B&C Morning Show: Craig’s NFL Workout Routine, NBA Draft Fun

Jerry “Rello” Recco began his update in a humorous way, poking fun at Donnie Walsh — or rather, the Knicks, for allowing him to call the shots at last night’s draft considering he will resign his position as the Knicks president of basketball operations at the end of the month.  We also heard about the Nets trading up and landing Marshon Brooks – a shooting guard out of Providence.

When Jerry moved onto the Mets, Eddie Scozzare was not paying attention, choosing rather to make certain his breakfast order was correct and Craig took notice.  Craigie’s mood quickly shifted though when Jerry mentioned the positive news surrounding David Wright, who has been cleared to resume baseball activities.  Suddenly Craig and Jerry were singing their little hearts out duet style.

While documenting  his devotion to getting into better shape, Craig just happened to mention that his current workout routine mirrors that of an NFL player and how his forearms are “popping” because of it…

LISTEN: Craig’s Workout Routine Mirrors that on an NFL Player (6/24)

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One Comment

  1. tmw says:

    Would Carton feel this way about the NBA Draft if it aired on another network besides ESPN, whose personalities are all off-limits to him and the station? And he has such a transparent disdain for the Nets, it’s a joke. Everything I’ve read has said that Deron Williams and the front office are close and have open communication, and that it’s at least 60-40, if not more, that he’ll resign. That’s not a guarantee, but it’s a far better chance than he keeps conveying/hoping. Strange, as a Met fan Carton keeps fawning all over the Yankees, while as a Knick fan he keeps taking shots at the Nets.

  2. Rick says:

    Hey Carton, so you think the Nationals “suck” are going to suddenly go in the tank after the resignation of their manager? They’ve only won 11 of their last 12 games in spite of him! And the Mets are going to go on a tear with David Wright back in 3 weeks, huh? You’re such a flip-flopper and so full of it. So I assume that a month from now if/when you’re proven to be dead wrong about the Nationals, you’ll go back and play this tape from June 24 and admit your mistake. We all clearly heard what you said and will clearly remember that.

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