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Bad Smell At LI School Leaves Students, Staff Sick

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Dozens of parents raced to pick up their children at a Long Island school after an awful smell made kids and teachers sick.

District officials told WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall they performed air quality tests and they believe the school is safe.

“At this time over five agencies have done air quality monitoring inside the school and found absolutely nothing,” said school administrator Gregory Miglino. “It does not mean that people are not having symptoms in relation to the odor or if they have asthma and such that they’re not being irritated. This time, we did not find anything in air quality that poses a threat to students or staff.”

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall gets details from school officials and parents.

Authorities say the smell from a nearby landfill is what made people at Frank Long Elementary School in Bellport, Long Island sick.

One teacher was taken to the hospital and WCBS 880’s Hall noticed one little girl had to

smell 2 Bad Smell At LI School Leaves Students, Staff Sick

Frank Long Elementary School in Bellport, Long Island (credit: Sophia Hall/WCBS 880)

wear an oxygen mask.

“I couldn’t breathe and I was scared,” said the girl.

Her mother was visibly upset.

“I have to take my child to the ER because that’s what her pediatrician said to do,” said the girl’s mother.

Ambulances, fire trucks and police cruisers surrounded the school to provide emergency assistance to those in need.

Some described the smell as a rotten fish odor, others said it was similar to exhaust fumes.

The school was not evacuated, but many parents picked up their kids anyway.

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One Comment

  1. svana says:

    Reported every comment,except was a mistake clicked report on concerned citizen too. Only mature comment. No one should have to be subjected to this
    environmental hazard, include in or out of nyc or state. It is especially difficult having grown up in long island where this does not happen on a daily basis. And if it does happen in or around nyc on a daily basis there is still no way to get used to it whether it is six seconds or six minutes. Those who want to leave the state because of this kind of thing happen ing there should be no hesitation should be given ample compensation to make this choice.

  2. Appalled says:

    The level of ignorance on Long Island & in the US in general astounds me. Do any of you people read, or do your own research to educate yourselves on the world around you? If it was your town, your children, your life: you’d probably feel a little different. Tear yourselves away from your sports & reality television. Look up the astounding levels of Cancer on Long Island. Especially if you live here. Look up the chemical waste dump sites that you government pretends do not exist. Look up the Super Fund sites & find out whether you live near one, or for your sake, smack in the middle of one. And when you think you’re living a nice, active, healthy, middle-class, suburban, Grade A lifestyle…but your begin to get sick for no reason, and the people around you start dropping like flies, don’t be surprised. Or better yet, when your cells begin to mutate out of control (CANCER) and you slowly, or quickly begin to die…don’t cry. Don’t pray, and scream, and shout, and wish you had educated yourselves. It’s too late at that point.

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    Sadly, the landfill is a real threat to the students. The landfill is filled with toxic ash that rains down upon every one each night and it is now in contract with NYC to take their “sludge” which is human waste. The rate of asthma is extremely high and the rate of cancer for teachers that worked in that school has been “way above normal.” The Brookhaven Landfill was supposed to close more than 30 years ago. But. each time the “cell” is supposed to be filled they allow other townships and cities to “fill it” so that an emergency cell has to be opened. They are also allowing the dump to continue to spread until 75 FEET from a community that was once a great place to live. If anyone thinks someone is “watching” out for them who is they? The same people that felt that NYC was “safe” after 9/11? If they deem that the air quality is “unsafe” what is the negligibility of the town? Lawsuits? Where are these children supposed to go to school? There are too many factors that can not be easily solved unless the parents are “over reacting” and the air quality is “safe.” And Gregory Miglino? Isn’t that the same person that was criticized for getting a “made up” job? Who only scored a 70 on the test? Who was on the school board until that title became available? A position that had previously been taken away and deemed unnecessary?

  4. Mountain > Molehill: Why? says:

    Exactly how much did this over-reaction cost the taxpayer?

  5. nyc says:

    Great location for a land fill !

  6. Breathe Deep... says:

    All of this hoo-ha over an errant fart?!

    1. BigEz says:

      Yep! Just because someone lifts a cheek they close the god damn school!!!

      Wouldn’t have happend in my day!!

  7. Frankie Fartlik says:

    Who cut the cheese?

  8. BigEz says:

    Somebody dropped their guts.

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