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DA: Woman Who Answered Craigslist Ad Held As Brooklyn Sex Slave For 8 Days

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A 27-year-old Wisconsin woman said she answered an apartment ad she saw on Craigslist and wound up being held captive as a sex slave in Brooklyn for more than a week.

John Hopkins, 45, has been arrested. The alleged victim said Hopkins held her in his East Williamsburg apartment on Humboldt Street for eight days. Hopkins faces a series of charges, including rape, assault and unlawful imprisonment. His bail was set at $350,000.

The Brooklyn district attorney said Hopkins told the woman on the telephone she could live with him for free if she cooked and cleaned. Hopkins allegedly paid for her plane ticket to fly to New York and picked her up at the airport. However, when she arrived at his home on Feb. 4, Hopkins allegedly told her she was his slave and forced her to call him “master.”

The woman told police that she was handcuffed to a radiator, beaten, bound, gagged and raped repeatedly. She said she was allowed out at least once, but handcuffed again when she returned.

The woman eventually contacted her mother in Wisconsin, who called police. There’s no word yet why the woman didn’t call 911 herself.

When the police arrived, they reportedly found the woman balled up in the fetal position on a bed. A nearby rope was found near the bed, which Hopkins allegedly used to tied her down. Officers also reportedly found a whip and a ball-gag nearby.

1010 WINS Reporter Carol D’Auria talks with a neighbor of the accused man

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Carol D’Auria of 1010 WINS spoke to Nestor Cardenas, a neighbor who lives in the same apartment building. He called Hopkins a very strange man.

“He’s just always mumbling things. He’s always been weird,” he said.

Another neighbor, Lizzy Lopez, said Hopkins didn’t look like a person who could be trusted.

“He looks weird and like snotty. He don’t say ‘hi’ to nobody,” she said.

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One Comment

  1. Bill says:

    Diego, you are a shambling idiot. Drop dead.

    1. unknown says:

      well it did say she left and came back. So call it what you want but it seems to me she liked it.

  2. MATT COMBS says:


    1. Dimslie says:

      Of course. The sainted MLK, Jr. himself said Negro.

  3. student1776 says:

    In terms of her returning, who knows what other threats were involved. In these situations, a captor may also induce a state of fear in the captive such that their family or others will be harmed. Good thing she at least had the wherewithall to notify her Mother and the Mother had it together to get her out. Meanwhile if the facts are as stated this guy, like all rapists and abductors, should just be executed.

    1. Debbie says:

      Very well put!!

    2. Tagudinian says:

      Executed or castrated. This is the new castrati much like Obama.

    3. Jim says:

      They don’t need to be killed, just ostracized. I keep telling my wife this old punishment (which worked btw) needs to be brought back. Drop them on an island in the middle of nowhere and leave them there. Heck make it a Survivor reality show and give some of the profits to their victims. Of course they can never leave…

    4. William says:

      Agree 100%… If an abductor/rapist is guilty beyond a doubt… kill them!

  4. jessr15 says:

    She’s got a very weak case, in my opinion. She being allowed to leave and coming back tells me she put herself into that situation of her free will. And when the responding officers discovered her, she wasn’t tied up, but rather a rope was nearby, as was a whip and a ball gag. I’m sure the guy will simply claim (and perhaps accurately) that she was his willing sex slave and they were playing sex games, until she got cold feet and called her mother. It’s plausible.

    1. LawyerForScoundrels says:

      The bail is rather low.

    2. beekay says:

      There are innumerable psychological effects when one is kidnapped and abused. Do you think your reasoning would be normal when scared for your life and experiencing extreme trauma? I’m sure the mentality of rape and kidnap victims will be presented in court to explain any so-called irrational decisions.

    3. Stephen Holland says:

      I wonder why Mr. Hopkins did not invite the Mother over too

  5. DJ says:

    Something smells strongly of fish in this story

  6. Bones says:

    craigslist is a trash site. Nothing good comes from graigslist.

    1. steve says:

      miliions of transactions happen every day without this kind of behavior. Stop being scared of life. You could die walkin your doggie. remember no matter what your are not getting out of here alive, so, don’t live in fear.

      1. terrywyc says:

        Easy for you to say.

    2. Crabjuice says:

      Not so. I’ve bought and sold things on Craigs List and found it very useful. Your comment is hyperbole.

      1. Jim says:

        And you are an obtuse triangle

    3. Jerrry Brown says:

      The arlicle clearly shows that, in fact, NO, the sex slaves from craigslist are NOT good at all… they bail out about 8 days after they arrive and return to wisconsin….

    4. B.Roberts says:

      There really is nothing funny about jokes made regarding sex slavery. This is a very real crime and far more innocent people-including CHILDREN are being sold and raped for years of their sadly short lives. Some of these kids are never allowed out of their “service room”. Please don’t make light of such a heinous, disgusting and hurtful crime.

  7. warbaby says:

    You would think that after what happened on craigs list, that this would all stop. She got what she asked for.

  8. Anon says:

    This is pretty awful reporting – I think it represents the MSM’s growing attempts to demonize the internet as a useful information resource.

    This story is FULL of holes– Craigslist is a useful resource– however like all public forums, it can be used maliciously and have un-intended consequences, if good judgment is not exercised. What jumps out at me with this story is how this woman jumped a plane to NYC- without ever meeting someone, with nothing more than a verbal agreement to “cook and clean” for her new male room mate? What exactly were the expectation framing this internet based relationship? Was sex or submission ever discussed within the context of this correspondence? The internet is LOADED with thrill seekers, and it could be there may have been some intent, but she may have had second thoughts upon arriving- at which point, he may have turned hostile.

    If true, this alleged attacker should serve a lengthy prison term. However, any old timer will tell you, this unfortunate situation could’ve been avoided had this female exercised better judgment.


    1. c says:

      Answering that kind of apartment ad was seriously naive on her part. It’s unfortunate.

  9. Petr Buben says:

    perhaps he/she should have gotten a written contract, or record a verbal agreement first . . .

    1. Mr. Armenia says:


  10. ENOUGH OF THIS says:

    He Needs to be KILLED. PEOPLE WHO PREY on the innocent, in bizarre deviant behaviors should not be rehabilitated…they should be killed!

    1. Petr Buben says:

      this might have been consensual, or she might be knowingly or unknowingly setting him up and prey
      details are missing on this non-story …… lets make some up …

    2. theunbubba says:

      You don’t have the mental capacity to judge anybody. The woman was released(At least once) and went back. Doesn’t this tell you that there’s something about this stopry that doesn’t jibe with the womans story?

    3. SomeChick says:

      Are you from Texas?

  11. RalphVSmith706@aol.com says:

    Let go and went back? Could she have just gotten lucky? Then changed her mind after a few days?

    1. Max says:

      Not surprised she went back, even if she had an opportunity to get away. Kind of like an abused spouse. Who knows what he did to her, but I’m sure it was traumatic.

    2. KLS says:

      she probably saw the outrageous rent prices in New York and took her chances…

  12. Buck Keely says:

    There are some bad people out there,
    Heirloom seeds “how God plants His garden”

  13. lonepanther says:

    rofl, craigslist always an adventure!

  14. edna bbrick says:

    its her fault!

  15. mentally ill perhaps says:

    ever occurred to anyone that the story just might be as written?
    truth is sometimes strange.

    seems this woman has some unattached components in her head to begin with?
    if she’s mentally unbalanced that would be the only excuse she could get away with for first of all seeking out this activity on craigs list and furthermore following through with someone you know nothing about… worst of all – – no backup of friends, family to watch your back

  16. Ed Ward II says:

    A cowgirl from Wisconsin shoult not be allowed on her own in NYC.

    1. lonepanther says:

      New Yorkers themsleves shouldnt be allowed on their own in NYC

  17. another sicko? says:

    i hope they know just where to find you. 🙂
    and please stay away from humans.

  18. brian waldman says:

    Wow… agreed this story has so many unanswered questions. First off this wasn’t a house, but an apartment. That means many close neighbors. I’m not buying it.

    1. HOW DUMB IS THAT says:

      your argument is flawed, however.
      having neighbors is not alarming since he could have escorted her in as if she was a friend.

      what bothers me however is they said she was let out onc “‘BUT RETURNED” ???

  19. da says:

    very poorly written story. sensationalistic, but with little content.

  20. Bill says:

    Not surprised this reporter belongs to AP/CBS. As others have pointed out already, none of the essential questions that come to mind are answered. What journalistic malpractice.

  21. Dreamtime says:

    Another poorly written article by CBS/CNBC.
    However, it is refreshing to see that many readers are using their critical thinking skills.
    Any woman answering a craigslist ad for an apartment and then agreeing to live with someone without ever meeting them indicates a couple of senarios…they were under durress and desperate, they were running away, they expected some kind of relationship, they are a freeloader.
    It is a shame anyone is forced into a situation whereby they are not treated with respect, dignity, and souverency, but how can one expect that from someone they don’t know or who is obviously incapable of doing so.
    This guy actually had it right, come live with me and you will be my slave (cooking & cleaning). I believe this “woman” (how old?) had an idea of what would be expected of her meals, cleaning, sex…gets free room and board.
    As far as our POTUS, he has nothing to do with this, although he can be blammed for much worse.
    It is the FCC that needs to put pressure on Craigslist to srutinize their classifieds.
    How many others have suffered silently from a Craigslist “bargain” gone wrong? We may never know.
    Have a great day!

  22. jeff says:

    This is a classic case of a sex addict suffering the consequences of their actions. Not to condone what has happened to her, but all us addicts know we put ourselves in dangerous situations. She needs recovery.

  23. Psychomancer says:

    I am not surprised that she called her mother first when she got a chance. After 8 days of captivity her perception of reality was skewed. She reached out to the strongest influence in her life for clarity and comfort. You must understand that while suffering an array of traumas (sexual assault, sleep deprivation, loss of environmental control, humiliations, etc) the mind is not dominated by rationality and reason. The mind will respond to emotions and emotional symbols.

    As far as being “let out” and her subsequent “return” goes, we need more information. At what point during her captivity was she let out? Was he in her company constantly? Did she think he was present or watching? After thoroughly dominating her I am not surprised that her despair and loss of hope was so keen that she would “return”.

    To all commentators that criticize her actions in captivity….I could most certainly create the same responses from you. It may take more than 8 days or it may take less. Each mind is different but all minds have exploitable weaknesses.

    -From the ravings of the Psychomancer

  24. Doug says:

    only a 1/4 of the story is here

  25. Matt says:

    There are so many holes in this story, at what point does a reporter actually put some work in and help answer the two most obvious questions, how was she out and came back and how did she get email access.. weird.

    1. q says:

      Right. This is horrible reporting of the news, and it’s commonplace now for news writers (no journalsists anymore) to actually work for a story and do research.

    2. Beneteau says:

      I agree. This has to be one of the most poorly writen stories I have read lately. The reporter must think we are all dim! Why not answer the most obvious questions?

  26. Kate Johns says:


    1. Js says:

      The article Does not Specify but he may have gone with her where she went to prevent her from running away or may have threatened her. It is amazing what fear can do. But since the article doesn’t say we will have to wait for more info and not jump to conclusions.

  27. chris says:

    I did nto know Charlie Sheen had an alias

  28. beytop says:

    she was handcuffed to radiator and was allowed out once and then returend, the only thing dumb about this it her. obviously he was wrong, but how stupid is she, to think these people walk around with us daily and breathe the same air we do and like previoulsy stated, probably voted and again obviously for Obama by a bimbo

  29. JT says:


    Why Would She Return ?!?!?

    1. Nancy Mallett says:

      I’m thinking either he was with her when she went out, or being in NYC not knowing anything, including where she was, she felt she didn’t have anywhere else to go. Obviously she had no $$.

      1. Nancy Mallett says:

        Where would she have gone? Do you think a neighbor would have helped? In NYC I seriously doubt anyone would have helped her. In NYC they’ll step over a dying person without thinking twice!

  30. Petr Buben says:

    maybe youl like rough. bad taste at the least

  31. Chris says:

    “She said she was allowed out at least once, but handcuffed again when she returned.”

    Uh…what am I missing?

  32. sailordude says:

    shes probably an illegal

  33. Ron says:

    Well, guilty or not, he will be a no show for a while and she must be absolutly stupid!

  34. Father of 4 says:

    Yeah, After 8 day she called her Mother not 911. I wonder how this will turn out?

    1. Father of 5 says:

      OK, he lets her use a computer to get her email. That’s pretty stupid. Tell me, if you have 2 minutes to get off one email do you know the email address of the local PD or would you email someone you know will get your help? Emailing mom was the right thing to do. He may not have given her time to google for the email address of the local PD and you can’t dial 911 from an email.

      1. MrSpkr says:

        And this explains her LEAVING then COMING BACK how?

  35. dennis says:

    I will let you live with me for free if you will clean and cook for me. Where do I sign up? But I don’t do windows.

    1. Mike Sulhoff says:

      To be fair, that actually sounds a bit like the definition of slavery…

  36. Drew says:

    She Emailed her mother first, Thats weird, If I was in a situation like that the Police would have been my first Contact. This story is leaving out to many details

    1. dennis says:

      This woman went to the same journalism school as that idiot Chris Mathews. I wonder if she had a tingle going up her leg when she wrote this story.

  37. BobM54 says:

    I’m sure she voted for Obama too… Dumb is dumb!

    1. Petr Buben says:

      well nobody ever voted for Bush, he got selected anyways ….. Obama is the best republican president in a generation

      1. ElCid says:

        I voted for GW and I would do it again. Btw, he was elected for two terms despite Gore and the Dems trying to steal the first term.

        1. Emery says:


          1. I SECOND THAT says:

            …LITERALLY 🙂

      2. Coast2co says:

        The reality is the Gore campaign recounted what 3-4 times to get the votes and Gore was the one who decided where to count. The State of Florida says you count 1 time not 3-4 times until you get your numbers. Thats why the counting stopped. Gore should of declared the entire state as a recount. But then Bush may have picked up votes also. So its more like 3-4 counts is Gore tried to steal the election. Especially when you put a ballot under a magnifying glass to see if it has a dimple on it.

        Obama is a Communist and not a capitalist sorry the Democrats own him. And now he isn’t working out so he tries to play centrist but he doesn’t know how.

      3. kbworkman says:

        Are you still spreading that lie?

      4. LibwithIQ says:

        Sorry Petr…get some facts instead of leftwing lies. Bush won fair and square. Recounted time and again and still won. Give it a rest.

      5. Petr Buben says:

        Obama is not communist and neither is he fascist. He is pro America, but what can a president do? the real rulers would and did silence him.

        To the best of my memories, Bush was never elected neither of two elections.

        Then came VVTC 9II controlled demolition inside operation – per irrefutable scientific evidence ….

        that’d be real hard on a slave nation to see and accept the truth !!!!!!! —– tell a slave they are being abused, and they’l turn on you

        we need runoff election multi-party system

        1. Gene says:

          I think it’s time for your medications, Petr.

      6. Kevin says:

        They have meds for that.

      7. Hal McCombs says:

        Still got your Bush Derangement Syndrome, eh? You really need to see a shrink.

  38. Petr Buben says:

    completely silly or imbecillistic get-me-traffic news …… what slave if she went out and back?

    1. Brian says:

      I was wondering why she went back myself. By the way, East Williamsburg is just a made up name by real estate agents who want to rent out apartments to idiots from the Midwest who don’t know they’re in Bushwick, one of the worst neighborhoods in New York City.

      1. Nancy Mallett says:

        Which is probably why she went back! NYC is a very intimidating environment. No one would help you if you were on fire! Women are raped in the open and no one stops to help! What makes you think if this woman left the apt. she would have been able to get help from anyone?

  39. Scottm1207 says:

    Reporters no longer need to be cogent and literate to be a reporter. they just need to pass the leftist indoctrination in college and then they’re let loose to parrot the party line. This leftbot is just awaiting her turn for the big time when she can become a mouthpiece for one of the government controlled media outlets..

  40. Mark says:

    This reporter needs to go back to school. This is one of the most poorly written stories I have ever seen. I can’t believe that someone is getting paid to write such an incomplete article.

  41. steve says:

    Just laying the groundwork for a lawsuit against Craigslist…..

  42. Da da says:

    I don`t knowwhois crazier,himor her. She was kinda stupid for checking out somethinglike that alone. But still no excuse for what he did to her.

  43. Otowner says:

    I feel for this poor woman, but find it hard to believe someone in the US, from the US, in 2011 answers an ad that says “you can live with me for free if you cook and clean”. Yeah, I’m sure he’ll be a swell upstanding chap

    1. Roze says:

      I am sure she was an illegal and this was extremely scary for her. I don’t want illegals in this country as much as the next person but the comments are ridiculous. Nice to know how humanity feels about sexual violence, look at the Lara? Logan comments….

  44. Brennan Huff says:

    It was Johnny Hopkins, and Sloan Kettering, and they were blazin that sh!t up everyday….

    1. Anderson Banks Plunket says:

      niiice reference!!!

  45. Blah says:

    Uh, because the reporter doesn’t give more detail, we don’t know whether she was let out of the house or the handcuffs, people. Somehow, I don’t believe she ever wanted to be handcuffed to a radiator…

    1. Spring Byington says:

      No, unless the reporter is wrong. It clearly says, “She said she was allowed OUT at least once, but handcuffed again when she returned.” If she was only let out of handcuffs, “handcuffed again when she returned” makes no sense.

  46. Carlos Liriano says:

    yes DanTe. is call the nut house

  47. ricardo09 says:

    The reporter needs to take a course in journalism…. She reports that the lady (sex slave) was “allowed out” but was hand cuffed when she returned?

    It needs a little more in depth explanation… Just does not seem to make sense.

  48. me, myself and I says:

    She must have been up for it if she answered an ad on craaigslist. And to be allowed out atleast once before she returned to be handcuffed again? Something wrong there. Her fault, sounds like she wanted it.

  49. DanTe says:

    “She was allowed out at least once”? And she went back????

    Shouldn’t she be placed in a special home for special folks?

    1. ohsnap says:

      Yeah via the short bus.

      1. sce341 says:

        I don’t find your comment very funny, ohsnap, this woman obviously has some kind of psychological or neurological problem, perhaps she is autistic (asperger’s disorder), they tend to be very naive.

        There is more to this story than is being reported here I would bet.


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