B&C Morning Show: Derek Jeter’s Decline

It’s no secret that the month of April was a struggle for Derek Jeter.

It’s also no secret that Derek Jeter’s numbers last year weren’t exactly Jeterian. Have we finally reached the point where he will do nothing more than decline? If so, what do the Yankees do with him this year and through the rest of his contract? Boomer and Craig break down the situation.

LISTEN: Boomer and Craig discuss Derek’s decline

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  1. JR MULA GREER, SC says:

    Here’s my theory: Lack of concentration directly related to his wearing a mouth guard…..
    Derek has been fiddley-farting with this clear plastic mouthpiece for at least the past 2 seasons.
    Watch, as he stands in the box: he’s playing with it and then, on occasion, trying desparately to get it back in place around his teeth. All the while waiting the 2-3 seconds for the pitcher to complete his windup and send a cutter, an inside fastball or a change-up into the Captain at between 80 and 98 miles an hour.
    Lose the pacifier until you reach base Derek and then thank me with an autographed bat.

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