NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – If the end of the world does come to an end Saturday, at least some New Yorkers will go out with a bang.

EXTRA: Your End-Of-The-World NYC Plans

Roberto Mendosa’s doors are open. He’s the owner of The Rapture Lounge. His Astoria bar couldn’t have a more apocalyptic name, but Mendosa says he almost missed his chance.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman reports: New Yorkers Plan Rapture Parties

“We’ve been planning it all day since yesterday because I didn’t know anything about this end of the world thing,” said Mendosa.

But since then, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing and his wheels haven’t stopped turning.

“We’re going to put some shoes around with some dry ice so it looks like people disappeared. I think its going to be funny,” he said.

Also hosting end-times parties around the country, New Jersey based American Atheists are hosting them at four cities.

The president of the group, David Silverman, says when the rapture revelry hits 6pm, he wants answers from the guy behind the prophesy.

“Disclose how much money he made off of this event and to donate that money to another charity,” said Silverman.

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