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Sweeny Says: Is A-Rod Overrated?

By Sweeny Murti
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Alex Rodriguez is the baseball player other baseball players think is the most overrated? Makes me wonder why we bother asking players anything at all sometimes.

I’ve taken my shots at A-Rod over the years, but mostly because of the stupid things he tends to say and do OFF the field. Let’s face it—the guy belongs in the Stupid Things Said and Done Hall of Fame. On the field, the answer is pretty simple. He’s not overrated—others are just jealous.

There are certainly players that don’t like Rodriguez, and that’s ok. I’m sure Dallas Braden is one of them. I think Trot Nixon used to be one of them. If the SI poll question was “name the most hated player” then I’m quite certain A-Rod would win in a landslide of Reagan/Mondale proportions.

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But to call A-Rod overrated is nothing but jealousy. His talent is rivaled by only a handful and he’s combined that with the ability to parlay it into a long career and put up astronomical numbers. I get that the steroid scandal hurts the overall impact. I have a hard time myself trying to separate the players from the era, but I also recognize a few of the elite players (Bonds, A-Rod, Clemens) were elite players before they felt the stupid need to reach for more.

But all that’s irrelevant here. How exactly is A-Rod overrated? In what area of the game has he not excelled on the field for the last decade and a half? The postseason failures were well documented, but A-Rod threw that monkey off his back in 2009. He is now a World Championship player forever and there isn’t anything the haters can say about it.

Even A-Rod seemed pleasantly amused that the subject that forced a dozen reporters around his locker was as benign as this one. Listen here to the informal session with reporters Tuesday afternoon in Oakland:

What’s the expression — “Don’t hate the player, hate the game?” In A-Rod’s case it should be “Go ahead and hate the player, everybody else does… but don’t hate his game.”

Sweeny Murti

Well, is A-Rod overrated? Make your case to Sweeny in the comments below…

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One Comment

  1. Joe says:

    “Does everyone really hate A-Rod?” I think not. That should be the next article written.

  2. Judy says:

    I dont think you can say that A-Rod still says stupid things off the field because he has not done that in the last three years. Second, I also don’t really think he is the most hated. I think it is easy to say those things because I think general opinion is changing about A-Rod since 2009. While I agree with Sweeny’s overal premise, I wish he would not always just fall back on the usual statements about A-Rod, which as a person who also watches the Yankees all the time, I think are just not true any longer.

  3. Edwin says:

    At one point he was considered the best player on earth, so how can or could he be overrated? What bothers people is that he got the largest contract in baseball which every player wish they could get. I wish I was him overrated.

  4. Hector says:

    The funny thing about the SI article is that most of the players overrated wear a Yankees or Red Sox uniform.

    It seems that the players asked in this poll have never won a WS title, an MVP, have the fame and fortune of those names A-Rod, Jeter, Papalbon and so forth.

    Jeter & A-Rod were in the poll in 2009 and at the end of the year both had a World Series ring, with A-Rod killing the pitchers in the post-season, so much for overrated.

  5. Richard Murphy says:

    you would want him on your team. who you kiddn

  6. SI Overrated says:

    Sports Illustrated is what’s over-rated. Who cares what other players think of other players.

  7. Tommy C says:

    I wouldn’t say overrated maybe overhyped.would be a better explanation I would love to have him on my team any day and thank god he is .

  8. Ellen says:

    Look, I’m a Red Sox fan, OK. And I thought that calling A-Rod overrated was a bit stupid myself. Sounds like a lot of jealousy coming from some of these athletes.

  9. Nick says:

    A-Rod is a lot of things but over rated is not one of them. I’m not even going to quote numbers. There is no reason to. He is one of the greatest players to step foot on a baseball field. The players who called him overrated are simply jealous or have personal reasons to dislike him which they should have the balls to take up with him personally rather than cowardly hide behind anonymity. Oh and SI is full of tools!

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