Chris Christie Moves Further Away From A 2012 Presidential Run

TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a rising star in the Republican party, has gone one step further in rejecting a potential 2012 presidential bid.

In an interview Wednesday, Christie said he has no plans to start a federal political action committee, or PAC. A PAC is a useful instrument for political candidates as it provides another method to raise funds for advertising and more. The establishment of a PAC is often seen as a precursor to a presidential bid.

Christie was interviewed on NBC’s ‘Today’ show.

A recent Zogby International poll showed that Christie was the only Republican in a hypothetical field of candidates who would beat President Barack Obama.

Christie pooh-poohed those results, saying “I’m sure the president is resting easy… know that the only person who’s beating him in the poll will once again declare that ‘I’m not running for President of the United States.'”

What do you think? Should Christie run? Is he serious about not running or just being coy? Sound off in our comments section.


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  1. nathan says:

    Christie, John Thune, MIke Pence – why wont they run? Because they know they have no chance to beat Obama. Romney, who couldn’t even beat McCain eill be the nom and will lose by 5 points. You heard it here first. Remember it in 2012

    1. Tom says:

      I think Palin should run. That would be some entertaining election season.

  2. Elmer Fudd Gantry says:

    The Republican candidate for 2012 is not relevant.

    It has already been decided by the powers that be that Barack Obama will have a second term.

    God help us all …

    1. Tom says:

      Say what you want about Obama, but one thing you can’t deny is that the man has a vision for the future unlike the Republicans who are best friends with the oil industry. Any Republican would make this country go backwards. Obama has a plan to spend on infrastructure which is a wise investment, especially in a down economy and we are falling behind other developed countries.

      1. lemon pledge cookies says:

        The Left-Right paradigm. It’s all a crock. We’ll never break the cycle until a viable third party candidate comes along and people aren’t afraid to vote third-party (enough with that ‘you’re throwing away your vote’ garbage). Until then, it’s all just the same.

  3. Tom says:

    If Chrsitie was president, this country would go nowhere but backwards!!!

  4. Harold Trump says:

    I wish that he would move to Libya and replace Moammar Gadhafi.

  5. Ed says:

    So far as I have seen, being bombastic is not presidential, let alone gubinatorial. . If mr christie does not become the governor of all of NJ, he may not even be a cwinner as governor in NJ in 2012

  6. Jacques says:

    I respect Gov. Christie decision not to run. However, for the good and greatness of our Country, I would hope that he’ll reconsider. Times for a change has come again, sooner that we thought, but nevertheless the changes are needed in a hurry!

    1. Robert says:

      That pig has no chances, in fact, he will be one term governor

  7. Jacques says:

    So, what poll shall we follow?

  8. Pollster says:

    Zogby polls are all right wing lies, the same with Rasmussen and Quinnipiac.

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