Mayor Bloomberg Wants Teacher Seniority Rules Changed

NEW YORK (CBS 2/AP) — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is warning that unless teacher seniority rules are changed, the city could have to lay off nearly every teacher hired in the last five years.

Bloomberg said Sunday that the New York State budget is expected to contain deep cuts, especially to schools.

“The scuttlebutt is that the education budget will be cut state-wide, and New York City’s share of that will be a billion dollar cut,” Bloomberg told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer last week.

Bloomberg said the city may be forced to lay off even more teachers — and under state law, the layoffs would be governed by seniority. The mayor reiterated his call for changes to the law that protects teacher seniority. Under state law, the most recently hired teachers must be laid off first. Bloomberg wants merit taken into account.

“In the private sector nobody would do last-in, first-out. You do, you know, who are the most productive, and you say to the others, ‘look it would have been nice if we could afford it, but the world isn’t that way,’” Bloomberg said.

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If the law isn’t changed and the mayor has to lay off 15,000 more teachers, it would mean firing every teacher hired in the last five years, many of them teaching in poor and minority communities, at a time when there are 1,200 teachers in the system who received an unsatisfactory rating last year.

Those 15,000 layoffs would also come in addition to the 6,000 layoffs already written into Bloomberg’s budget.

United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew said the mayor should be working with the union to prevent layoffs.

Bloomberg spoke at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn.

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One Comment

  1. ThePatriotMuckraker says:

    Americans must make do with less so that the bankers, corporations and their political puppets can have more.

  2. Lauren Korn Popkoff says:

    I am a nyc teacher. So were my parents, and my grandparents. Seniority is not EVIL, experience is not Evil. I am teaching students whose parents I taught, and believe me, there is room ofr layoffs at the Dept. of Ed and at City Hall. Are there bad teachers? Yes. But by whose definition? Stop playing the Blame Game MR. Mayor. Why don;t you lok at your own house?

    1. dave sage says:

      we as new yorker should be a shame of ourselves bringing this bozo back into office. We could of got someone to lay people off. what we need is someone in office who could save money in the budget without hurting the workers of this city. bloomburger is just trying to bust unions. He would if could make teachers work like teachers in china at 10 dollars a day, 6 1/2 days a week. no benefits, no rights. if you don’t like, collect cans. he will however if rich, give you tax breaks, create a bike lane in your neighborhood, have your snow removed for you during storm.

  3. Devenio says:

    So the reasoning is the longer you’ve been a teacher, the more you make…. So we’ll keep all the teachers hired in the last 5 years because they make a little more than minimum wage. You go Bloomy. Our kids are dumb enough. This will put the final nail in the coffin. In the last term of any administration, you get to see exactly what an elected official is really like.

  4. John Costadura says:

    He wants to change it this way 5 years from retirement he can fire them so they dont get a oension. Fire your fat cats in office, not somebody who works for a living educating our children,

  5. barbara says:

    I’m still waiting for the garbage to be picked up and you ;guys are fighting over teachers…..the entire city is going to hell in a handbasket.

    1. JR says:

      The city??? How about the whole stinking country!

      1. Devenio says:

        Um, lets make that the world. Seems the banks have called in all the loans. IMF, World Bank, etc… They have every fricken country by the short and curleys.

  6. TheTruth says:

    The question is why are the teachers being targeted when there is so much waste at the administrative level? Cutting teachers directly effects the level of education the city’s kids receive, however i’m willing to bet a few offices can stand to trim some excess “fat”.

  7. Angela says:

    He’s worried about people who hang around and don’t make room for new blood? This is from someone who asked for NYC voting laws to be changed so he could have a 3rd term (Why NYC voters agreed is beyond me)<

  8. Stan says:

    inions are the source of all evil. shut them all down and layoff all overpaid uni0n workers

    1. verses76 says:

      Overpaid! First off teachers are far from overpaid. They are required to hold a Master Degree and are required to take continuing education courses ontop of that. So you mean to tell me someone that has invested 8 years and 80 to 100 grand in student loans into their professional education and llicense should be making a measly $40 grand a year to start. I know doormen that make more than that! Okay let me guess your idea of a jair wage would be 18 cents an hour. Isn’t that just about what non union corporation pay the employees they hire in China and Inda.

  9. Ben says:

    why do govenmetn workers milk the system for all its worth and then cry when there is nothing left?

    1. ted says:

      All Albany needs to do is double the state income tax from 6% to 12% and then they can eliminate all property taxes and the inequity it allows. The teachers would then be working for the state instead of under private contracts, each child would receive the same dollar benefit, and middle class people would be able to stay in their homes instead of being driven from them by taxes that can go beyond their incomes.

  10. Cathy with a C says:

    M. A. Schaefer, you say “please protect our teachers” and it seems that that’s what the mayor is trying to do. Unfortunately, the unions want to protect all the deadwood who are sitting around collecting paychecks for years in rubber rooms and reserve pools while effective teachers with less seniority are in danger of losing their jobs. I can’t believe there’s no system in place to weed out the effective teachers from those who are merely baby sitting. Don’t protect the slackers. Protect the teachers who really make a difference. Seniority is irrelevant if it protects bad teachers.

  11. zeppel mudder says:

    What a shame, what a shame. You have a person, that calls himself mayor. This is the first mayor, that says he is here to provide services, not jobs. He is doing his best to live up to that statement. All he want’s to do, is hold back the working man, and play with the numbers, that he likes to tout. He nearly tripled his wealth while in office. Do you know of anybody else that did that? To be a success at business, you have to manipulate the #s. It is a shame that he is still in office, but when you have his amount of money, believe me, he is not a happy man. Mr. Peanut could do a better job. Only a person of his ilk, always has to seek a waiver, to install an unqualified person,in the wrong disipline, at the wrong time. You the people, should demand that he do the job, or leave and let some one else do it. That can’t do any worse than him

  12. steve says:

    Actually, public employee unions are unconstitutional. Research it. They are. There are even supreme court cases to say so. Close down the whole public school system.

    1. Cathy with a C says:

      Public employee unions have a corrupting influence on our elections. They pretty much own the entire Democrat Party. Individual public employees can contribute to whichever candidate they want but I think we should have voter referendums in every state making it illegal for public employee unions to contribute to political campaigns. I don’t know why it’s allowed. Here in New York State, nothing gets done if it displeases the unions. You’d think that this LIFO issue would have widespread support in Albany but the usual suspects(Sheldon Silver) are siding with the unions. What a surprise.

      1. verses76 says:

        So you want to make it illegal for public employee to donate to campaigns, are you kidding! At least unions influence in government is to protect workers. Let me ask you what do contributors like Enron, Exxon Mobile, NRA, and the like, use their $ for. The only difference between Unions and big corporate lobbies is that unions fight against the abuses of large, corrupt, self-serving, explotative corporations!

  13. bill says:

    No fat, no salt, no cigarettes, no teachers, no car lanes……..

  14. M. A. Schaefer says:

    Mayor Bloomberg is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Make the middle class suffer more, try to ruin the union. As a billionaire i am sure he could care less about teacher unions or any other union. The only protection workers have are unions. Remember Mayor Bloomberg you are a senior citizen and you may be replaced by someone much younger. Please protect our teachers and teach your childen respect for authority.

    1. Rose Bloom says:

      goodbye Lenin, hello Stalin…or shall we say heil Michael?

    2. Rose Bloom says:

      Unfortunately, when it comes to money, seniority is unscathed. Those who have the monetary means to rule the word, let alone NYC, and reach into their own personal coffers to pay back our enormous debt to China (which incidentally will take over the word), will never be replaced by anyone younger. When you all realize that “dumbing down” America and creating a complacent herd of morons that are being stifled into silence is part of the master plan agenda, you will all understand why tenure is irrelevant now.

  15. mj says:

    Bloomberg should resign the city would be better without him

  16. jean says:

    the public pension/benefit system is unsustainable. stop the teachers pension now and no teachers get fired.

  17. dvd says:

    Why do politicians always know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

  18. ThePatriotMuckraker says:

    END THE WARS, THE FED, CORPORATE WELFARE, KILL THE BANKERS, KILL THEIR POLITICAL PUPPETS and “We the people”, like the Egyptians, will have our freedom, our natural born rights.

  19. JR says:

    Tired of political lip service, just do it!

  20. DidntVoteForThatGuy says:

    Here’s a solution.. We need more money to avoid layoffs of essential city workers?

    How about we stop putting money towards welfare and food stamps for immigrants who just hopped off the boat yesterday, and for the 2nd and 3rd generation welfare recipients, how about we make drug testing and proof of searching for employment/employment seminars mandatory for anyone requiring aid(And stop the insanity of free cellphones for these people! Is that really important to survival?!?), and put that money back where it belongs – paying the salaries of the ESSENTIAL people in our city – cops, firemen, teachers, etc, and paying for our infrastructure upkeep(and I don’t mean the inane plans of turning Manhattan into a giant walkers/bikers paradise and charging approximately $23876 for each car that attempts to invade this hallowed ground). How about we stop putting money towards any BS project any two-bit politician comes up with (and while we’re at it, let’s inform these power drunk idiots that not EVERY piddling idea they come up with should be made into a law ala “I don’t like salt.. WAHH. No salt for anyone! I don’t like soda.. WAHH! I don’t like E-cigarettes.. WAHH! I think you’re dumb when you walk and listen to your iPod.. WAHH!”)

    Problem solved. And maybe in the process, New York can shed some of the dead weight and get back to being the butt-kicking, rough and tumble, gritty world’s capital it used to be, when we were the financial center of the universe.

    1. tom f says:

      you cant be that irrational and be sober
      what type of work do you do?

  21. maddawg says:

    Hey, KING BLOOMY! Do us all a favor and LAY YOURSELF OFF! you’re useless!

  22. Jill says:

    Please, just raise my taxes. How can these politicians cut money to struggling school systems and act as if there is no alternative? Some things are worth paying for.

    And please, please don’t lay off all the experienced teachers to save a buck. We all know meritocracy is not the issue here. By the way, Mayor Bloomberg, there IS seniority in the private sector. You think only public sector employees are unionized?

    Finally, those rubber rooms everyone keeps talking about? The people in those rooms are waiting for administrative hearings, sometimes for years. Give them their due process, and if the facts support the charges, fire them; if the facts don’t support the charges, put them back in the classroom, or in the understaffed school libraries, or somewhere!

    1. ken says:

      The real reason that there are a lot of teachers in the rubber room is that they are innocent, if they were guilty they would have been fired. The city will not follow thru on the charges because they have no valid proof. If they were found not guilty they would sue the city and the people (principals and students) that filed false charges, so you see, they just let them sit and hope that they get frustrated and quit. Kline the lawyer knew this, that is why he had the legal department doo nothing.

  23. dave says:

    that’s right! no clue to run city but to run it into the ground. every year asking for more back by the unions. you know what, just raise taxes so people will have jobs. no instead let them collect for a year, and no longer exist. bust unions is what he wants. Wants to create a system like oversees, paying people 10 dollars a day. How do you create jobs when you lay off jobs, simple: no union, no benefits, work 6 days a week, if you complain, you’re fired! bloomyburger way.

    1. WakeUpToReality says:

      You id!ot! Layoffs are going to happen – and they should! However, the Mayor is going about it in the right fashion – fire the deadwood and retain those teachers who are valuable. Welcome to the real world – that’s the thing outside your front door.

      1. dave says:

        is that why they call you wake up to reality? idiot, he doesn’t want the valuable teachers, he want the less paid teachers. How can this man say he’s the education major with these layoff. What, next year could be the same, what lay off more teachers. Teachers is not the problem, albany is.corruption, you name it. You been in the sand too long. How are going to lay off a teacher with years of experience over a teacher there only year or two. This is not about new, it’s about slashed salaries. How can you say “I want to create jobs and rebuild the economy” and then lay off. Better off just raising taxes, atleast the city will get revenue, not unemployment.Plan is simple with that. layoffs, let them collect a year, and then don’t have to worry about them when their checks run out. But yes layoff are going to happen, because of corrupt government, in state and city.simple.

  24. ThePatriotMuckraker says:

    CBS is censoring anti-establishment comments.

    1. Steven G. says:

      I think the mayor is so stupid with these seniority layoffs. First of all don’t the young new teachers realize that they themselves will have no seniority rights after they do time in the trenches. They too will be evaluated every year, by whom i don’t know. And it’s not what you know but whom you know. It’s a dogie eat dog world. When your salary gets too high, it’s time to go. So to say that were getting rid of the experienced teachers to put in novices, is totally ridiculous. This is just an attempt to make a very hard job just that much less appealing. It will be in constant flux with people coming and going and no leadership in place. It will be the blind leading the blind. New teachers in mid stream. No old teachers in the school to say congratulations on graduating. And teachers will have to promote students no matter what to keep up their performance ratings. Mayor Bloomberg, your just thinking money. That’s what happens when you elect a billionaire. It all about the green stamps and nothing else. You can’t take it with you Mr. Bloomberg.

    2. Cathy with a C says:

      To ThePatriotMuckraker:
      My Conservative comments are disappearing so you’re on to something….

  25. Maria says:

    will you be sayong ” do what you have to dp ” when he comes after your job , your pension , your benefits . Have you ever been in an urban classroom with a wet behind the ears teacher whose scared to death of the students and hasn’t really got the hang of teaching yet ? I would like my kids to have good teachers. The city , the country , needs tax adjustments , make the upper crust who pay the least PAY their share . OH they are friends of the Emperor of NYC , just like the know nothing about education chancellor he put in . What a mess , I didn’t vote for him ,can’t wait till he’s out.

  26. Debra says:

    Every year when he threatens to do this the number goes up. If he wanted to save money maybe he should not have swelled central DOE with the latest “restructuring” or hire a chancellor that forced the creation of yet another high tier DOE job. He doesn’t want good teachers. He wants cheap teachers.

    That way he can funnel more ed dollars into places like Murdoch’s newest company which happens to be run by Klein and will specialize in ed tech, or into publishing (!) since you are going to need all those informational texts to address the new core standards (both part of the Race to the Top approval).

  27. Rory Lance says:

    If the mayor wants to follow the private school model remind him that in private schools there are no more than 16 students in a class. He may also want to raise money for education by stop syphoning public money for the benefit of corporate profits in the way of charter schools. As a teacher who put twenty-six years into the NYC public school system let the mayor know that I was a much more effective teacher when I left than when I started.

  28. adam says:

    This mayor thinks the city is his own personal buisness.He still doesnt get it.Goes to show just because you are a smart buisness man doesnt make you a smart person.If he thinks the city schools are in shambles just because of bad teachers he just doesnt have a clue.No discipline bad parenting and the whole liberal agenda is the reason the schools are so bad.

  29. Bloomy Jr. says:

    After reading the story on how many nyc teachers are just sitting in a room reading waiting for them to be assigned or their probation to be over… they should be fired.. sounds like to many teachers. I say get rid of the seniors and keep the new recruits and pay them less unless they are worth it. That is how they do it in corporate america.

    1. John says:

      If you run education like corporate America, what do you get? Think about it for a few minutes.

      Hire overseas, cheap labor, principals like CEO’s worth millions, what else can you add to this formula? People should stop making this ignorant comparison.

    2. Susan says:

      We already see what has become of corporate American through the decades. Workers are laid off just before they are eligible for full retirement benefits, layoffs with downsizing, mergers. Now we have disloyal employees who will drop a job when another place offers a buck more per hr. What a great solution.

  30. John says:

    The mayor consistently and erroneously compares education with the private sector, which is a fallacy, as any educated person easily recognizes. It’s apples to oranges. Business is concerned with generating the most profit for the least expense. Schools should get the money they need, period.

    He’s just playing the new teachers against the old, trying to destroy any solidarity. I hope our educated public sees through this juvenile tactic.

  31. Dunno says:

    Hate to say this but NYC spends way too much money on “Special Education”..about triple the amount spent on, dare I say..normal students. So why should my kid have to sit in a classroom short on desks and supplies while the “special ed” kids suck up all the resources? Has this town gone completely insane?!

    1. Dunno says:

      That’s triple the amount per student, not in total

  32. Luis A. Ramos says:

    Of Course Anyone Having To Really Work In A Real Job Know’s That This Is A Big Fat Lie Perpertrated By The 9-11 King Of Propoganda, Here Is Where I Can Use The Theme. That He Learned From The Master’s Propoganda Minister And His Leni Riefenstahl Approach To Policy!

  33. Bill says:

    Bloomberg will you ever quit? Maybe you can quit being mayor since you should not be the mayor anyway? Tell us again why are you still in office?

    1. hee haw says:

      cuz u new yorkers voted him in

    2. Steven G. says:

      He’s in cuz he changed the law so he could serve an extra term? What makes him so special? He’s tyrannical.

    3. margot stewart says:


  34. ThePatriotMuckraker says:

    Americans must make do with less so that the bankers, corporations and their puppet politicians can have more.

    1. dave says:

      That is a joke. let city hall, albany do the same. let them feel the pain as well. but no, they don’t bloomyburger has no money but has money for high priced consultant in the board of ed, could plant trees, landscaping etc. what a joke. How do you talk about lmproving schools and creating jobs while laying off teachers etc. This will be going on next year as well with the next budget. So you may see 60,000 teachers laid off by 2013.

  35. John says:

    Thank God I teach in a catholic school!

  36. zeppel mudder says:

    He keeps talking about the private sector. There is no way, a person hired today,would replace a long time employee. What does he want to do, tie up the courts in legal proceedings. I spent 35 yrs in a Teamster Union. The rule was, and is seniorority prevails. Who does he think he is? He feels he can change labor law to suit him, but he won’t be around to see the damage , he is attempting to do. He threaten layoffs, you didn’t believe him, so you voted him back in office, because he said, he was the only one that can manage. Just look outside your window, iff you want to see how good his management is

    1. Gabe Sep says:

      I hope you did not spent all that time teaching, because you have many grammar mistakes. As someone who English is his second language, I can spot plenty on them including excessive use of comas. Second, there are too many teachers with outdated philosophies and way of teaching. They have low level of skills and use of current technologies. Some do not even know how to use computers (my brother is one of them).
      We need innovative ways to teach and to keep our students attention and move them in a direction that meets not only this millennium but also this decade demands and standards. So out with the old, outdated, inefficient, sorry but that’s the real world and you guys have been sheltered and protected by your unions for too long.

      1. Susan says:

        Gabe, Please stop criticizing grammatical errors. I am a product of NYC schools. For your information, it is “comma”, not “coma”. I will hold off on criticizing the rest of YOUR grammatical errors. If your brother does not know how t use a computer, it is your fault for not helping him. Stop coming to America expecting us to do everything for you. Low level of skills is also due to genetics, laziness and poor family involvement. It is not easy to spot every bad teacher. Some teachers get students with high intelligence and motivation, while others get lazy students from lazy homes. Don’t blame the teachers for everything.

      2. Debra says:

        He said, “Teamster”.

    2. Gabe Sep says:

      Sure point the rest of the grammatical errors, I grew up and lived in Puerto Rico for 38 years before moving here three and a half years ago. English is my second language and I went to public school there, which means that I learned my English in a non-speaking English environment. No excuses for you for not knowing, writing, doing better. By the way, Puerto Rico is part of the United Sates and we are not America we are part of it. Again, you need to do better.

    3. Gabe Sep says:

      And second I paid almost thirty three thousand in taxes last year, mainly because I am not married and income. Therefore, the assumption that you are doing things for me is so absurd that it hurts. You see it makes me mad that I pay almost enough taxes to pay for one inept long serving teacher, for a child that I do not have and I never will. Therefore, I do care where my money goes and it should go to the best and most qualified for the job. My brother doest want to learn computers because he is secure, comfortable and not require, he is 45 years old, so you see he is not a child he is another lazy teacher.

  37. JM says:

    For many years the mayor and inept chancellor had touted rising scores and the fact that since standards were raised, our children were performing at higher levels. Over the summer along with all the rhetoric over teacher accountability came the sudden change in the scoring of the NYS exams and the mayor announced that teachers were to blame for the lower scores. Isn’t it convenient that when rising scores worked for the mayor he never felt the need to connect those scores to teacher accountability. Can’t anyone see through our “education mayor”? This is not about the children in the classroom, this is business as usual. Bloomberg is trying to equate teacher accounability with the new test scores. Not once has he ever addressed the challenges teachers face in the classroom every single day. He has never addressed what it is like to try to educate a child whose parents are absent or uninvolved, or too busy with their own life to give a care what their child is doing in school. He has never addressed what it’s like to try to prepare these children to take a NYS exam when they have no idea who they are going home to after school or if anyone will feed them dinner tonight. These are real situations that educators deal with on a daily basis. I wonder if his newly appointed chancellor has ever helped a child in a situation like this…I doubt it, yet she is our new leader! Enough with the teacher bashing Mr. Mayor! The bottom line is you do not want to pay the salaries for experienced teachers and you are trying to break the union.

    1. Alex says:

      Looks like you did not get it. State and city do not have money to keep same amount of teachers. However, even through your disagreement, budget must be balanced, so teachers mus be cut. Regardless you like this mayor or not THESE TEACHERS MUST BE LAID OFF TO BALANCE BUDGET. Do not push this ball into different area, we do not have money, and TEACHERS MUST BE LAID OFF. Regardless you agree or disagree. Yes, it’s business, it’s capitalism. Just services could be provided whatever is paid. It’s alphabet of economy. By the way, level of education at the NYC public schools is very low despite of huge spending on this so called education.

  38. peter says:

    here the mayor goes again with his arrogant bullying. If he doesn’t get his way, he threatens layoffs. What’s the city going to do? Put 45 kids in a classroom? Have them sit on the floors like they did 20 years ago.

    1. Alex says:

      Even 70 children at the room. Anyway, majority of them are incapable for education.

  39. Sal says:

    When all you read about are teachers in rubber rooms, that haven’t taught in a decade receiving raises that bring their salaries to six figures there is definitely some bad public relations going on. Most every other job is performance based , why not teachers. If you do the job, you’re not at risk. We should retain the best of what we have not the longest tenured. Principals have to chose, they’re the only ones close enough to do it. It’s also in their best interest to keep the best if they want their performance bonus’. The Unions should want competency as well. Not just dues.

    1. igor says:

      When a doctor tells you to take medicine, would you take it or not?
      So why children don’t do their homework when teachers tell it would help them?
      And where are parents? Why no one is asking this question?

      1. Alex says:

        You’re right. School shouldn’t be instead of family. Now we have plenty of babysitters with master degree and state license. In addition to large salary.

  40. pds8232 says:

    How ironic is it that this web page has a link on the far right side advertising a school where you can study to become a New York City teacher.

  41. Jay m says:

    The mayor rattles on and on about this,but never admits what he really wants to do is eliminate the more experienced teachers because they have higher salaries and thus cost more. Of course,if these teachers are forced to retire then the mayor can carry on about how their hard earned pensions are draining the city budget.The mayor never mentions how some principals protect their favorites,those who always say yes to them and tell them how great they are at the expense of better teachers who do not kiss their behind. Does the mayor want these principals to have the decision on who stays. Oh., I forgot,for some teachers we can base the decision on totally inaccurate test scores after we publish teacher evaluations in the Bloomberg controlled tabloids.The sad part is that our education mayor has ruined the school system through test mania and charter craziness and has always looked to blame the teachers and the UFT for his disaster.

    1. Alex says:

      Children molesters at the public schools are also the mayor’s fault?Teachers, staying at the rubber rooms and receiving their raises for decades-it’s also the mayor’s fault? When will your union take full responsibility for bad level of education and uneducated educators?

  42. DeShawn says:

    Get rid of bad teachers – schools are about kids not adults!!!!
    Our schools are TERRIBLE – personally I’d like it if we fired every teacher who has been there more than 5 years – clearly they aren’t doing a good job and are to blame.

    1. John says:

      go eat some chicken you dumb monkey

    2. Advisor says:

      Then go do the same for heart/brain surgeons, you nitwit!

  43. Jenn Moore says:

    What is the point of being in a union if the mayor can make up the rules as he pleases?

    1. Alex says:

      Since union does not pay the money. Union does take the money. Mayor pays the money and has full right to decide how many employees he needs.

  44. crystal says:

    I am so sick of hearing about this. Principals were always able to get rid of bad teachers. So big deal the teacher would file a grievance and if the Principal did their homework and had enough data and info showing the teacher to be poor, the teacher would be gone. Bloomberg acts like getting rid of bad teachers never took place. This actually isn’t about getting rid of bad teachers, it’s about getting rid of costly teachers whether they are good or bad. Veteran teachers are the ones who can handle the job. New young teachers either leave because they can’t handle it or go out on Maternity leave for years. There is consistency with us old bags. If he changes the law the DOE will go back to Nepotism Central and it won’t be a pretty sight.

  45. Ray Mena says:

    I have 13 years of teaching experience, and the majority of new teachers are the ones who struggle with discipline in the classroom, delivery of lessons, and don’t want to listen to the tips and advice of veteran teachers. I have seen so many come and go throughout my teaching career. I think that if you put in the years and are an expert in your field, why should you get dismissed for a rookie with no guarantee that he/she will stay teaching. My question is this, “Why are teachers being singled out, I don’t see the NYPD, or the FDNY following that protocol, Last-in, First-out.” How would that sound if a rookie cop comes into the force and the veteran cop has to leave because he is no longer an effective cop? So please, for the love of God leave the Veteran teachers alone. We chose this career and are in it for the long haul, unlike the rookies that leave to the suburbs once they get the experience from the city schools.

    1. old bird says:

      How would that sound if a rookie cop comes into the force and the veteran cop has to leave because he is no longer an effective cop?

      That sounds perfect to me. Old age and seniority should not allow educators to mask their incompetence. I’m an old teacher myself — who isn’t afraid of performance evaluations.

      1. 82 scrambler says:

        but what if your replaced because you make to much money. This is what Bloomberg is trying to todo. get rid of all teachers that have 15 or 18 years in replace them with new lower paid teachers then they don’t have to pay any retirement benifits.

      2. Paul says:

        Your’e full of it, Old Bird. Your’e probably some newbie hack trying to justify how “special” you are. Do us “old” people a favor and get your suburban teacher job already…oh, that’s right…the economy sucks and you need to hang around a bit longer, so let’s sack a career “old” teacher to protect your sorry rear-end.

    2. Alex says:

      Unfortunately for you and your colleagues, NYPD has better results in performance that DOE. It’s why majority of parents are trying to place their children to private schools if they are able to afford.

  46. MN89 says:

    Amazing how we continuously cut necessary services yet won’t place a fair tax on the wealthy. Again the top 2% get to slide right on by while the rest of the community gets shafted. Wanna balance the budget? Tax the folks not paying their share.

    1. Alex says:

      Socialism with its spreading the wealth system failed in USSR. You like to jump to the same swamp?

  47. MARIA says:

    WRONG , the Emperor of NY wants to balance his budget by axing the senior teachers who have given their lives towards educating the city’s children . Who have the most experience and are better equiped to teach . He wants them out so he can hire newbies for half the price . Unioins have made this country strong and protected the backs of blue collar workers and their families . Do you think he will stop at teachers ? Next it will be the most senior ,experienced cops , firemen , nurses and YOU reader .

    1. Diann says:

      Maria: Exactly right! It seems to me that the mayor should work WITH THE UNIONS on streamlining the procedure for firing incompetent teachers, rather than wholesale firing of all new teachers. What the heck is with all of this hate toward teachers and unions? I don’t get it. Teachers can’t even strike in protest of all of this blame. It’s as though the perception is that teachers are the root of all of NYC fiscal woes – not only unfair, but obviously untrue.
      Sorry Bloomberg, I’m not drinking that KoolAid, and what a low blow to deliver a message like this at Christian Cultural Center! You are some piece of work!

    2. Alex says:

      If it’s no money, expenses must be cut. Our biggest expenses come from education and health care.

  48. edy says:

    Mr Mayor.

    Lay off whom you have to. Don’t let the Unions dictate to you on how you should do your job. The Unions are not helping you balance the budget and prevent tax hikes. On the contrary, if it was up to the unions, we’d see more tax hikes just to save their jobs.

    All Unions do is suck the budget dry.

    Once again Mr. Mayor. Do waht you have to do.

    Best regards

    1. ThePatriotMuckraker says:

      Hey “edy”, nice try on the reactionary austerity babble. Your a sucker, or paid shill, fooled by the banker’s game.

      More laid off people = no taxable income = less money to pay taxes = more unemployment checks = adding to the ~25% unemployment numbers for the government to downplay.

      You are a party lover and traitor to the republic.

      1. dave says:

        thank you! mr. edy works as a brown noser. I would just raise taxes and create revenue while still people working.

    2. dave says:

      Mr. edy you must be a brown noser who lives on the edge everyday. unions protect workers rights, job security, work place etc. before unions people were working with no rights at pennies a day, being bias as well. unions are not the problem, albany is. They agree to contracts with these unions, so don’t put it on unions. The amount of people under investigation in albany is worse than the f.b.i. going after the mob. Maybe you should work oversees getting paid ten dolllars a day and no benefits. That is what bloomyburger wants.

  49. jojo says:

    He just wants to get rid of the teachers making top pay.

    If the principal doesn’t like you, good bye.

    15,000 who woud be left to teach the children.

Comments are closed.

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