Report: David Wright, Not Jose Reyes, Could Land On Mets’ Trading Block

NEW YORK (WFAN) — The Mets will have some tough decisions ahead if they indeed decide to slash their payroll up to 30 percent this offseason, as owner Fred Wilpon indicated in last week’s Sports Illustrated.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson is expected to entertain offers for Jose Reyes before July’s MLB trading deadline. Though according to John Harper of the New York Daily News, the hot-hitting shortstop “may be changing Alderson’s mind.”

Good news for Mets fans? Maybe not.

A major league scout told Harper if Reyes re-signs with New York, Citi Field devotees may have to wave goodbye to another homegrown star instead.

“If he has to get down to a number, I think he’ll trade the other two (Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez) at the deadline, then deal (David) Wright in the offseason,” the scout, who worked previously under Alderson, said. “The way Reyes is playing, he has too much value to trade at the deadline for what Sandy can get in return.”

It’s a proposal that’s sure to raise the blood pressure of Mets fans everywhere. Wright’s No. 5 jersey has been a favorite among the Flushing faithful since his debut in 2004.

Reyes, a free agent after this season, would be merely a rent-a-player if traded. Wright, on the other hand, is under contract for two more years, including a $16 million club option for 2013.

“Look at their club and look at the other shortstops around the league, and trading Wright makes more sense,” said the scout. “You can play (Daniel) Murphy at third and he’ll give you enough offense there. But you can’t replace Reyes’ offense with (Ruben) Tejada.”

The scout added: “Really, there are only a couple of shortstops in baseball that are on Reyes’ level, and Sandy is all about value, so I think when it comes down to it, he’d rather re-sign Reyes and trade Wright.”

But don’t go stashing away your Wright memorabilia. According to Harper, “Tuesday night a Mets source insisted the club hasn’t had internal discussions on that subject, indicating that Alderson isn’t ready to start shopping anyone just yet.”

Mets fans: Who would you trade, Reyes or Wright? Fire away in the comments below…


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  1. Sizzle Chest says:

    Here we go again !!! Back to the 1970s.It is really tough being a Met fan.I think it’s time for me to pick a new team.There is no commitment to the fans.We should all boycott the Mets.Phillies are so committed to their fans.With Wright gone their is no face,home grown player.I am still cursing the day they got KRod and Bay.Get rid of Bay not Wright.Cashman needs to sell the team to someone who can give the fans what they need.This is Tom Seaver all over agian.

  2. Noah Baron says:

    Reyes is a keeper. Honestly, he is part of the solution not the problem. If I had to choose, I would trade Wright, because he has an uppercut, strikes out too much (not to mention streakiness), and leaves men on base. I still do not want to trade either of them. We should be trading people over the age of 30, because anybody younger will still be able to produce when the Mets become contenders again.

  3. mrmet says:

    The Mets will struggle as long as they continue to try to compete with the Yankees for headlines and payroll. The Yankees will always spend more:

  4. H says:

    David is the face of the Mets. Trade him and the team is faceless to New York Mets fans. Turn Citifield into a Walmart.

  5. dabooch says:

    Wright the Derek of a Met trade bait are you kidding? Who are the Mets going to be playing in front a vacant stadium. As it is they are losing customers with a lot of names on the marquis that we all know are heading points east and south. Alderson is a fool that is complacent to get by with the likes of Murphy and Tejada, the crew he will be assembling will assure Citifield will go bankrupt faster then the financial crisis of a few years back.

  6. GREG says:


  7. Clark Kentt says:

    Jesus…this is blasphemy, yo Sandy….You go to Fred Weak Wilpon and you convince him to sign Reyes and keep Wright. You trade Beltran, Bay and trade Santana when he’s back and running.

  8. Boywundah says:

    D. Wright is a good player and I am a fan but Reyes, when healthy, is one of the most dynamic players in the game. They are both entering the primes of their career and it would seem that Reyes is proving to be the better of the two. I’d be sad to see Wright go but I’d be more upset to lose Reyes. Long term, i think he gives the team a better chance to win. So trade Wright for some pitching, build around Reyes and let Ike be the new face of the franchise. Sorry David 🙂

  9. themaster says:

    Honestly, I wouldn’t trade either of them. I’m not exactly a Mets fan, but I know how much of an impact both David Wright and Jose Reyes had to the Mets. To see either one of them traded will be a big blow to New York.

  10. Hank says:

    Reyes isn’t a superstar?!?!? Please rethink that comment.

    1. Edward says:

      Jordan, Bird, A-Rod, Puljos, Manning, Marino, Montana, LT the real LT, Lawrence Taylor, Jeter, Mo Rivera, Roy Halliday, Kobe, those are the definition of a SUPERSTAR

      Reyes is just a good ball player. All those guys listed above, are Hall of Famers, all won titles, and or MVPS & are all considered the best of the best in their field because they are the reasons why their teams won.

      Reyes is nowhere near that caliber of a player. Reyes is a maybe 3rd tier player. No one pays to go Reyes when the Mets come to town. Maybe at Citi Field, but not at other ball parks and that’s what a superstar player is, when people pay to see him play.

      Outside of the Mets fans, no one cares to see Reyes play.

      1. Hank says:

        So people outside of New York pay to see Mariano pitch the 9th inning, and not to see Reyes, probably the most dynamic player in the game, play?

        Can’t disagree more.

  11. Hank says:

    Reyes isn’t a superstar?!??! Please rethink that.

    1. KPMc says:

      Don’t you have to do something super first? Reyes career thus far has been slightly above average. Nothing more and quite often a lot less.

  12. Met Fan says:

    Win. How about that. WIN. Then you will make money, fill the ball park and be able to keep all these good kidsl. You already have the means, now you need to PLAYBALL

    Feel free to blow this up and put it in the players locker room. Tell them a fan, born the same day and year the Met’s became a franchise sent them the message on behalf of all Met fans. And stop with the distractions just play baseball.

  13. David Lewis says:

    Two things need to happen – trade them both and get a fresh start on the field. Then trade the Wilpons for an ownership team that understands how to run a big market team. Until then we are destined for mediocrity.

  14. Jimmy says:

    Either way Mets lose.

  15. Erik N Orris says:

    In that ballpark, Reyes is much more valuable to the Mets. Trade wright to a team playing in a bandbox, and he’ll be a star again.

  16. Andrew says:

    I agree with the scout in this article. I personally, have never liked Wright all that much. Murphy will hit, and appears most comfortable at 3B. Meanwhile, Ike was on a roll when healthy this year. His power, and Gold Glove caliber defensive skills make up for losing someone like Wright. Corner Infielders are more replaceable than a 5 Tool SS like Jose. Besides, Wright has a shorter list of injury plagued seasons than Jose. He would certainly return more in a trade. I know Wright has been the face of the franchise, BUT it’s time to move on. Jose and Ike can take it from here…

    1. Jimmy says:

      A five (5) tool player is also one that hits for power & hits for a high average as well, Reyes has no power, unless you call hitting 16 hrs, which he did once in his career, power, and Reyes is a career .286 hitter, that’s very low.

      Mays, Mantle, Clemente, Winfield, Dawson, A-Rod, Bonds, Griffey and when he was healthy Beltran, those are 5 tool players;

      Reyes is nowhere near these guys. You’re over selling Reyes, no surprise there, you’re a Mets fans. To you Bud Harrelson was a great player.

      1. Andrew says:

        Lemme guess… a yankees fan?! Someone who mistakes Jeter’s leadership skill and abilities in the clutch, for “greatness”. His stats, on any other team, are decent. Because he’s a yankee, he’s a legend. don’t get me wrong, he’s amazing and I have much respect for him. BUT, Reyes is different.

        Reyes’ speed, and slugging % (ignore Hrs) in citi, lead to runs. Ever heard of a “Reyes run”?? DOUB IT… he produces on his own, and helps the rest of the lineup produce… that is a tool. A single for everyone else, is a double for him. He steals, disrupts pitchers focus. Not the standard tool, but its useful, and very rare. He is a catalyst in the purest form, and cannot be replaced. Don’t take me so literally, I’m a simple 22 yr old life long Mets fan. BUT, Wright is replaceable. Reyes is NOT

      2. Jimmy says:

        So in order words you’re a life time suffer who has never seen the Mets win a title and at 22 yrs old do not word the meaning of what a 5 tool player is

        As for Jeter, 18 hits short of 3000 hits, a career .316 hitter, the only shortstop in baseball history to have hit more than 200 hits in a season, seven (7) times, and being that you were too young & stupid to remember or care to, Jeter won the WS MVP when the Yankees slammed the Mets in the 2000 WS. 4 games to 1

        When you come to the plate to hit the uniform does not matter, it’s getting the job done. Jeter gets the job done. Look up Jeter stats, season and post-season, it will blow your mind.

        What has 2 tools Reyes done for the Mets in 9 seasons other then choked when it mattered most? It’s not a trick question; even you can answer this one.

        Class is dismissed

      3. Andrew says:

        As usual, Yankee fans get defensive and disrespectful when Jeter is brought up.. I love Jeter, he has done EVERYTHING the wright way. To come at me like some drunken idiot at a bar, was extremely unnecessary. All I was trying to state, and say is that Reyes ir irreplaceable to the METS/ congrats, the Yankees have won more championships than God, have more money than God, and Jeter is the IDEAL Franchise Player… I’m not hating. My only argument is, respect Reyes’ talent…

        You don’t have to sign him, he’s not on the Yankees now… so why do you care?!?! OH RIGHT, Yankee fans need a confidence booster, so they attack the pathetic, losing Mets, and their loyal fans… BIG MAN…

        All you Yankees people do is brag how many titles you have… Then act like it. Have some class. All i wanted to comment on, was how important my favorite Mets player is to my team… nothing further. But hey, come at me over a website comment. COOL

  17. thetrickster says:

    Reyes should stay.. there’s gotta be something exciting in Flushing for fans to come see. I don’t get that excited about David Wright’s strikeouts and lack of timely hitting. David Wright has stopped being a good two strike hitter like in his first two years in the game and has an uppercut swing which is a lot harder to hit a ball square. You will get the same type of prospects at the deadline for either Wright or Reyes, so why don’t you keep the player at the premium position who is much more a fan favorite than Wright. Wright’s lost his luster and Wilpon was dead-on saying he’s a good kid, good player but no star.

  18. Silent_Bob says:

    Trade them all. There would be no point to signing reyes if the are rebuilding. Take prospects for beltran, reyes and wright. also dish santana to a contender because he deserves to be on a winning team. I feel like these players are owed to be on a better organization. Would love to see reyes and beltran in the playoffs

    1. metsfan999 says:

      We don’t owe other teams anything. Keep them and build around them. They are the only reason to come to the ballpark.

      1. Phil says:

        yet you have not won with these two guys since both came up, they’ve been together for about 8 years now. Players that teams build teams around are players like Bonds, Jeter, Griffey, Pujols, A-Rod, Hamilton, Votto, Howard & Utley

        Wright & Reyes are players you complement & surround those players with in order to build a team. It hasn’t worked in the past with them; it will not work in the future.

        Look what it has done for the Yankees, Boston, Cardinals & Phillies with the players they have surrounded around the superstars. They’ve all won championships, some teams (Yankees, Boston) more then others

        Like everyone & Wilpon have said, Reyes & Wright are not superstar, just good players.

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