New Jersey Lawmakers Closer To Letting ‘Sexting’ Teens Avoid Charges

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey teenagers caught texting or posting sexually explicit photos online could avoid prosecution under a measure approved by a state Senate panel Monday.

The measure targets “sexting,” the practice of sending explicit photos by cell phone, e-mail or Internet posts. It’s a nationwide problem that has confounded parents, school administrators and law enforcement.

The bill that cleared the Senate committee would give first-time offenders the chance to complete an education program.

The bill was unanimously approved in the Assembly in March. It now heads for a vote in the full Senate.

Lawmakers took up the issue after a 14-year-old New Jersey girl allegedly posted nude pictures of herself on MySpace and was arrested on child pornography charges last summer. She eventually received probation and court-ordered counseling.

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  • leroy slater

    i think that it should be legal to send what i want
    to to any body i want to.
    and they can not like it
    NOT TO MEAN there rights get in the way of my rights
    “shield thy own eyes naive” great britain about 1066 ad

  • DanTe

    I agree with this law. It’s always nice to see aspiring prostitutes, or “fun” girls. Does the guys good.

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