Gas Prices Continue To Rise In Tri-State

NEW YORK (CBS 2) Gas prices were going through the roof, soaring past four dollars a gallon in some areas. Drivers, not surprisingly, were furious, and now some state lawmakers are stepping in, Jay Dow reports.

While analysts debate the legitimacy of a connection between rising gas prices here in the U.S. and unrest in Libya, drivers in our area continue their never-ending search for a bargain at the pump.

In many cases, they’re coming up empty.

As we survey local gas prices in our CBS2 Mobile-2 vehicle, drivers were sounding off. “It’s crazy. I’m paying $38.38 on not even a full tank of gas. It’s crazy,” one resident said.

Asked if we’re going to see five dollars a gallon, Maspeth driver Angel Cruz said “I hope not. Otherwise, I’ll have to get a smaller car.”

State Senator Eric Adams and Assemblyman David Weprin said the price of gas is getting out of hand. “Prices are going up on a daily basis,” said Weprin.

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Which brings us to another concern: price gouging.  “Unscrupulous owners are taking advantage of the public not knowing what the actual price should be,” Weprin said.

“We are on the verge of $5 a gallon,” Sen. Adams said.

Both lawmakers announced a public awareness campaign on Sunday to let New Yorkers know that the New York State Consumer Protection Board is the pace to turn if they suspect they’re being ripped off at the pumps.

“If you find there is too much water content in your gas, or finding the price gouging increasing rapidly in your community or your area, we want you to call the Consumer Protection Board,” Adams said.

Gas retailers said they are paying higher wholesale prices and have no choice but to pass it on.

The good news? New York City officials said 97-percent of the 10,000 they inspected were price-accurate.


One Comment

  1. Doug Templeton says:

    “under my plan, energy prices would necessarily skyrocket” B.O.
    This is what 53% of voters voted for in 11/08. I LOVE IT!

  2. jerseyjoey says:

    They are good old capitalists without morals supported by a government who under Bush made many back room deals at 2 am to give a free license to greed as payback for political support, now that said our wonder Nube president now also does nothing to stop the greed oil boys, they own his dark arse too. So the answer here is simple BOYCOTT everything but Your needs to live for 1 month, this way it hits all involved in the greed from oil ceo”s to gas stations and all in between. After all America your power is not your worthless Vote, its in Your WALLETS, USE it to win the war on Greedy Corporations and bad Gov.

  3. Steven Szabo says:

    Save gas, save money…drive slower, put less gas in your tank, don’t fill up. If everybody does it, prices will go down.

  4. skydiver says:

    Of course everyone is price-accurate. It’s called “gouging.” We could switch to compressed natuarl gas (CNG) immedicately, save money and stop our dependance on foreign oil. We won’t switch to CNG because the goal is to fill government coffers with oil and gas tax monies.

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