Residents Upset With Brooklyn Yeshiva Over Students Throwing Rocks, Climbing Fences

BROOKLYN, NY (CBS 2) – Some Brooklyn homeowners in Sunset Park are demanding that a neighboring Yeshiva take action against a group of rowdy students.

Living next to a school is rarely a quiet affair, especially when class is in session.

But Jorge Toro says there’s no excuse for this kind of behavior. He says students are scaling the fence to get into his back yard, reports CBS 2’s Jay Dow.

“They come out like little animals out of there,” said Toro. “And they jump on the roof, they jump over the fence, they run out into the street.”

Toro says the students at Yeshiva Hadas are also throwing rocks and other debris over their fence. “They broke my window four times,” he said.

So far, no one has been injured.

And when it isn’t raining rocks, residents say the Yeshiva students make a lot of noise.

When anything hits Toro’s metal fence, it makes a loud noise and he says that means sleeping any time between 7:30am and 7:30pm is simply out of the question.

“I’ve never heard noise like that before,” said resident George Ross. “They really went at it.”

We spoke with a Rabbi Simon who did not deny his students have been causing trouble.

He chalks up the excessive noise from the school yard and the rock throwing as “boys being boys.”

But he says the school isn’t ignoring the problem and has installed security cameras to try to catch the troublemakers.

Rabbi Simon says the students responsible for the vandalism could face expulsion.

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  1. Bachur says:

    Jorge is a very bored retired elderly person he’s looking for company & someone to talk to: either in person or over the phone @ 917-825-8586

  2. RichieT says:

    He admits there’s problems. His excuse is “boys will be boys. I’m 53. When I grew up, there was no “boys will be boys” excuse for out of control kids. That has nothing to do with any religious beliefs, It’s an attitude problem.

  3. Truth says:

    “He [Rabbi Simon] chalks up the excessive noise from the school yard and the rock throwing as ‘boys being boys.’” Rabbi Simon should become the next Israeli Prime Minister–he knows how to properly deal with Palestinian youths throwing rocks.

  4. Pete Moss says:

    I’d throw rocks and act like an animal too, if I had to dress like that.

  5. stephi says:

    I knew someone like Sam would say that I hate jews. You just proved that if you criticize the hasidics you are labled a jew hater. I was born and raised in boro park and it wasn’t like this when I was growing up, I was here before the hasidics moved in. Once they started moving in they would come to peoples houses who weren’t hasidic and wanted to know if you want to sell. People would say no but they don”t take no for an answer and they keep coming back. They make so that you get digusted and want to get out. Oh by the way I am jewish and they can”t stand me because I am not like them. I seen this time and again,so don’t tell me I am a jew hater. The facts are the facts. Like I said before the hasidics aren”t jewish they are a cult.

  6. rabbiddog says:

    I am putting up a fence. and guarding it.

  7. izzy says:

    Jorge Toro is a anti semite retired City worker and does not have what to do with his day so he wait and see with what he could start up and harrass the teenagers at the school. When a ball that the boys play with will fall into his yard by accident he will slash it and throw it in the garbage! Shame on you Jorge you are worse then Osama Ben Ladin! When a ball from his neighbors kids would fall into his yard he would not give it back but at least give the kids money to buy a new one. Where are you Jorge when the kids from the block vandalize the school ? Where are you when kids on the block do gruffiti on the walls of the school ? There is a big visible sign on the yard and all around the bulding NO TRESSPASSING!!! How could you violate and continuously from day one come in to the schools property , btw I don’t understand how the CBS crew did the same thing and tresspassed into the yard and entererd the school bulding without permission ? Jorge your window was broken by accident. who paid for the repair ? The school! The school had offered that they will pay you to put up a shield so the window won’t break again from the ball and you refused it why? because you are here to fight shame on you! I live back to back to a non jewish school the trouble the kids make to my property and then music on weekends till 2am, is this bad enough?! I never call police I never complain you just live with it. And I work next to a public school. how many police and how may school guards do you need to control these wild kids ?! In this sunset park school you will never have police or need it thay are well mannered! And are far better then any other teenagers out there!!! I hope CBS won’t waste their time for such non sense “news” in the future.

  8. Balboos HaGadol says:

    The isolationist behavior, distrust (and even contempt) of outsiders, and such are a consequence of centuries of oppression by Christians in Europe. I understand the cause.

    But this is not Europe. The times have (at least with respect to most Christians) changed a lot. It’s time they move on.

    Unfortunately, there’s this cultural imperative of ‘min-hag’ that drives much of the orthodox community. This is, essentially, honoring and preserving your parent’s customs . . . which they got from their parents, &etc. This unwillingness to change established ‘precedent’ is not unique to the Orthodox community nor even to religion. All the foregoing notwithstanding, they are due for a re-evaluation. It won’t happen so long as they listen to their ‘Rav’ – who, after all, like many in authority, maintain their position (and its perks) by ensuring the status quo.

  9. Sal Glen says:

    Try leaving next to FDR, you have knifings, fights, and mobs,it got so bad they we have 2 patrol cars full time when these animals get out,security runs around all day from the school, and the filth and smell these kids leave forget about it, Toro you live in Eden compared to living next to a public school, count your blessings.

  10. a silent neighbor says:

    oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you cant tolerate”boys being boys” try leaving next door to a public school………………….. omg!!!! i do!!!!! the neighbors are scared to be on the street when they are let out of their cage

  11. sheaa heshel fasten says:

    I leared in that building for three years and I could tell you that gorge is the one getting the boys angry and he just sits by the window and waiting for the boys to do something so he could come out and scream and call 911 he just dosent have what to do with his time so he is keeping himself busy with calling down CBS….

  12. SAM says:

    to stephi#1 you just simply hate jews i live right across a public school & its pretty scary when they get realeased i deont complain but its really sickening.

  13. stephi says:

    If any kids did what these kids are doing, you be sure the police would be involved the politicans would be yelling for an investigation. The hasidics aren’t jews they are a cult. I live in Boro Park, and they run around wild. No parents watching them, Just kids watching kids. If other kids were doing this at a Yeshiva, it would be on the front page of the newspapers. They are of a mind do asI say don;t do what I do. They are the ones who are racist and antisemic. All the other jews can;t stand them. The are not taught to respect other people and religion.

    1. Eli says:

      Give me some of the stuff you smoking….

    2. Joe says:

      it is jewish antisemites like you that make me happy that I don’t live in NY anymore – outside of NY we don’t have such disrespectful people like yourself who hate us Hasidic Jews

      1. Reuven Kerner says:

        it’s the same but different. in brooklyn they disrespect you to ur face. in aventura the guy sitting near you in shul jax the price of a kosher rotiserie chicken from 7-9 and smiles. the other dude went to $11. which is better?

    3. Ari says:

      yeah!! and that’s why Borough Park has such a high crime rate… you left that life so go ahead and get a life and stop hating yourself

    4. Reuven Kerner says:

      everyone is different. all the other jews CAN stand them. don’t be so mean. complain directly to the police. period. BTW are you an expert on cults or are you just ignorant?

  14. Eli says:

    Oh really, teenagers being rowdy…must be a really slow news day…..why the hell does a local dispute get beyond a phone call to 911 or 311, aren’t there authorities to handle problems like these? Is this on the news because the boys are Hasidim….?

  15. a rebble says:

    Jay I went to that Yeshivah I have a lot if info for u can you contact me?

    1. J. Toro says:

      Thanks for your comment. Please forward any info to Jay Dow.

  16. Robert says:

    I bet the camera is fake. NO WAY they are reprimanding those kids.

  17. Balboos HaGadol says:

    How said.

    Judaism is an amazingly beautiful religion, the source of justice. Demands for honesty in dealings.

    Then come along the the small groups ultra-orthodox, who’ve basically hijacked the face of the religion and (due to distinguishing garments are easily identified) bring shame upon majority.

    Albert Einstein, Jonas Salk (and Sabin!), George Gershwin, and others are the present a truer face. In every field they fulfill the biblical prophesy that the lands they dwell in will be blessed for their sake.

    Then along come what are oft termed ‘Black Hats’ – with some exceptions, they border on being cults. Socially isolated from societies mainstream, they’ve no care what image they portray – nor its effect on others.

    So as you shake your head, as I do, in disbelief – remember please, these are a minority fringe – consider them as such.

    1. nyc says:

      I agree they are isolated from mainstream society and brainwashed ! Any and I mean any extreme religion practice is dangerous !

    2. book says:

      Don’t fool your self, whoever that hates Jews doesn’t make a difference between Hasidic or whatever, they hate Jews just because they are Jews.

      1. Mike says:

        @Book, not true! People hate Hasidic’s because they are crooked, dirty loner’s. There are exceptions to every rule, and I’m sure that there are kind, hasids that care about non-hasids, but do not compare normal Jews with the cult members we know as hasidm.

  18. jay says:

    hey Mr. Toro if we called another bunch of kids “animals” wouldnt we be called racist

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