Fight Preceded Car Plunge, Says Neighbor Of Newburgh Mom

NEWBURGH, N.Y. (AP) — A neighbor says a New York woman who drowned herself and her children in the Hudson River had been in a loud fight with the kids’ father in the hour before the fatal plunge.

Latoya James tells the New York Post and Daily News that distraught mom Lashanda Armstrong hid in her apartment Tuesday while her estranged boyfriend, Jean Pierre, pounded on the locked door for 30 minutes.

The fight came the day a court barred Pierre from having any contact with his children, following a previous arrest for neglecting a 2-year-old son.

James says Pierre left after Armstrong’s 10-year-old son came out to talk with him.

About 20 minutes later, Armstrong packed her four kids into a minivan and drove into the river.

Only the 10-year-old escaped alive.

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  1. kendra says:

    i still don,t understand y know 1 didn,t regonize that she had a mental disorder so that she had a mental disorder before this got out of control so that is partly her relatives fault.

  2. wil says:

    Daniel, you seem to be a person of low moral charter. It seems to me that you lack a basic understanding of what a relationship is and what roles should be played in order for it to exist and contribute to a positive community. In short you must be very immature and have not experienced a truly loving relationship …how sad. This man chose this woman and had three children with her if he chose her for just sex he then was made a responsible party after the act of sex. When the children were born his reasonability grew much larger. It is quite obvious that this woman wanted to be in a monogamous relationship pretty normal as far as America is concerned this is the norm .However the Youngman wanted to live what seems to be the life style of most men his age that of a player( Rapper?) . Here is the problem this is a morally wrong choice and creates hysteria among women and confusion among children He needed to man up to his responsibility and tell the woman that he wanted to be with women but would not forsake his children …. Morally wrong but it would not put the burden of raising a family on her shoulders alone this would have released the woman to fill her life with some one that would support her in an emotional capacity…But no this coward let her feed them, clothe and love them all on her own ….. Sounds like a real man to me. Death was not an answer but it was for this young lady that felt she had no way out .I hope you handle your business better …

  3. buttercup says:

    I feel she was selfish and the only way she wouldve gotten even with her boyfriend was killing his children. Lots of times we know people or family members that arent mentally stable but tend to ignore the signs not to get involved. She had to leave him if he kept cheating on her, instead she kept having babies. And to think not only did she kill her angels but left the surviving child with this grief. I do not feel sorry for her and I hope she gets what she deserves on the other side. My heart goes out to her son and his family.

  4. Daniel says:

    We as a society should stop enabling unfit parents to retain full custody of children. Just because a person is a woman doesnt automatically make them a good parent. This incident, although tragic, was premeditated murder. The facts show the mother blogged a message stating her intentions prior to committing the act. Allegedly the mother was distraught about the fathers infidelity. However, if they were not lawfully married, how could he cheat on her? The truth is, he can fornicate with as many women as he likes if he is not lawfully contractually comitted to her. It is no excuse for her to kill her children. It is not his fault that this mother was clearly insane. If she wanted to kill herself, thats her business. Leave the kids out of it. It’s 2011 and its time for us to stop allowing Women to play the victim card especially when they commit murder. It makes me sick how people and the media is demonizing and blaming the man. Let us remember, this man just lost 3 children.

  5. segmation says:

    Nice blog about the Hudson River. Thomas Cole was born in England but moved to the United States as a youth. His talents for painting were soon discovered and his works focused on landscapes and the Hudson River. Please check out my blog and let me know what you think! What a neat way to do Thomas Cole art and fun with it!

  6. story says:

    There is a stage of life known as a breaking point. This is not something that just started this has been going on for quite some time and she has been facing this by herself without any help.It is obvious she was afraid of him and thought the only way out is to kill herself and the kids. I will agree it was a selfish thought on her part but it was the only one she had. As for the neighbors they really do not even need to make one comment they knew she had problems deep rooted problems, never rendered any assistance not even to call the police when he was banging on the door for thirty minutes, so, they can shut up their useless mouths.

  7. HooDatIS? says:

    my god what a tragedy!
    I pray for the tne year old
    visit my blog

  8. nathan says:

    “I am sick of this third world culture in my America ” AKA, Im a racist.

  9. kendra says:

    will i am very sorry but she was only thinking of herselfe when faced with this problem with the kids father she should have talked to him instead of taking her fustrations out on those kids….that is just so selfish of her to only think about herself ….

    1. Leeta says:

      How was she supposed to “talk” to the father when he was barred from having any contact with the children?

  10. geronimo says:

    the only american is the native american he wants his land back ,you/we all ruined his quality of life, he dont need your tax you hypocrit godless americans stop praeching about justice and equality start practicing it

    1. k says:

      open a casino

  11. Fgs says:

    Being married or not has nothing to do with this. Husbands and wives have killed the whole family and then themselves. Don’t call her a loser. You don’t know what she was going thru. show respect because you may be punished threw Karma. I don’t believe this could have been prevented. it’s sad that people just give up so easily. Pray for the son that did not perish, because he has a long road ahead of him. PS. last time I checked American white citizens tend to kill their families more than what you called Third World people.

    1. vio says:

      FGS you are so right an less you do not walk in some one shoes you do not know what the person is going thru

  12. Unfortunate says:

    If everyone killed themselves after an argument, we would all be dead. She obvioulsy had deep emotional and or mental issues over a very long period of time. The neighbor, who is quick to point fingers should have lifted her own to help a troubled women in need. Now its to late. So unfortunate.

  13. TS says:

    We don’t know the reason behind her actions, however this kind of incident could have been prevented if the mother have thought of the best interest of her children over hers….

  14. nyc says:

    Estranged boyfriend pounding on her door after a court barred him from being there ? These people have no regard for the law ! Why didn’t she or a neighbor call the police, after all he was pounding on the door for thirty minuets ?

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