Gotham Gossipist: Lady Gaga Sued For Allegedly Scamming ‘Monsters’

By Kimberly Rae Miller

There are going to be a lot of sad little monsters running around.  Lady Gaga is being sued for allegedly scamming them of their hard earned money.

When a massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on March 11, causing an estimated $200 billion worth of damage, Gaga asked her fans to show their support for Japan by purchasing “We Pray for Japan” wristbands from her website, with the proceeds from the sale going to support the people affected by the disaster.

Lady Gaga, a native New Yorker,  charged $5 for a wristband, another $3.99 for shipping and handling and $0.60 for tax.  It was that $0.60 for tax that raised a red flag for a Michigan based law firm, 1-800-LAW-FIRM.  Charitable organizations are tax-exempt, therefore if all the proceeds from the sale of the wristbands were in fact going to Japan, as Lady Gaga’s website claimed, there would be no need to charge that extra few cents.  When the law firm contacted Gaga’s charity they were told that some of the money was being retained, but did not disclose how much of the $5 million collected was actually going toward the relief efforts.

Ari Kresch, an attorney with 1-800-LAW-FIRM, released a statement regarding the class action racketeering suit, “I’m suing Lady Gaga simply to hold her accountable for giving the money that she was raising for charity to the cause that she was trying to raise it for.”

The firm doing the suing believes that Gaga’s charity inflated the shipping costs and pocketed the tax and excess shipping money.

Our hometown girl has yet to make a formal statement about the lawsuit, or the allegations being made against her.  In the meantime, if you’re looking to help the people of Japan, I hear the Red Cross and UNICEF don’t charge tax on your donation.

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  1. Dan says:

    “HI I USE THE INTERNET AND BELIEVE EVERYTHING IT TELLS ME *HEE HEE*” Obviously this is from a random law firm that believes suing a huge celebrity for a ridiculous accusation is going to either
    A) put them on the map as a good law firm (or)
    B) make them a LOT of money
    well i’m sure Lady GaGa has some better lawyers than the ones at 1800LAWFIRM (that’s legitimately their number!)

  2. Jimmy says:

    I bet t she’ll make good for it if there’s a problem. I think it’s pretty obvious that she’s a decent person.

  3. nathan says:

    stars at that level don’t get involved with minutiae like this. Besides she’s already a zillionaire, why risk your rep for a few extra pennies? Someone in her org did something wrong but it wasn’t her.

    1. mfenimore says:

      Nathan you are probably totally correct on this. Lady GaGa is NOT doing this herself and it’s her “business associates” that did all this. She probably said let’s help Japan, get something on the website to raise some money and then she was off to her next gig . . . totally clueless on the specifics. Unfortunately, just like any business, the president, leader, or however you want to compare it, is responsible for the actions of EVERYONE in the organization. Basically all she needs to go is get them in a room, put on a screaming fit and make some good threats making sure it doesn’t happen again. Then onward to her next gig.

  4. E says:

    i dont give 2 hoots about this freak!

  5. nyc says:

    She should be held legally accountable and refund all of the money if it is proven a scam !

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