Bus Matron Arrested, Accused Of Hitting Autistic Student

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A bus matron in the Bronx has been arrested by police after being accused of attacking a 12-year-old autistic student. Investigators say the boy had bruises on his face.

“She took him by his neck, and she pushed him so hard,” mother Joanne Ortiz told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

It might have been an autistic child putting out his leg as a way of telling someone to stand back, but some say the matron on the bus may have thought it was a kick.

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“And she hit him in his face,” his mother said.

Joanne Ortiz said she saw the bus matron hit her son, Matthew.

“I’m looking at her in shock, and I go, ‘did you just hit my son?’ That’s the first thing that came out of my mouth,” Ortiz said. “She said, ‘I’m not going to let your [expletive] son hit me.’

“She attacked me after that – physically. She went to beat me up,” she said.

When police from the 40th Precinct saw the bruise on the boy’s face, they arrested the matron, 40-year-old Gina Rosado. She was still in custody for most of the day Thursday, awaiting arraignment at Bronx Criminal Court.

Guzman spoke to Rosado’s manager, Debbie Lloyd, at Mar-Can Transportation.

“We have never had an incident with this matron…I think there have been a few situations with this particular parent…I definitely stand by this woman. This is way out of character,” Lloyd said.

“There should be cameras in these buses,” father Angel Ortiz said. “These kids, that cannot speak or protect themselves – there should be cameras in these buses.”

The bus company is hired by New York City. It has nothing to do with Matthew’s school in Westchester.

New York City’s Department of Education suspended Rosado until the investigation is completed.

Should the bus matron have been fired? Sound off in the Comments section below!


One Comment

  1. blinkingblythe says:

    If that was my kid, I would have punched the matron square in the face

  2. Adine Sacks Anish says:

    You are stupid and do not have a clue about about autistic people so you should shut your mouth. Maybe you are defective.

  3. millie says:

    millie all i have to say we have to be in the parents side on this one this boy does not talk and cant not defend for himself his parents is his voice and they did a great job coming forward fighting for all autistic kids…. not just for their own but for all autistic kids. the father made a perfectly good comment {cameras on the bus for kids that cant not speak and defend for them self..

    1. Mr. Armenia says:

      he stuck his foot out in the bus and couldve caused someone to get hurt. thats assault

      1. luchq says:

        Maybe the kid’s foot in the aisle “could’ve caused someone to get hurt”, but it didn’t, so that’s NOT assault. However, a 40 year old adult hitting a 12 year old child so hard as to leave a bruise, that IS assault. No excuse.

      2. Charlie Rock says:

        You’re an idiot!! How is putting your foot out an assault? You definitely don’t know what assault is. Assault (according to the Law) is to cause substantial pain. So what you’re saying is that if you put your foot out next to someone than it’s okay to pound them out!!!! Please don’t comment on anything if you are to ignorant.

    2. Mr. Armenia says:

      Charlie rock are you a bufoon you did not stick your foot out in an aisle.

      1. marie246 says:

        huh??? this never happend on an aisle soo if you dont know what really happend then dont even comment about it ! bufoon..

  4. Mr. Armenia says:

    The bus matron is wrongfully being charged.

    1. C.J. says:

      Hopefully this kid learned his lesson.

      1. mandyy says:


  5. Abe Benesch says:

    I understand there are 2 sides to every story, but I can’t see what could justify the woman striking this kid. The fact that she has no past history of trouble is not relevant – she clearly lost her cool this time and showed she is capable of physical violence. I hope the kid is okay – life is rough enough with autism.

    1. Mr. Armenia says:

      Abe he stuck his foot out and it looked he was gonna trip somebody.

      1. ommi says:

        all those people defending the matron iis ok if your parent be your ass stupend no one has a right to hit a child

      2. Abe Benesch says:

        Still doesn’t justify her striking the kid. Maybe it’s about time you stopped acting like a 6 year old – you’re just begging for attention. It’s sad 😦

  6. Lisa says:

    Did you people not read the artical? There have been no other problems with the driver, but the same cannot be said for the mother of this boy. She looks like a P.O.S who would use her kid to sue the bus company. DHS should check out the home life of this poor kid, soon.

    1. sean says:

      You sound very ignorant.

      First the DISABLED boy’s face was bruised. She was not hit by him. Autistic chihldren don’t know how to express themselves or fully know right from wrong but she as a person who works with them should show more restraint.

      Second the source of the comment about her past is the manager trying to defend his employee and bus company. His comment is definitely BIASed.

    2. jessica says:

      first of ALL the matron isnt even the driver DUH !! And that woman looks like an well educated concern parent and if u didnt see the news shes a teacher for special ed kids. they should check the matrons kids see how many brusies she been putting on them… poor matron nd her kids =[

  7. DanTe says:

    Just because a kid is autistic, it does not mean that it can act like a T ARD. They are teachable. Autistic DOES NOT EQUAL re T ARD ation Unless they have genetically defective parents too. Who are too stupid to parent.

    1. badman says:

      exactly how overweight are you, Dan? I’m guessing grossly obese.

      1. argyle says:

        don’t feed the trolls, dude. he’s just starved for attention.

      2. Nick says:

        So your reply is basically agreeing to the IQ limits stated?

  8. jen says:

    it breaks my heart to hear of such a thing. people have no shame and compassion for these great kids. my son has asperger’s syndrome and i would hate to ever see him hurt, physically or emotionally. just sick.

  9. Adine Sacks Anish says:

    I am the mother of a 25 year old autistic son. How dare she touch your son! Over the years I have had some really scary things happen with my boy on the busses also. It makes me sick that these people pray on the autistic population. They have no idea how hard it is to put your trust in people and have them hurt your child. Make sure this woman never works as a matron again. We must stick together to protect our children.

  10. jess says:

    She should be fired!! I work with disabled individuals in addtion to having a 18yr old Autistic boy. I’m pretty sure she’s getting hers in rikers or wherever she’s at. You know how most inamtes feel about Child abuse. Let alone in her case She hit an autistic individual who cant even defend himself. Shame on her!!!

  11. DEADMAN says:

    If it was my child, she would be shark bait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Diamond says:

    Oh no she didnt!!! We as parents can’t even hit our children. Let alone a child with disabilities. People dont care anymore and she should sit in jail with the inmates till she see’s how it feels to be defenseless. And put her on the child offender list when she gets out so she will never work with children again that is horrible. Im so sorry that happened to your baby.

  13. Medinah says:

    She should be fired…these kids cannot speak for themselves and some people take advantage of that! I am also the mother of a 9 year old son with Autism!

  14. marie says:

    I’d like to hear what the bus driver has to say before I hang this women since there has been problems with the mother in the past.

    1. CSI says:

      I think there have been a few situations with this particular parent… He Thinks. He is not sure. Just saying to protect her for the moment.

  15. Sari in New Jersey says:

    By the way, she not only should be fired, but she should be barred from ever working with disabled persons again. Shame on her!!!

  16. Sari in New Jersey says:

    As the mother of a 14 year old autistic boy, I really feel your pain and I too am outraged by this incident. My prayers are with your beautiful boy and you!

  17. Van says:

    Fire the crazy pyscho! someone else could use the job.

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