Rockland D.A.: Family Kept Woman As Sex Slave

Jagotas Of New City Deny All Charges In Exclusive Interview

NEW CITY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Four members of a Rockland County family are charged with holding a woman as a sex slave and servant, accused of physically and sexually abusing her.

But on Wednesday night in an exclusive interview with CBS 2’s Dave Carlin, the family members said the woman is a liar.

“We didn’t do it. We know we are innocent. That’s all,” Rajani Jagota said.

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Jagota, 30, her parents and older brother met with Carlin on Wednesday night.

They were charged with keeping a 22-year-old woman as a virtual slave, hitting her and sexually abusing her.

However, the Jagotas maintain the allegations are lies.

Carlin: “They are saying you brought her to this country to be your slave.”

Rajani Jagota: “No, we brought her to the country not to slave.”

Carlin: “Did anyone ever sexually abuse her or touch her?”

Rajani Jagota: “Never. Never. Never at all.”

In a statement the Rockland County district attorney said, “the defendants engaged in a scheme, using intimidation, physical and sexual abuse” to make the woman a round-the-clock servant.

It says Aman Jagota “regularly groped and fondled the victim” and his wife, Parveen, and Rajani “allegedly burned the victims hand with a hot iron.”

Carlin then asked Rajani Jagota if she ever burned the woman with an iron or hit her, to which she replied, “never, never, never.”

She said when the woman wed her brother, Vishal, in a traditional Indian arranged marriage back in 2008, everyone was happy. But the family insists the woman wanted out with their baby daughter once she got her green card.

Now, they don’t know where the woman and child are. Vishal’s English is limited so his sister translated.

“He is frustrated because what she did is wrong,” Rajani Jagota said.

There are two very different pictures emerging about the goings on in the house, with one side calling it a nightmare and the other calling it normal and leaving it for a jury to try and determine who’s telling the truth.

The next hearing for the Jagotas is on March 29. Each family member faces seven years for the trafficking charge.

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One Comment

  1. uncle sam says:


  2. Nura says:

    Try again for all you apologists out there. (Sorry Arun) This, unfortunately, is South asian culture. In fact, moreso the norm than the exception. Just FYI, for all you racist bigots out there, this is not a muslim thing, THIS IS A CULTURE THING…. South Asians have a habit of backstabbing their own in any way that they could find. For all those reading this and saying to yourself that, ‘hey, this person hit the nail on the head’, you’re right. That’s because I Am South Asian. On top of that, I know Rockland County and this is the BIG skeleton in lots of South Asian’s closets in that county. And finally, you want to know why this keeps occurring again and again? You can thank the in-laws of the plaintiff and their backwwards generation and their personal flaws for dictating how we integrate into society. Does the elder generation of the South asian society even realize what they are doing? They are so fulll of themselves, most probably don’t even care

  3. Jackie says:

    Go read up on their culture at to gain a better understanding this story. We need to make certain the laws of this land are upheld. My mind can not grasp how we are supposed to be evolving yet we have people doing the same ancient practices such as slavery and in America of all places. Our fore fathers would be ashamed of this new generation of Americans.

  4. Seth Day says:

    why is it so hard for immigrants these days to learn English, I visited Spain for 6 weeks and I spoke Spanish while in their country, and do not get on here and cry racism, if they were white Russians I would have the same opinion

  5. SAM says:

    No Muslim should be admitted to take the oath and become a citizen…NO, I AM NOT PREJUDICE. But if you know the Muslim religion, you will know that the ONLY thing a Muslim can be loyal to is the Koran. Since that is the case, when they take the oath of loyaty to America and it’s already born here citizens, they are in fact LYING. End of story. Let us use common sense and start implementing clear immigration policies that do not allow those disloyal to America to enter, those who are not ethically moral in, and those who do not come with an intent to become a part of the larger community.

    1. Lily says:

      these people aren’t muslim, try not to be such an idiot.

    2. Zona says:

      YES, YOU ARE PREJUDICE, DUDE. Try investigating diversity instead of expecting an entire national immigration policy to readjust to fit your narrow, bigoted ignorance. In other words, evolve.

  6. Chris says:

    People are commenting as if they know the truth about what actually happened. No one out here in Yahoo land knows whether the allegations are true or not. But everyone has an opinion, based on nothing.

    1. Tito says:

      Finally some sanity. Thanks Chris.

  7. nyc says:

    I hope they all get 7 years each. This is a very common practice in the Indian culture. The worst part about it is the girl has no immediate family here so it really makes the situation worse as there is no one to stick up for her.

  8. Fustrated immigration says:

    The greatest part of this whole thing is that one of the family members had to use a translator. I’m taking in an exchange student this year. One of their main requirements before being accepted for the program is that they need to read and write in English. Should we not do before issuing a green card with out restrictions?

  9. Booger McCoy says:

    Has anyone checked her hands for scarring? Putting a hot iron to someone’s hand would tend to do that.

  10. mj says:

    i want a sex slave

    1. SwAy says:

      I want to BE a sex slave

    2. ifonly says:

      I want to BE a sex slave……..and i’m white as snow.

  11. Karen says:

    Lol. You seem to forget that white people immigrated here too. Racism is soo adorable because it’s basically infantile. If you recall, several white people have been in the news recently for similar acts, however your opinion of white people hasn’t changed. That’s because you are acting like someone who is racist. When confronted with evidence against your racist ideas (like most Muslims are terrorists) you blatantly disregard evidence to the contrary, likewise, when presented with evidence that shows that white people are responsible for the same kind of crimes, I am sure you find a way to continue to think of whiteness in a positive light. Have you ever considered that you are part of the problem? Perhaps if you educated yourself on your own bias you could be part of progress. White people aren’t better than anyone else, Ruhr now, they happen to own the presses, but someday if we were oppressed and not oppressors it wouldn’t change e fundamental fact that everyone can commit crimes and the color of your skin only changes people’s perception of your guilt or innocence.

    1. Karen says:

      This was meant as a response to the thread below started by Magoo. Sorry for the typos I am using a touchscreen keyboard.

    2. NooYawkah says:

      The last female I saw on a message board who was as open minded, tolerant, and non-racist as you lived in a town in Michigan that was 98% white and point one nine percent (.19) black. Go live in the real world before you show your ignorance.

    3. William Sinclair says:

      Karen, you have a racist obsession with white people. It’s offensive. Get over it.

  12. BigShlomo says:

    The girl came from the same ‘country’ so she could be smart and doing a scam job, its really hard to know. This is normal behavior in ‘their’ wonderful single-cultured country. Lets send the Liberal morons there, I think we can all agree on that. Whiten it up a bit.

  13. zhorkon says:

    As long as this is still America these people are presumed innocent until convicted in a proper court – not by the mob, acting on their own prejudices and hangups. If there is physical evidence or eyewitnesses to support the alleged victim’s account, fine… throw the book at them and deport them after their sentences are served. But from what this story says, so far it’s one person’s word – the alleged victim – against theirs. That’s not good enough to convict in this society – thank G-d and the Founders of the Republic.

  14. Magoo says:

    Isn’t untrammeled immigration wonderful!? Such lovely people! Such wonderful customs they’ve brought to America to enrich our lives! Outstanding!!! Please allow more and more thugs like this into the US!!!
    How could we ever live without them?

    1. John Chris says:

      So by that logic all white people are terrorists because of Timmy McVeigh?

      Why the f are we going backwards in our civil rights thinking?

      Are you also one of those people who says all Muslims are terrorists?

      1. capkarl says:

        No not all just MOST

      2. Seth Day says:

        not all muslims are terrorist but 99% of terrorists are MUSLIMS. And I think you are the one who brought up race, Magoo’s comment was dumb but how do you know he is white?

    2. Karen says:

      See comment above for Magoo from Karen

  15. Meme Meyagi says:

    did anyone check immigration status of all involved?

  16. Samuel says:

    This is the result of a ridiculous immigration policy, with a flawed application on top. It heavily favors criminals, thieves, and con artists and the results are obvious.

  17. anonymous says:

    these people don’t deserve anything. except prison. They obviously tortured the girl to the limit. All this talk about her just wanting her green card just seems like a lie. and even if she did, then why is it so bad. i bet some of the threats were probably to kick her out of this country for googd. this probably scared her and she was thinking about not only her future but her family’s as well. All indian woman do. i don’t blame her at all and hope justice is served!! Jogatas should be punished for their crime..i mean the father-in-law sexually assaulting his son’s wife…his daughter-in-law!!!???

  18. .. says:

    These people put Indian families to shame.

  19. Law Student says:

    I’m currently studying Law and i chose this case to study. The verdict is already settled, it seems as if they’re all going to jail no matter what, unless they plea bargain. Everyone is commenting on the 4 people being innocent, that why they were slammed with over 50 charges. Interesting.

    1. Arnold says:

      Who let these people in the country to begin with? On what grounds?>

    2. Reformed Republican says:

      Since when is a large number of charges proof of guilt? Are you seriously studying law?

  20. anonymous says:

    you should not go with the looks. if they don’t look good in the pictures that doesn’t neccassirly mean they are bad people. just think about what situation they are in right now..i hope they get justice and win the case. just remember TRUTH always wins! they will!!!

    1. Nelson says:

      TRUTH NEVER WINS!!! That’s why Lady LIberty is blind folded.

  21. Justice says:

    These People look disgusting. Just looking at them, they look like complete animals. I hope the girl gets justice. And they go to jail.

  22. RV says:

    These people are innocent, the defendant wanted her green card and once she did, she got out. Don’t believe everything you see, I know the people personally. Even they may look like “cruel” or may have a “mugshot”, these people are hard working, blue collar and innocent. I just hate when one takes perception to be reality without knowing all the facts.

    1. G says:

      There is always two sides to a story…my parents brought my cousin from our country here because she was abused by her family and they wanted a good life for her…she caused nothing but problems she lied and said my mother abused her and that us kids at the time would do the same! 15years later she apologized and stated the devil made her say things at the time but now she ok.

      1. Jennifer Coulter says:

        As long as blame is placed on the devil, everything is just peachy lol

  23. gaurang says:

    These crue Jagotas are getting what they deserve. i dont;t know these people but they look very cruel. well let the court system do justice for the victim.

  24. My...eyes! says:

    I feel tortured just looking at their mugshots.

  25. THA FACTS R says:

    i wonder where the hell this world is going?????????

    1. Arun says:

      This is wrong. I know these people for many years. They are good people,they are innocent.They don’t deserve to go through this.I pray for them and I hope Jury
      takes right decision and proves they are not guilty at all

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