean the ice and snow off the hood of her own car….

  6. The Good Samaritan says:

    Another reason why women should not drive. A man would have avoided the ice debris coming off of the plumbing truck, who was no doubt heading to a service call for someone who has no heat.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken!

    1. fred says:

      The Good Samaritan has no clue. What nerve to speak this way about women drivers. Only God knows if a man would have avoided the ice debris coming off of any vehicle. Some Good Samaritan you are!

  7. JOE says:

    WHO CARES !!!

    1. NoName4U says:

      Maybe if your sister, girlfriend, mother or relative would’ve been involved you’d see things differently.

    2. 12 girl says:

      ur a mean person what if this was ur aunt like she is mine

  8. Micha says:

    Drivers need to stop being lazy and inconsiderate! This woman could have been killed. I hate when I see cars with piles of snow and ice on their roofs. Is it so hard to get a snow brush and brush it off? Police need to get more serious about ticketing these inconsiderate drivers and when accidents like this happen, they should be charged wth vehicular assault.

  9. The Good Samaritan says:

    These truck drivers need to held accountable and fined.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken..

    Tina this is the orginal Good Samaritan

    1. Nick says:

      There are more than one idiot?

      So being a CBS employee, why don’t you just delete the other posts like you did last time?

    2. Brian says:

      your right , better yet we should just do away with these naty trucks blocking are roads . that way we would all be able to get to the rail yard to pick up are food, clothes ,cars and gas in time to get to work.

    3. james morgan says:

      I am the original observant and why is it “These truck drivers” . How many “Moms” who drive their kids to school without cleaning the car off are there? What about “Old Granpa” who can’t clean his car off. Good samaritan don’t be naive. Everyone should attempt to clean off their own vehicles.

  10. Michael H. says:

    Even more reason why police should be stopping and fining owners who fail to clear off their vehicles before hitting the road. You wouldn’t drive around with unsecured cargo on your roof. Why would you drive around with a 6 inch pile of snow and ice?

    1. 12 girl says:

      ur so right lol

  11. Steve M. says:

    Oh. I’ve posted already.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

  12. Steve M. says:

    LOL!……..Why the picture of an empty hospital bed?….did she die?

    1. Steve M. says:

      LOL! …… I’ve never seen an empty bed. My mother always have an uncle over.

    2. 12 girl says:

      no she did not die i know because she is my aunt, she is at home resting

  13. The Good Samaritan says:

    She was probably tailgaiting.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

    1. CJ says:

      The good samaritan can’t read, it says the truck was passing her, she was not following the truck!!

    2. Tina says:

      the good samaritan is an idiot!! read the story before you post!!

      1. Michael H. says:

        “The Good Samaritan” is a troll and should be treated as such. ignore and move on.

    3. 12 girl says:

      the good sameritan should get a life or go pick bugs out of his eyes so he can read the correct story

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