Heckler From ‘Howard Stern Show’ Interrupts Anthony Weiner During Resignation Speech

NEW YORK  (CBSNewYork) — As Brooklyn and Queens Representative Anthony Weiner announced his resignation Thursday afternoon, he was repeatedly interrupted by a celebrity heckler.

After apologizing to his neighbors, constituents and his wife Huma Abedin for getting involved in an online sexting scandal, the congressman was heckled by a writer and performer from the “Howard Stern” show, Benjy Bronk.

After Weiner uttered the words “today I’m announcing my resignation from Congress,” Bronk shouted out “bye bye pervert.”

As Weiner continued his speech, Bronk interrupted again, yelling “were you fully erect, the people demand to know.”

WATCH: Anthony Weiner’s Resignation News Conference

At that point, others gathered to hear Weiner’s speech at the Brooklyn Senior Center began getting frustrated, asking authorities to “throw him out.”

Weiner composed himself and continued his speech, only for the heckler to ask “are you more than seven inches?”

116573772 Heckler From Howard Stern Show Interrupts Anthony Weiner During Resignation Speech

Anthony Weiner announces his resignation June 16, 2011 in Brooklyn. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Weiner said his decision to resign was “so that I can continue to heal from the damage that I have caused.”

That decision came just a day after Abedin returned from a trip overseas with her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

It also followed a seemingly endless series of new, tawdry details of Weiner’s sexting scandal. On Wednesday, a former porn star held a news conference saying she would gladly appear before any House ethics investigatory committee to talk about the texts she exchanged with Weiner.

Weiner sought a two-week leave of absence foran unspecified treatment, before eventually succumbing to repeated calls for his resignation.

Bronk was also previously heard heckling Weiner during a news conference in which he admitted to posting lewd photos on Twitter.

  • Detlev Wulf

    I could care less about Weiner. Only watched the video because of Benji. Follow him on twitter….. @BRONK,

    Also listen to Howard Stern on sirius/xm radio. Channel 100 & 101

    Go Yankess

  • Rick

    I’m glad Weiner resigned it was about time. But the heckler was out of line. At the very least he should have waited for Weiner to complete his statement. After that I wouldn’t have had a objection to him joining the rest of the “Press” with one moronic question after another.

  • ed but

    who cares?

  • anon

    Benjy was not the one who said bye bye pervert. Wasn’t his voice. That was a bit overly mean. Benjy’s questions were no more absurd than the situation itself, and no less valid than the inane and repetitive questions the reporters would have asked.

  • nathan

    If he had been sitting next to me Id have punched Bronk in the face.

    • Jesse

      gonna post the same comment on ever weiner story online?

  • yuri rochenko

    I’m not a fan of Howard, but if this caused Weiner more discomfort, then I say good move! Weiner deserves no courtesy and certainly no respect.

  • Joey Potsnpans

    Benjy, you’re the man but they should have had Richard and Sal pull a prank as well….

  • Vinnie from Queens

    First the Distraction of the Moment was Trump’s Birther Movement, now it’s Anthony Weiner the congressional Peter Tweeter; maybe we have collectiive procrastination becuase we truly don’t want to buckle down and face the hard economic issues like job creation and the poverty of the middle-class. This stupidity is more interesting?

  • Tony

    Howard Stern???? Another idiot that should go bye-bye……

  • mesaman

    I have always known the average IQ of Howard Stern watchers was at the room temperature level. This cretin verified it.

  • Nelson Muntz


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