Yankees Captain Derek Jeter Facing Extra-Base Blackout

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Two doubles, no triples, no dingers. Is Derek Jeter’s 2011 power outage here to stay?

“When you look at the numbers, you say, ‘Where are the extra-base hits?'” Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long said on Tuesday. “That’s probably the one part of this whole thing where you say, ‘We can get better there. We need to get a little bit better there.'”

After hitting .270 in 2010, one of the big topics this spring was Jeter’s new approach at the plate. His numbers are actually down from last year, though manager Joe Girardi was quick to defend his legendary shortstop.

“The bottom line is he is getting his hits,” Girardi said. “He is finding ways to get his hits and that’s the important thing.”

24 out of his 26 knocks have been singles. Jeter, 48 hits away from the magic number 3,000, is batting just .250 this season. So sure, he’s getting his hits — in only one-quarter of his at-bats.

“I think if it goes on for three or four months, that would be alarming,” said Girardi. “It’s still early, and you are talking about a guy who plays every day and gets 600 at-bats. I don’t want to judge a guy with one-sixth of his at-bats. Maybe he won’t put up 40 doubles, but he has been getting his hits.”

Jeter’s merely trying to tune out the criticism. He went 1-for-4 in the Yankees’ loss to the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday.

“I come to the stadium and I don’t try to think about what already happened,” Jeter said. “I can’t change the first month of the season.”

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  1. Jeter is So UGLY says:

    lighter bat? If he was taking Roids or HGH, he would not need a lighter bat. Look at A-Roid, he is using 31oz while UglyJeter is using 12oz bat. It is not even a lb….Go to the gym sometime Jeet and maybe you don’t have to using a lighter bat.

  2. Michael Fenelon says:

    He’s still hitting as well as A-Rod maybe better?

  3. Longball4040 says:

    He needs to get a lighter bat. His bat is trailing through the zone everytime he swings. He needs to stop being stubborn and accept he’s lost bat speed.

  4. richie B says:

    hey our boy is an icon I would hope they have looked at his eye sight and considered dropping the bat wiegth by now. he has hit nmore weak ground balls in the infeild then I have seen him hit in his other 15 seasons combined. It just seems too sudden to be something that is not correctible. He started last year like a house on fire then fizzled before finishing strong.
    Baffling indeed yet he has earned the right to hit his way out of this….or not Lets give him another month or two before dropping him in th order

  5. Ugle Jeter says:

    Pick up Jose Reyes from the Mets He woul be a big upgrade, El Capitan or Not!

  6. supe duce says:

    come to grips its over for jeter

  7. C-DOG says:

    I agree with you DAVE, Jeter has to except reality. There would have been a lot of piissed off fans if hey didn’t give him the present contract he got. I was more concerned about Posada and Gardner. They are starting to get their stroke down some what, will it continue that is the question. Jeter’s bat has slowed down considerably. It he continues at this pace they have to move him down the line-up. Only time will tell. Posada will determine his own fate for next year as we all know.

  8. Claudia DiSalvo says:

    Jeter will have another outstanding season. He will find a way to thrill his fans…get his hits…produce brilliantly at shortstop and continue to be the outstanding leader he has been on and off the field.

    He will have the last laugh with the press and :political pundits!.

  9. MikeC says:

    Reality check Yankee fans. First of all, Jeter is a legend in New York, similiar to what Michael Jordan was/is in Chicago. He’s not going anywhere. They will move him down in the line up if his fielding starts to slip. Jeter got the big contract because of his YEARS of service to the Yankee organization – not for last year. We can live with a 35+ year old shortstop who hits 250 as long as he’s fielding his position and providing leadership.and the team keeps winning which they are.

  10. Anthony Nazzaro says:

    leave him alone he will get his hits

  11. Rich says:

    He’s been a terrible drag on the offense now for nearly two years, as has been Posada and Gardner. When you look at Jeter, Posada and Gardner each getting at least 3 at bats per game the Yankees are basically forfeiting 3 innings. That puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the rest of the offense to score enough runs in just 6 innings.

  12. dave says:

    If the lack of production continues jeter needs to bat towards the bottom of the order. I love jeter but he needs to accept reality.

  13. dabooch says:

    When entertainers perform and the skit sucks verbal retribution is next. For a 37 year old guy he’s doing pretty well, if you don’t thinks so look at Andrew Jones, he’s three years younger and a platoon specialist already.

    A problem I foresee is why move Jeter to the outfield,when his problem is with the bat more then the field. It’s going to be tough on Jeter to live with his big contract for the next three years, we should all have his problems.

  14. not a jeet fan says:

    trade him to another team for a bag of peanuts and a cold bud

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