East Village ‘Parking Space Rage’ Suspect Indicted

Though Oscar Fuller Insists The Victim Assaulted Him

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The man accused of punching a Bronx woman over a parking space sat patiently Monday morning waiting for a grand jury to decide his fate.

Oscar Fuller, 35, was indicted on second degree assault charges in connection with the confrontation in the East Village that landed 25-year-old Lana Rosas in the hospital.

Oscar Fuller said Rosas hit first and hopes the surveillance cameras will show that, 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports

Fuller explains the punch that put a woman in a coma to WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell

Two Fridays ago, at around 11 p.m., Fuller said he saw Rosas standing along East 14th Street apparently physically holding a parking space.

Fuller stepped out of his car to speak with her and then he said Rosas threw the first of several punches – striking him in the face.

Fuller is accused of punching the 4-foot-11, 100-pound woman. Police said Rosas fell and struck her head on the sidewalk. She remains in a coma.

Outside the courthouse Monday, Fuller, who is 5-7 and weighs 150, said, “I am very, very sorry with the situation that she’s going through right now and I’m hoping for a speedy recovery.”

According to a police report, Rosas’ skull had to be opened to relieve pressure on her brain. Rosas might die, stay in a coma or have permanent brain damage.

Fuller insists this is a case of self-defense.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, she’s just hitting me, hitting me, and I’m like ‘whoa, whoa,’” Fuller told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis in an exclusive interview. “So I hit the girl, jump back in my car and pull off.”

“She hit first and as we know, carmeras are everywhere in New York City,” he told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

Attorney Thomas Kenniff said the case has spun out of control and that Fuller should be charged with a misdemeanor.

“Certainly I think justification is an issue in this case,” Kenniff said.

“Nobody would think anything would happen, that it would go this far,” Fuller said. “It crushed my whole family; it crushes my life as well.”

Fuller remains free on bail. He is due back in court on April 7.

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One Comment

  1. jerry stevens says:

    mr. fuller is good worker and great man i know him personally also played organized sports together. I never witnessed him act out of character for him to be that way had to have reasoning. I do agree with a daughter and friend it is tough to see them hurt in any way but, sometimes we dont know what where dealing with. So if she attacked first she couldnt expect any thing less than to be attacked also. GOOD BLESS HER in her recovery and wish the best for her and the family. Lets not play no sides the were both in a recipe for trouble.

  2. kasahn says:


  3. kasahn says:

    he got me fired.

  4. kenneth glover says:

    he got me fired

  5. Mandy says:

    Maybe if any anger man, bigger and stronger then you approach you late night after an argument, you wouldn’t be so quick to blame the victim. The result does not justify the means.

  6. monkey says:

    the #1 gentleman rule


    Too bad women reinforce ungentlemanly behavior by being attracted to the more aggressive violent man, Evolutionary flaw.

  7. Kyla Gendis says:

    All he had to was restrain her if she was that violent… I know Lana personally and she is a small woman. He did not have to punch her. There were other ways of physically restraining her IF IN FACT SHE DID HIT HIM!.. Now her friends and family, myself included sit and pray as she fights for her life.. There is no excuse as to why this happened. And for those of you who justify the actions of this monster.. SHAME ON YOU. If this were your family or friend you’d be thinking alot differently.. Mr Fuller. simply lacks self control among other things.. He deserves the worst of what is coming to him….. We love you Lana….. stay strong and please waken up and come back to us!

  8. musa says:

    only cowards and terrorists hit women, especially small and helpless lady like Rosas. you should be ashamed of yourself” tough guy”.

  9. holdurselfaccountable says:

    He over reacted cuz he needed to get a party (which he still attended) and she was simply in his way. I would bet a million dollars he hopped out his car intending to intimidate her and got what he deserved. Men know when they rush up on a woman like that it’s intimidating because 9 out of 10 times if it comes to blows the male possesses the harder punch. He knew that, we all know that. He’s tryin’ to play like he’s so damaged from his violent past that this was simply a reflex. If this is his “reflex” reaction this man needs to be taken in for a mental evaluation so that he can get some help for his past trauma. It isn’t everyone else’s fault he has unresolved issues, but there’s good ‘ol Mr. Fuller, brainless, runnin’ the streets half cocked.

  10. Eric G says:

    He is the primary aggressor if he went out of his car. That is what the law will say.

  11. bobby says:

    What a Punk Skid ….

  12. M. B. Brown says:

    Yes,what happened for the sake of peace to back
    off from a fight ,I am talking both sides here.
    Anger is a bad companion with it’s brother, rage.

  13. Bob Fowler says:

    And this is why we need saber tooth tigers. They will trim the herd of the slower runners.

  14. dw says:

    Everybody wants Mr. Fuller to fry,but women are not the shy and harmless creature we think,especially, Black and Latinas. In these days women are committing arm robberies and are just as vicious as men. Mr.Fuller did the right thing if he acted in self-defense! According to ME comment he/she must not drive in NYC.

  15. Me says:

    Mr. Fuller could’ve easily walked away. Instead he decided to fight the woman. Self-defense my ass!

    1. judy says:

      Me, she hit HIM first – in many ways women are more dangerous than men. He had every right to defend himself (fyi, I’m a woman)

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