Beating Caught On Tape On New York City Subway Train Uploaded To YouTube

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s not even summer yet things are already heating up underground.

A fight between passengers on a New York City subway train was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday. It is yet another example of the bizarre world that’s beneath our feet.

In the video, a man wearing glasses, a blue, Hawaiian-style shirt and what appears to be a blue doo-rag with a pattern on it can be seen through the subway doors raining punches down on another man.

VIDEO: Subway Beating Caught On Tape

A woman and a man appear to be trying to separate the two combatants, but to no avail. Earlier in the video, a woman outside the car knocks on the doors in an apparent effort to stop the fight.

When they are all unsuccessful, the beating becomes more intense. The man in the Hawaiian shirt can be seen gripping a handful of the other man’s hair and sends six more punches directly into his face.

The person on the receiving end of the punches gets hit at least 17 times in the 1:39 video. The apparent victim here doesn’t land a single one of his own.

According to the information uploaded with the video, the brawl began over a seat on the train.

The actual where and when of the video are unclear.

It’s just the latest subway attack that has been caught on tape. We’ve previously seen a man strip down to his briefs and pole dance during a flash moba brawl that began over a bowl of spaghetti, the confrontation between “Bloody Loco” and a cool passenger, and a naked man’s meltdown, among others.

What gives on the subway system? Do you have any additional information on the incident? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. jay says:

    so i guess all white people are rednecks who have sex with their cousins, daughters, and little girls trapped in their backyard, etc….hopefully you can see how ridiculous almost all of these comments are…veiled racism on the internet

    1. Jay says:

      No Jay, only you have sex with your daughters and cousins. You are the racist here – and a very dumb one at that.

    2. LexTerrae says:

      @jay: Consider the incidence of black crime – violent crime and property crime – per capita and the same incidence of red-neckery or incest per capita among whites. Your post is banal, mindless, uninformed, and senseless. It is horrible that blacks have not taken advantage of the last 150 years of legal emancipation and the last 50 years of social preference granted by the law. When will it change? Ever? Please don’t insult our intelligence trying to make them victims. If you can explain the failure of the black community to improve its culture in other terms, we will listen. Otherwise, please keep paucity of your probity to yourself.

      1. Major Variola says:

        If you could get rid of 50% of all violent criminals
        by getting rid of 10% of the population…

      2. Michael D says:

        My wife and I were on the train when this incident happened. It actually started when the white guy (the black guys lover) started hitting him and then on the platform they started hugging and kissing, both inchoherent. We entered the subway car one down because we were not liking how they acted. When they got on train they started fighting, not sure how all this got into such racial comments above, it was not the case, guess I see how media gets the fact mixed up

      3. InTheBubble says:

        MIchael D: irrelevant. Who cares who they are? We’re not blind.

  2. MAJack says:

    Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Arm up America, your life may well depend upon it. That’s my answer to Hope and Change.

    1. Bill Brennan says:

      love this comment

    2. Bill says:

      Thats why I have my carry permit!

      1. Heru says:

        So you would shoot the guy over a seat on the subway? Wow. So what if the other person also has a gun? Over a Seat, really? You are that afraid?

      2. Joe Nemchek says:

        Heru – It’s not about shooting someone over a seat. It’s about protecting yourself from someone willing to kill YOU over a seat (or something else just as senseless). In case you’re too stupid to know, taking multiple punches to the head like that can cause serious damage or even death. The attacker was out of control. If the other guy had gone down and no one was there to at least slow him down, he could have literally beaten the guy to death. Spare us the moralizing.

      3. chipgiii says:

        For Heru….Yes I just might. Afterall it is quite clear that guy was willing to kill with a brutal beating for “just over a seat.” Does it really matter whether someone is willing to beat you to death or shoot you? I admit neither of these two are very bright (fighting over a subway street), but we see animals like this roaming among people every day in the news.

      4. wright23 says:

        I would not shoot someone over a seat but I would shoot a black man attacking me!

      5. dwayne says:

        smart man, me too!

      6. JOE says:


    3. Jim says:

      I, too, love this comment. The police are ineffectual. They can only do paperwork after the fact. Every person shoulld be allowed to be responsible for their own defense – trust no one else with that task.

      1. exiled conservative says:

        Truer words never spoken. The police win both ways. You do nothing and get attacked, they have a case. You fight back, they have a case. We need to be able to take care of ourselves. Nevermind the police. They are so useless when it counts.

      2. David Arbogast says:

        Lets not mix this with Racists – simple solution – The Victim should have been carrying a Glock 30 (sub-compact 45 caliber) – single shot center mass, end of beat down.

    4. Sista says:

      There is never a cop when u need one! Must be in there union rules!

      1. JW says:

        I think you mean “their” union rules, which is not why you don’t see one. Are you jealous of the benefits union employees receive, or angry because the big bad corporations may profit a little less because of them? CEOs need to eat, too.

      2. catblue422 says:

        How petty can one get trolling for spelling/grammar errors… the issue being talked about here is how vulnerable we are and how police officers (respect intended) cannot be everywhere all the time, and the need to defend one selves against nut cases like this one that believe he was more deserving of the other guys seat and will take it by any means.

        Further those in unions (teachers, city & state employees) that are paid by We the Tax Paying people, do not take away from “big bad corporations and CEO that need to eat too” it takes away from We the lowly taxpaying people

      3. JOE says:


    5. Bernie Goetz says:

      Who was Bernie Goetz?

      1. InTheBubble says:

        Wow! You remembered the ONE white guy who fought back when confronted by several threatening blacks. Good going?

      2. Ben says:

        An American hero, of which we could use thousands more…….

      3. Armed Patriot says:

        I often think of him. As an FFL dealer and a ccw carrying member of society., I think about it. Everytime someone on the street says, “Hey mister, can I have a dollar???” The hair on my neck stands just a bit.

      4. scott chester says:

        One of the good guys.

    6. Chris says:

      That’s not a fight, it’s a beatdown. Kudos to the man and especially the woman for getting in there to slow down the damage. You’d think he get tired throwing all those punches.

      Based on what I see posted on the internet, you are correct. There’s usually no one around to break up a beat down like this. It appears people are more violent these days, but this may just be the Internet and cell phones with cameras simply proving that people have been out of control all along, but you just couldn’t view the insanity.

    7. BamBam says:

      If all the thugs were shot and killed, there wouldn’t be any crime. Get rid of them all…

    8. Dennis says:

      I want to be a part of it -New York, New York!

    9. DirtbagsRus says:

      So true… Allowing DECENT citizens to legally carry could have stopped this right after it started, quickly. Stats have showed that when they enact legal carry in cities/counties, violent crime goes down. What most people don’t realize is that criminals (Thugs like the one pictured here going WAY overboard regarding a dispute over a seat) are opportunists. Opportunists are immature and incapable of dealing with “Rationalization”. What they can’t deal with is NOT knowing who’s armed and not, they don’t like this, and they go elsewhere, or, worse, end up on the business end of a pistol. In fact, this was a deadly use of force issue, if he would have not ceased and desisted on his action, I would have shot him. And, btw, I don’t care what color he is, it doesn’t matter. Personally, the guy intervening should have broken his neck, and he would have been justified. America has to stand up to these thugs.. What’s the difference between Dirtbags like this and terrorists? None. They make us alter our lives to negate the risk, plain and simple. Do away with them and/or allow citizens to protect themselves, cause as we turn our society from LIons to Lambs, the food supply for Hyena’s increases and so does their opportunistic actions (like this).

      1. Leslie says:

        Why do you need a lethal gun to gain such protection? How about just a taser?

    10. Mr. Weiner says:

      Obviously that guy must have done something to deserve this.

      1. GAlanJag says:

        Obviously. It could NEVER happen that one person is just not right in the head or perhaps even (shakling off a chill running up my spine) he could be a hate filled racist who has finally blown his top and decided that he was going to kill “whitie” with his hands. As long as we’re talking in hypotheticals, mine is every bit as valid as yours.

      2. wallyintouch says:

        What a stupid f’n assumption. Based on your logic, you are black, right?

      3. David Arbogast says:

        Another dull tool in the shed. I personally have been on the bottom of a gang beatdown. I did nothing more than being son of a college cop. (The gang were all in high school at the time)

    11. Tom Walter says:

      .45 cal Hidden In My Waste Band 24/7. Carry Permit In My Back Pocket. Never Go With Out.

      1. Heru says:

        Carrying and killing are two different things entirely. Ever killed someone? I hope you never have to and live with it the rest of your life.

    12. jd says:

      While I do support carrying firearms, it is scary your metality, that you feel so insecure you need to carry a gun at all times cause you feel the world is going to collapse. And when you do kick the bucket, are you gonna tell the man upstairs you killed a man over something so trivial, even though he was wrong. Be a real man, learn to box or fight.

      1. GAlanJag says:

        No, JD, he’ll tell God that he shot a man not over a seat on the subway but because the guy was trying to beat him to death. Additionally, “Be a real man and learn to fight or box?” Really?? So do I have this right, it’s more manly to beat someone either to death or into the hospital than to shoot him? Why? You sound like the idiot in the movies who keeps telling his opponent to put the gun down and let’s fight like men. I’d just shoot the idiot and go on about my business.

      2. 2nd amendment rocks says:

        Carrying has nothing to do with being afraid. You carry becuase you never know when someone will want to take what’s yours, including your life. If you carry all the time, you’re always prepared. According to the law, if you carry only when you think you might need it, you have just shown pre-meditation. If the lawyer asks why you were carrying and your reply is “I always carry everywhere I go”, then there is no pre-meditation. And boxing against someone with a gun, or when 4-5 thugs jump you, is not the most effective method for self defense.

        You don’t shoot someone over a seat, you shoot someone who is trying to beat you to death because they want YOUR seat. There’s a difference.

    13. YH says:

      100% correct MAJack! I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    14. David Arbogast says:

      Excellent !! As my Dad (30 year cop) used to say, “Its better to be judged by 12 than buried by 6” – and he NEVER left home w/o being armed.

      Even if Texas had subways, this would NOT happen there, anymore than cars get Jacked there – EVERY law abiding citizen can carry 😀

  3. Osamas Pajamas says:

    The problem is cultural — not racial. The mass black culture sucks but there are individual black conservatives and libertarians who are very civilized — they won’t take any shxt from anyone but they won’t go looking for trouble, either.

    1. exiled conservative says:

      Ahhh yes ! !! So there’s a problem with letting people know you will defend yourself? Only a liberal would think that’s wrong. You pansy. ” A liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet.”

    2. Juicy says:

      The black man didn’t create this culture. He is a victim.
      Hollywood and LA recording studios created this trash.
      Those people also created this thug culture. Hollywood violence. Hollywood smut. And all that trash they promote as music and art.
      No, black man didn’t do any of that. He doesn’t own the studios or make all the money.

      Who praises diversity?
      Who fought to pass legislation for 1 million plus immigrants a year?
      Who fought to take morals out of the schools and the public sphere?
      Who fought for school bussing and integration for black and real Europeans?
      Who runs the porn industry?
      Who is instrumental in the trashing of our culture?
      Who is always involved with the decay of nations?
      Who got all those bail outs for financially destroying world’s economy.
      Not any African.

      1. R F Carpenter says:

        JUICY……. The Black Culture is responsible for where it is……
        NO ONE ELSE…. It’s easier to be a victim than it is to do the WORK involved in educating your self, it’d much less of an effort to blame the educational system than it is to drag your unemployed butt out of bed and head to the Public Library and read a book….. Morality is also the responsibility of the INDIVIDUAL…. Don’t blame your parents, the porn industry or Whitey …. It’s all a choice and choices have consequences…… Just Look Around….

      2. p3orion says:

        No, “the black man” didn’t do a lot of those things. But he voted more than 95% to empower those who did.

      3. Stan says:

        Typical Liberal comment: “it’s Society’s fault” Over 50% single parent black families; kids having kids, listening to angry, nervous Rap “Music’ what the hell? Hey Juicy, people need to take responsibility for their own actions. “Get it? Blaming others is a prescription for failure and low self-esteem. To expect less from Black people as you seem to do, is a form of racism. People have equal opportunities; there is no equality of outcome.

      4. InTheBubble says:

        Ashkenazi gypsies, of course.

      5. madmax says:

        Juicy you are clear on the concept.

      6. Cindylou says:

        Juicy, are you trying to say that blacks cannot think for themselves? I mean, bottom line me here. Either you have a mind of your own or you don’t. If not, then maybe slavery wasn’t as off mark than previously thought? I’m trying to get my head around the fact that because you are surrounded by Hollywood (gee, I’ve never snorted coke even though I’ve seen Scarface!) that you have NO CONTROL over your actions. Is that what White America is to believe? That if something is put in your face, you don’t have the ability to say no? Be very careful here.

      7. Guess Who says:

        The answer to your question is “J ews”. We Whites never voted for this c rap.

      8. Ben says:

        The J Rats……..the planets penultimate virus……

      9. pat says:

        We need more hispanics, legal or illegal, to dilute out this cramp and to stand up to these thugs. White people are too weak to protect themselves.

      10. Vlad says:

        What an impressive litany of excuses.
        Almost as sad as the fools blaming jews.
        Jews do not control Blacks, liberals defend black culture as “equal”.
        Blacks can not control themselves, that is the problem.
        Jewish culture is non-violent.
        Black culture is violent.
        Liberals, regardless of their race, believe by giving the violent blacks freebies they can control them, but it has failed.

      11. Ray Sestman says:

        Although I agree that liberals, progressives, and marxists are a scourge to society, you are completely naive if you think “the black man” is a victim–and not an active participant. The massive violence and rabid rapes in the African Congo have NOTHING to do with “thug culture” that was created in America. The rash of black-immigrant rapes that are forcing blonde women in sweden to dye their hair black and live in fear have NOTHING to do with American thug culture.

        American thug culture simply can’t explain the savagery exhibited by “the black man” in locations all across the globe where that culture doesn’t exist. Look at Haiti or the congo.

        The fact is: every place in the world where there is “the black man” there is barbaric, primitive, animalistic savagery. This savagery exist despite the culture (or lack thereof). I would say that it’s just allowed to flourish and used as a crutch under a system of handouts, political correctness, and disingenuous unaccountability.

      12. Alx1775 says:

        Dear Juicy,
        Who praises diversity?
        Who fought to pass legislation for 1 million plus immigrants a year?
        Who fought to take morals out of the schools and the public sphere?
        Who fought for school bussing and integration for black and real Europeans?
        Who runs the porn industry?
        Who is instrumental in the trashing of our culture?
        Who is always involved with the decay of nations?
        Who got all those bail outs for financially destroying world’s economy.
        LIBERALS. President Bush failed here, taking advice from Wall Street Liberals who have continued under President Obama.
        Not any African.
        Not so true, but mostly so.
        Vote Libertarian. Vote conservative. Free yourselves!

      13. John Daniel says:

        Juicy you are the typical uninformed moron with just enough “education” to be dangerous to yourself and anyone that would bother to listen to you.You are a racist. Run a Google search for Africa and add the words, child rape, murder, gang rape, aids, drug abuse, world crime rate, world murder rate, genocide, government corruption, and any other problem that is destroying the world. Who do you think is at the forefront of these crimes in Africa? White men? No it is the Negro population. BLACKS, as you prefer to be called are proving themselves to be the criminals of the planet. Non-blacks have tolerated your disgusting ways long enough, you are long over due payback. Blacks are all freaking out in the USA because their first and last Black President turned out to be one of them in character and trait, just another arrogant jive talking fool that is in it for themselves and to hell with everybody else. You got what you deserved, one of your own.

      14. wilhelm says:



      15. justin says:

        The ADL?

      16. Rowdy Boots says:

        Yes, All Black men are Victimc

        Yes, Hollywood created this trash that Black Culture embraces and thrives on

        No Black man makes money on Thug Rap Gangsta Culture





    3. john locke says:

      Have you ever thought that the reason the culture is the way it is is because of the their race. Small numbers of conservative blacks is not evidence that the problem is not race.

    4. Off Duty says:

      Your comments defy reason……all of ’em!

    5. Cindylou says:

      absolutely agree with “rebuttal” here. Never seen a neighborhood get BETTER due to an influx of blacks. Never!

    6. Scott says:

      At least, we aren’t hacking each other to death with machetes! How many group beatings have you seen lately by a group of whites. This type of behavior is getting worse by the day. Imagine if it were the other way around with nukes………one would be going off every day. 7-11s would be getting robbed at nukepoint.

    7. Ben says:

      Gosh, what are the odds that the ‘cultural and racial’ happen to be one and the same……if you DON’T believe blacks are an overall menace to decent society, you’ve drank just enough koolaid…………..

    8. Ray Sestman says:

      The majority of pitbulls don’t randomly attack humans. Many pitbulls are very nice and great family pets. Does this mean, when I see a pitbull in my path as I walk down the street, I should continue walking that direction? Should I let my kids try to pet it? Of course not…I’m going to avoid that pitbull, keep my children away from it, and assume the worst for safety’s sake.

      You can say I’m prejudiced against pitbulls. And I may very well miss out on meeting a really great dog–maybe even a loving family pet. I’m completely OK with that. I’m more than willing to sacrifice your opinion about my biases, and my ability to potentially meet a good dog, for the piece of mind that comes from knowing one simple fact. I’LL NEVER GET BIT BY A PITBULL.

    9. GetReal says:

      Heru; Do you have a spouse or children? Re: your earlier comment on the silliness of fighting over a seat…If someone jumped on one of your family members and was about to beat them to death, how would YOU try to reason with the beater? Asking tthem to “Please stop and let us talk about it” probably wouldn’t work too well, especially for your loved one.

    10. Lee0521 says:

      That doesn’t even make sense. No one is nuking anyone. The corrupt Marxist BLACK leaders in Africa would nuke their own people in a minute. They are too busy living in mansions, living off the poverty of their own people to worry about nukes. Black Moslems in Africa are enslaving black Christians by the thousands and who do you think is trying to stop it? WHITE Christians, that’s who.

    11. Gavrick says:

      About 5% of blacks self identify as conservative. If you can find some way to separate the other 95% from us, then I’d be perfectly happy living next door to Alan Keyes or Walter Williams. That said, their children may turn out to be thugs, too.

  4. brendan says:

    wow, you people are sick. some of these comments are worse than the video.

    1. jim says:

      You made a claim, but offered no examples to back that claim. What comments, specifically, do you think are worse than the video?

      1. Gavrick says:

        Unfortunately, brendan is a brainwashed moron.

    2. TWC says:

      Wrong. Not one comment is worse than that video.

    3. InTheBubble says:

      Your mommie’s calling, Brendan . . . she has your milk and cookies!

    4. Ray Sestman says:

      you’re sick if you can look at the news and honestly say there isn’t a problem with negroid savagery. How willfully ignorant can you be?

    5. John Daniel says:

      Grow the hell up, Brendan. Get off the PC, out of your room, and out from under your liberal mom’s influence. Want to see the real world? Go take a stroll in your local black neighborhood on a Saturday night.

  5. pat riott says:

    PLEASE PEOPLE, i BEG of you….

    if you are going to film a fight on your cellphone…..


    NOT 9:16!!!

    there is a reason no one turns their TV on its side to watch.


    1. Kim Doogle says:


    2. InTheBubble says:

      You mean you DON’T watch TV lying on your side?

  6. Osamas Pajamas says:

    Every FREAK likes a captive audience — and captive victims.

  7. Joe Guzman says:

    Time to pack a gun. The savages are out of control

    1. Jack Wood says:

      I pack one everyday. Let the thugs guess who I am.

    2. InTheBubble says:

      I pack two. You never know.

    3. Ray Sestman says:

      They are cowards. They usually attack in packs, from behind, or with weapons. IF they attack one on one, they only do so if they view their intended victim as being NO THREAT. I, personally, carry a big fixed blade knife on my hip–and make sure it’s visible. Simply seeing it provokes them to move on to easier targets.

      I actually walked out of a local business the other day and there were three negroids walking right by. Instantly one said to the other, “that’s a big knife”. Of course they noticed instantly… they are instinctively sizing up every person they see as potential victims. I aint no f*cking victim, and I welcome you to try and convince me otherwise. =)

      1. Gabbagool says:


        You go internet tuff-gurl!

      2. Anthony Weiner says:

        They we’re fighting over a sexted pic of my balloon knot.

  8. I quit being liberal today says:

    I am a flaming liberal, and you are beginning to convince me of your case.

    1. United we stand says:

      Convincing? Google this…. channon christian and christopher newsome….

      You’ll need no convincing…this is Obama’s America version of hope and change…. No jobs for 45% of black men… rising crime and slaves to the Democrat party who lie to hold blacks down… Keep them down and angry and blame the white tax payer who pays the entitlement bill…

      the communist Obamunist plan to destroy America and the dumb blacks fall for the Amerika plan…
      Wake up people …we are all Americans…Obama was not raised here and hates us all along with his racist wife

  9. b da truth says:

    Does a day go by anymore when Blacks aren’t behaving like savages somewhere?

      1. Oculus III says:


    1. Ray Sestman says:

      Please stop using the term “blacks” to refer to them. I find it offensive. By labeling them blacks, you subconsciously contribute to the myth that the differences between us are only skin deep. There is far more differentiation between us than the mere shade of their skin. These “blacks”, as you call them, also have smaller brains, thicker skulls, lower IQ’s, greater propensity to violence, more aggression, less impulse control, and more savage/primitive instincts.

      If you could bleach them all, so that their skin is no longer “black”, these traits–the REAL differences between us–would persist. They’d still be flash mobbing, gang beating, drive by shooting, gang raping, stealing, and contributing NOTHING but pain and sorrow to society.

      I’m very offended that your term “blacks” lets PC liberals claim that you only feel that way because “they are black”. This simply isn’t true–I’m sure their coloration has little to do with your sentiments.

      The scientific term is “negroid” and I think it’s more appropriate. Thank you.

  10. din higgins says:

    blacks are a discrace

    1. Ray says:

      discrace??? What is that?

      Your spelling is a discrace!

      1. chech says:

        Maybe he means they are a race of discs: a discrace

      2. Knowledge says:

        A race of discs. Unreal.

        We live in a racist world. Every corner of the planet you will find one group who hates the next. Whites hating blacks. Blacks hating Koreans. Whites hating whiter whites. Christ even albinos are hunted in Tanzania! The answer is…we can’t all get along as groups of people. But if we try individually to love one another, person by person, creed by creed, religion by religion, etc by etc…then Judgement Day won’t be so bad for you. Not that you have to believe in God and love your neighbor, but I highly recommend it.

  11. Peter says:

    Another example why CCW Carry is essential for Law Abiding people.

  12. HarryObrian says:

    To anyone wanting to stop a fight like that, poke the attacker in the eyes, seriously, they’ll stop right quick.

    1. just another white says:

      people forget trash comes in all shapes and color…its time for us all to make a change start with yourself.

  13. dump28usn says:

    Where’s Jessie and Al? They should be on the subway demonstrating on this evil white person hurting the black guys hand!

  14. Joe says:

    Why won’t these punks fight back?! I would have knocked him on big black ass!!!

    1. sick of it too says:

      they pick on people they know are soft-i taught my son carry yourself as if you are tough to take(and be tough to take, and the coloreds will leave you alone). these ar not brave people down deep-its starting to look like a civil war-one sided of course

    2. Ray Sestman says:

      if he thought back he’d be chastised in our lame stream media as being racist!

  15. Japes Macfarland says:

    The tea party must be stopped!!!

    1. Red says:

      What the hell does the TEA party have to do with a black beating up on a white on the subway? Are you some kind of dumb ass or what?

      1. Gavrick says:


        Or, perhaps it was a joke?

    2. MAJack says:

      Japes missed his dose today, clearly.

    3. Shad Appayouface says:

      Japes would you please stop molesting children and urinating in all the train stops.
      Oh and we’re going to crush the life out of your party in 2012, so please feel free to catch the next train head on.

    4. TSOL says:

      Japes has a sense of humor, unlike some.

  16. Joel says:

    Wait, a black man in NYC beating up a white person? That NEVER happens. Certainly not a lot of times in the 70’s/80’s (when I grew up there). Wow…how surprising. I guess it’s clearly not a hate crime, right media?

  17. JOe Dutra says:

    The attacker thought he was in a McDonalds.

    1. madeintheshade says:

      LOL! this is the best! Would like a can of Whoop Ass with your chicken nuggets?

  18. WP says:

    Darwin called the negros “apes and savages”. I could not agree more.

    “At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes, as Professor Schaaffhausen has remarked, will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the Negro or Australian and the gorilla”

    1. Gavrick says:

      “anthropomorphous apes.”

      That’s way better than Negro!

  19. sailordude says:

    The person who posted it on youtube gave a in depth rundown on where it happenned and the time, why doesn’t the newspaper scroll down the comments and contact the person who took the video?

  20. buckbamboo says:

    I travel the subway once a year and when I do, I’m armed to the teeth. b

  21. DP says:

    It is clear the city is incompetent to operate a civilized subway – given that that may include management of people who do not realize they are not entitled to behave that way. They should be required to shut the entire system down permanently.

    1. madeintheshade says:

      I think all white people should be forced to give piggy back rides to anyone of color. Unless they are half black half white, they will be given motorized carts.

  22. brookly says:

    that was not a fight, that was attempted murder… no justice no peace works both ways.

  23. truth teller says:

    they’re getting worse. they’re actually getting worse since he got elected. They’re so done and its not funny.

    1. James Crow says:

      Take heart.Always snows hardest right before it ends.

  24. poochi moochie says:

    “That man doesn’t seem to land one of their own.”
    This kind of grammar in journalism is the real crime.

  25. gvtuber says:

    I love Texas!

    1. ray says:

      Crime Data Comparison: NYC v Houston with National number (per 100,000 people)

      Murder: 7.3 18.2 7
      Forcible Rape: 13.12 41.18 32.2
      Robbery: 287.9 548.3 205.8
      Aggravated Assault: 329.6 561.7 336.5
      Burglary: 271.1 1295.7 813.2
      Larceny Theft: 1412.9 3524.6 2601.7
      Vehicle Theft: 195.2 1017.2 501.5

  26. now ay says:

    more blacks behaving badly

    its normal

    if te attacker were white it would be all over the news

    dare you to look at crime stats by race

    btw im hispanic

  27. cecil says:

    Riots, flash mobs, fights, you name it right on down to highest numbers in prison population and who is it? Yep, that’s right.

    1. Milt says:

      Amen, Cecil. Gosh, isn’t it strange how 40 years of being lavished with entitlement programs and being given a preferred status have backfired on them and the rest of society in the worst way?

      1. Michael D says:

        My wife and I were on the escalator when these two men approached the platform of the subway. The white guy was choking the black guy on the escalator and the black guy was totally in shock. The white guy begging the black guy to make up and come home. Prior to the subway pulling up they started hugging and kissing. We purposely moved down platform. When we entered our train car people started rushing out of the car in front of us as they started fighting. NYC police finally got to the scene and took them off the subway, it stopped the E train for 15 minutes.

        1. Melissa says:

          That sounds like a [gay] lover’s quarrel. It doesn’t sound pure ghetto, which is what was amply demonstrated on the mobile phone video.

  28. Ted Sheckler says:

    Thomas Hobbes said we are all born savages and our society civilizes us. It seems a certain segment of our population never got the memo. When you have 3 or 4 generations of men growing up without fathers or role models, this is what you get. Some “people” just have no clue how to behave around civilized human beings. Unfortunately, I don’t think we can expect this to change anytime in the near future.

    1. madeintheshade says:

      How do you explain radical islam?

      1. mootymoo says:

        What a dumb comeback. Typical internet idiot, always ready with the pointless return question.

      2. jimmerz says:

        Radical islam have had even more that the 3-4 generations to learn to be civilized, and they don’t seem to have gotten a clue either!

      3. FD says:

        You are wrong prove it moron

      4. STevah says:

        Never mind “radical”; standard Islam, or worship of their moon god, is a murderous Jew-hating conspiracy. Islam is hell-bent on world domination by violence. It is a collection of people who have been brainwashed to agree that to lie is acceptable, in the name of their god. They have their version of salvation only through killing others. It is a devilish plan.

    2. Gavrick says:

      Just remember:

      War is Peace
      Love is Hate
      Diversity is our Strength

  29. JohnG says:

    No surprise who was being violent and who was the victim. I appreciate the man trying to break it up but if you are going to involve yourself in a situation like that you need to come in strong yourself. Weakly trying to separate it aint gonna do a thing. There are far too many weak people in our society. I guess they figure they’ll wait until the authorities arrive. But by that time a buck whose had a taste of blood can go even more wild. You have to understand a buck grows more brave the more weakness you show. They thrive off of it.

    1. gvtuber says:

      True, bro.
      If you want to break it up, you gotta subdue the aggressor – choke hold, taser.

      1. madeintheshade says:

        I once saw a guy like that get taken out with a deep fried chicken leg!

    2. exiled conservative says:

      Actually, if he had tried to stop the attacker with any more force, he probably would have been charged with a hate crime. So can’t really blame the guy for doing little. It was all he could do without having to worry about going to jail for helping someone out.

  30. palidin says:

    what is wrong with some people to watch and do nothing? Too many whipped dog metrosexuals in large cities, who will not carry protection because your dipsh#it mayor says no, and then asks “where were the PO PO”? .

    Prepare to protect yourself, of put up with the beat down or worse.

  31. simon says:

    “What gives on the subway system?” Ummm …..Negroes???

    1. madeintheshade says:

      White people are fond of pets!

  32. Bill says:

    I’m glad I live far away from New York. And I’m never going there. That should make the animals happy. One less person to beat up or rob.

    1. TWC says:

      It sucks Bill. Take my word for it. Not that it’s dangerous so much that it’s filled to the brim with stupidity.

      I wish it wasn’t so but the comments are more informative about what’s going on than the dry reporting.

      We are decades past getting the straight story from the media.

  33. George Johnson says:

    You couldn’t DRAG me to NY city!!
    That place is about to implode,and I want to be as far away as possible from that sewer. You keep your outrageous taxes. You keep your failed “milti-culti”; BS.
    Just do me one favor, and that is, you STAY up there when it does implode. Don’t you dare come down south.

    1. GOD says:

      Actually lots of us have FAMILY DOWN SOUTH. Some of us were raised on farms and taught how to hunt. Lots of us know that we hold a gun properly (NOT side ways thug style) in order to hit our target. So if I were you I’d quit while I am ahead. : )

      1. madeintheshade says:

        Us Who?

      2. GOD says:

        “Us Who?”

        Figure it out!!! Don’t you guys claim to know everything?

      3. madeintheshade says:

        Hey god, do you think I will go to Hell? How can I be saved?

  34. Bawlamer Merlin says:

    This is, without a doubt, an attack carried out by Tea Party activists. All true liberals, er, uh, I mean, progressives, know that all crimes committed by black people stopped the day Obama became President. Also, if you watch all the Law & Order shows, you’ll know that all violent crime in NY is the fault of rich white people and their children.

    1. Joel says:

      Bing. The tea party did it again! The racist armed to the teeth tea party. If only they were as safe as inner city black people in NYC, Chicago, LA, DC, Baltimore, Philly…Anybody care to disprove my comment?

      1. madeintheshade says:

        Yeah! I will disprove it! I went to Bismark North Dakota once and didn’t see 1 black person commit a crime! So there!

  35. harry p.pickle says:


  36. adele says:

    what train is it?

  37. Greg Shugal says:

    I recorded this video…once I started being contacted by news outlets around NY, Check the youtube page again to read my testimony.

  38. Richard says:

    Careful now. Don’t state the obvious. The politically correct police will come after you!

  39. Dean Whitehead says:

    Gee go figure what race the guiy is.

  40. KAT says:


  41. PMM says:

    The cops are never around when you need them, and this dumb city NOT ONLY makes it impossible for the law abiding citizen to get a handgun carry permit, it’s even ilegal to carry a stun gun or pepper spray. It’s a criminal’s paradise. Of course the mayor is anti-gun ownership, while HE is surrounded by body guards.

    1. Malachi says:

      you can buy pepper spray if over 18 and no can buy at a licensed dealer, you can look up online where to buy

  42. TruthTella says:

    That black guy is ready for the UFCs NYC debut!

  43. James says:

    This has nothing to do with Police. Who are useless in general and only show up after the fact to make matters worse. It is a simple matter of the times we are living in. People are worried, frustrated, exhausted and upset. Nataurally, things like this are going to happen. Try to help someone when you can if you see they are in need or in trouble, even if it is to listen with empathy.

    1. Ava says:

      Great comment, James. God Bless.

  44. joe says:

    what a p*ssy the guy didn’t even fight back, that guy wasnt even delivering strong blows……..both of them are weak

  45. The Facts says:

    While uniformed police officers are at times found on station platforms there appears to be few if any actually riding on the trains. There was a time long ago when there was actually a uniformed officer on every train in the system. Maybe some thought should be given to reestablishing the Transit Police as a separate dedicated entity. In any event, the police force is well below optimal strength. We have our mayor and city council to thank for this deplorable situation.

  46. General says:

    Society in it entirety has become a society of animals. Respect one another and this wouldn’t happen. Have the police enforce the most basic of laws and may people like this would be less inclined to behave like savages. Savages all of you.

  47. ABC1234 says:

    Brave woman. she should get some kind of medal for trying to break up the fight.

  48. nyc says:

    Where are the police ? I never see police on the subways. I remember always seeing cops on the subways, not anymore ! I t’s a jungle down there with lots of savages and mentally ill people, help !

    1. MSavage says:

      They are busy giving tickets for walking between cars and taking up more than one seat on EMPTY trains. Guess that is more important.

      1. Laura says:

        While I agree that their recent spate of ticketing for feet on seats is just a revenue booster (the cop tried to feed me some line about making sure people don’t fall asleep and get robbed and subway insurance costs for the people who are robbed) I will say that at least on the G train I see a handful of cops riding the train daily.

  49. danny says:

    @Joe, and you belong in a pine box.

  50. Big Nard says:

    Welcome to New York.

    1. Native says:

      No, this is not NYC behavior. I’m fed up with idiot tourists, newly-arrived immigrants from Nebraska, and others whose view of NYC is derived from Seinfeld & CSI. This is MY briar patch, and the native born New Yorker may be impatient of fools and thugs, but is POLITE. The Goths and Vandals ought to go HOME, since they refuse to adapt.

      By the way, putting your dirty feet on a seat, so that the next person to sit their has his/her clothes ruined, is purely nasty, and deserves a fine!.

      1. Janice says:

        The native New Yorker is rude, obnoxious and over-opinionated–always willing to share their narrow-minded view even when unwelcome. ~Fellow Native New Yorker

      2. bluedog23 says:

        I don’t think tourists ae this issue; without their money the city would be charging for using the sidewalk.

      3. Rico says:

        Oh, that’s rich! Yes, I am sure this perp was an IMMIGRANT from NEBRASKA. It’s common knowledge that native new yorkers are the sal tof the earth.

        Pardon me while I go find my hip waders. It’s getting deep in here.

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