Evi Siskos Asks Donald Trump To Look Into Allegations Miss Universe Contestant Bought Title

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Who could’ve guessed: drama’s percolating backstage at a beauty pageant.

Fort Lee resident Evi Siskos, 22, competed to be Miss Dominican Republic as part of Donald Trump’s Miss Universe competition.

evisiskos Evi Siskos Asks Donald Trump To Look Into Allegations Miss Universe Contestant Bought Title

Miss Sanama, Evi Siskos, a contestant in the 2011 Miss Dominican Republic beauty pageant, speaks at a news conference while her attorney Jacob Oresky looks on in Manhattan, Wednesday March 30, 2011. Siskos is requesting an investigation into allegations that the contest was rigged. (credit: AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Siskos lost to Dalia Fernandez.

After she lost, Siskos says she started reading reports alleging that Fernandez paid more than $110,000 to win the competition. Fernandez has reportedly denied the allegation.

Fernandez will compete in the Miss Universe pageant this summer.

At a news conference Wednesday, Siskos was joined by attorney Jacob Oresky to call on Donald Trump to look into the claim. The two reportedly said they just want Trump to get to the bottom of it, and just want the truth.

Do you think you can buy victory at a beauty competition? Should Trump investigate the allegations? Or is this just sour grapes? Sound off in our comments section.


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  1. sarita says:

    She can be in the pageant because she’s from the North side of the Dominican Republic, it doesn’t matter where are you from, what only matter is your roots and the love that you have for the country! this crwon was totally bought! everyone said it! even on twitter! even famous people from the Dominican Republic! Goooo Evi!!!!! the Dominican country is with you girl!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    I think this is true! i live in Santo Domingo and Evi was one of the best contestants, but they took the worst contestants to the final just to make that Girl Dalia Win! i was in the Hotel Jaragua that day and when Dalia won everyone screamed “Fraude” saying that the crown is bought! Thank god someone like Evi is fighting for the rights of all those girls and herself! the Dominican Republic is tired of all this injustices. If you people want just watch the videos of the contest and research a little about all the other contestant and then you’ll change your mind.

  3. Embarrassing says:

    I’m sorry but that girl on the right brought this embarrassment upon herself and Dominican Republic. Why travel to a third world country to participate in a pageant when you are American> Was it to increase your chances of even qualifying to enter a beauty pageant. sad.

  4. Bad Move says:

    To be honest I think that Evi made a horrible move in announcing that Dalia bought the crown. Where is the proof?! I mean you cannot accuse someone or make allegations based on what you read in the media! The media distorts stories and makes them their own. I find it extremely wrong that she competed in a third world country and comes to the United States to attack D.R. She is not a true Dominican! She needed to raise these issues over there! She doesn’t even live there and she was not even born there. In my humble opinion I think she is doing this for much wide spread attention which she is definitely getting but in all she cannot accuse someone of this magnitude with no facts. She did not even win any awards and didn’t even make it to the top 5.. She is a pretty girl but is not model material. She doesn’t have the height, and body. Come on girl move on and look into doing something else!

    1. stopdhate says:

      Very true! I agree with this comment .
      What was Evi doing in a pageant in DR if she doesn’t even live there. Bad move on her part cause she doesn’t have the proof or anything to back up her allegations just gossip. If you were a real candidate you would’ve won the spot as Miss RD of the US community like Ms.Fatima Leonardo did. You found a way to make it as a candidate in the pageant congrats but you are far from being a top contender this is why Dalia Fernandez is the winner. Stop the hate and find something else to do with your time.

  5. YouGo says:

    At least this girl sounds smart compared to some of the other girls that were in that pageant so let us see the transparency of it all!
    Hey I knew of one that lied about being a college graduate and knowing other languages. But who was she kidding she didn’t even meet the height requirement..smh….

  6. EvaR says:

    In my opinion this girl is sour grapes cause she didn’t make it. In life you have to learn how to win and lose. Smart girl but you must have solid proof before you speak so you don’t come out looking like the sore loser.

  7. Ryan says:

    GO EVI! In my opinion i believe that Evi is far more qualified than Dalia Fernandez to have the title of Miss Dominican Republic! GO EVI!!

  8. masiel says:

    Evi wasn’t even on top 5 so what is she complaining about she knows 5 languages but a lot of people do ad the not necessary Miss universe material her body is not the type for this. Dalia never trip on her walk and she was always a favorite and how did she pay all that money when her mother is just a tailor SMH. Siskos speaks more English then Spanish how is she going to represent the Dominican Republic that way. She has to stop because she the least that should be complaining.

    1. GO EVI! says:

      uhm… how do you know that she knows more English Than Spanish! what is the exact body type that is being prejudice and it is called pushing the boundaries! How do you know that her mother is just a tailor

  9. get a life says:

    This has nothing to do with being a sore loser . It has to do with the fact that Evi Siskos is far more qualified than Dalia Fernandez was. Dalia didn’t even answer the question correctly and she still won. She almost tripped more than a few times because the whole audience was BOO-ING her ! So what’s the reason she won? $$$$$$$. Beauty and brains ? I THINK NOT ! Get a career guy and meal ticket guy .. Maybe you should hit the gym or maybe get some surgery because it sounds like you need it !

  10. Cristian says:

    Guys, inform yourself before making an uneducated comment. Evi siskos is by far smarter than most of the girls. She has the ability to speak 5 languages. The reason why they are saying this is because dalia won despite answering the question horribly wrong. she isn’t the only one, the others have said the same thing and if you see the crowning moment nobody hugs her, and they all give her their back. You need to understand that this isn’t the first time this happens. Georgina duluc is a popular talk show host there who participated in the Miss DR Universe and said all you need is money to win. Its DR a third world country, wake up. is the truth.

  11. pp says:

    this isnt about being a sore loser. this deals with all the time devoted and hard work wasted. young girls are being put into a pageant world with the understanding that they can be beautiful and smart… maybe someone should let them know that mommy and daddy have to put a couple hundred thousand dollars in to have a shot at winning.

    pageants are already looked down upon for “beauty bimbos” stereotypes… a few bucks is all it takes to make this stereotype turn to truth.

    evi ur too intelligent for this bulllll.

  12. somy says:

    Trump should investigate on this. i personaly watched the pageant and the “winner” gave a terrible answer on the last question and she was definitely not the prettiest contestant. beauty is based on intelligence and looks, and Dalia Fernandez should work a little more on her intelligence…

  13. Lisa says:

    Go Evi! I’m glad she’s sticking up for what she believes in! It isn’t about beauty, it’s about Justice!

  14. Sam Rod says:

    Evi, move on and stop being a Big Sore Loser.

  15. Jojo says:

    These contests are definately fixed. However, the girl who won was much prettier than the runner up. Sounds like a sore loser.

  16. Get a Real Career says:

    Evi, get a new career. Your beauty won’t last you forever and stop being a sore loser.

    1. HARLEM GOING H.A.M. says:


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