Regular Service Resumes On B, D And Q Lines After Earlier Derailment

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Commuters who were dreading their subway commute home can breathe a sigh of relief.

The MTA said that as of 2:15 p.m., all regular service had resumed on the B, D and Q lines.  A spokesman for the agency said crews “worked diligently throughout the day” to make the necessary repairs after the derailment of a work train just north of the DeKalb Avenue station in Brooklyn on Tuesday morning.

Earlier in the day, the B, D, and Q lines were running with a number of service changes.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the only headache commuters were left coping with Tuesday morning: a Long Island Rail Road train struck a vehicle, causing disruptions, and a commuter bus crashed in New Jersey.

For more information, click here to visit the MTA website or here to check traffic & transit.

  • NYC

    agree agree truly agree.

  • NYC

    agree agree truly agree ^_^

  • jeffboogie

    The MTA has its issues there s no doubt about that and it starts at the top……..However lets give these employees their due……They got the service back to normal before the PM rush…….Not in days……..Thank god no one was hurt or killed in this derailment……I hate when people talk the talk but no way would walk the walk……and at $2.50 its still a bargain compared to taking a cab or drving

  • BIll

    somehow MTA officials need to keep their bonuses. that’s why they first create a problem then pay their cut to yahoo (any mass media) and then “solve” it by increasing your fair. That’s a Madoff way if you know what I mean

  • j

    Gov. Commode has asked the MTA to fix this problem. He has requested they get bigger and better wheels because this will not happen on his watch as the latest in the line of loser lawyers in charge

  • midi-man

    Mayor Mike,
    Outstanding job give them another raise.

  • MIKE



    • Karen

      Of course they will; that’s all they are able to do. They certainly can’t run their organization. All they do is mess us and then take more money from us. Even if the monthly MetroCard rose to, let’s say, $289, they would STILL have signal problems and still run into major difficulties when there’s the least bit of preciptation in the forecast.

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