Few Inches Possible; Area Residents Tired Of Spring Tease

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Turns out the powerful winds that blew across the Tri-State Saturday did more than just make being outside unpleasant.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg in Mahwah, NJ where residents have brought out the snow blowers

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accuweather graphic3 Snow To Stay South Of NYC On Monday Night

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CBS 2 meteorologist John Elliott said the winds ushered in cold air which brought more snow than rain to the Tri-State area Monday.

Light snow began falling around midnight and continued to pick up before sunrise bringing a steady snowfall through the morning commute. The snow tapered off by mid-morning and a few flurries are expected through the rest of Monday.

Central Park was hit with 3.2 inches, making this season the third snowiest all-time in the city, with 60.9 inches. Some parts of New Jersey saw over 7 inches of snow fall Monday morning, while parts of Westchester County saw upwards of 6 inches.

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A low pressure system was pushing out from the Tri-State but a second wave of moisture will arrive Monday night just south of the Big Apple, bringing a dusting to up to 4 inches of snow to Ocean and Monmouth counties.

Temperatures Monday night were expected to sink to the low 20s, with the teens expected north of the city.

A Norwood teen tells WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell that clearing the snow is a lot of hard work

For many drivers in New York, this latest storm may not have been a blizzard, but still caused problems.

Up in Westchester, CBS 2’s Lou Young spoke to residents and officials in Pleasantville and Yorktown. They seemed to all be in agreement — enough already.

In a lot full of snow-covered cars in Pleasantville, Lee Weston brushed it to the pavement again, while one of his people ran the snow blower over the walkways for the umpteenth time since Christmas.

He said he’s hopeful he won’t have to truck the stuff out of here the way he did for the previous storms.

“We had to remove the snow, take off the lot — with a bobcat and a dump truck, carted off. Hopefully it’ll melt on its own,” Weston told Young.

Everyone Young met Monday was talking about last week’s spring-like thaw.

“I thought that would be it, but I guess we got fooled,” Pleasantville resident Joe Lepore said.

It has many people able to see spring in the distance.

“The warm weather gave us a definite second wind,” Weston said.

The plows were busy Monday morning, but the recent warm spell helped us in another important way. Road departments didn’t have to use any of their salt or a briney liquid they call pickle juice. All they had to do was plow the roads.

“We were real warm the last couple of days so the ground temperature came up. The air temperature’s over 32 so it[s not freezing, so it’s working out well. One scrape and done,” Yorktown Highway Superintendent Eric DiBartolo said.

But is this it? Is winter finally done?

“I’m hoping this is it, yeah,” Yorktown resident Tina Wartada said. “I’m praying. We’ve had some bad Marchs.”

“I think it’s going to take us into March, too. I got that feeling it’s just not going to let up,” Lepore added.

This was more than a slight dusting, even in New York City. Building superintendents had no choice but to bring out the heavy duty snow blowers. Although the Presidents’ Day holiday meant a break and a rare opportunity to leave the car where it was, Luis Aybar of the Bronx wasn’t so lucky.

Asked if he’s tired of the snow yet, he answered “Yeah man, already tired. But I mean, every three days, five days, what can I say man?”

After logging so many hours behind the wheel of Mobile 2, CBS 2’s Jay Dow was glad to see someone taking the time to clean the snow off the top of her vehicle. “I know. I get hit by frozen stuff all the time while I’m driving,” said Linda Blanche of the Bronx.

Perhaps even more disappointing was what lay ahead in the weather forecast, and the realization that this was likely not the last storm of this winter season.

On Suffolk County, residents greeted the snow with sighs of relief.

“It’s only a couple of inches. It’s a pleasure to push,” said equipment manager Jon Hoffman. “Absolutely, compared to the large amount of snow we’ve had the last couple of storms, it’s a lot easier to push now and we have a place to put it.”

At London Optical, the optician himself, Greg Leonardi, was clearing the path to his store. He said snow or no snow, business has been fine. “It’s been pretty steady. People still need glasses and they still have adjustments that they need,” he said.

And with a day off from school, 3-year-old Sunny got to enjoy time on a sled in Hecksher Park with her parents. “It’s the best thing in the world. There’s nothing better. It makes you forget you’re in New York. It’s beautiful,” said Jeff Mitchel of Huntington.

A Long Island man tells WCBS 880’s Mike Xirinachs that he’s ready for spring

With temperatures in the 60s last Friday, some other Huntington residents have had enough. “I am angry. I’ve had enough. I want spring to come. Let’s get going. Boating season is coming up,” said Frank Aliperti.

“We’re going to Florida to defrost,” declared resident Chi Chi Bolitho. Asked if she’s sick and tired of the snow, she answered “No, we’re just getting away from it. I’m going to get rid of my cold down there. And then I’m going to come back, healthy, without the cold, and then shovel some more.”

Tuesday, on the whole, will have drier and sunnier conditions. The sun will help with some melting on the blacktop, but it will be cold so snow will remain. Tomorrow’s high will be 32.

Starting Wednesday, temperatures return to the 40s, which is where they’re supposed to be this time of year.

This has been one of the snowiest winters on record in New York City starting with a post-Christmas blizzard that canceled thousands of flights and left streets unplowed for days.

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