Police: Bed-Stuy Shooting Sparked By Drug Sale Dispute

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An early morning shooting left three people injured Wednesday in Brooklyn.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that a dispute over a drug sale may have sparked the violence in the hallway of the Louis Armstrong Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant around 4:30 a.m.

A 15-year-old girl, 17-year-old boy and a 21-year-old man were all shot in the back. A woman may have also been grazed on the hand during the shooting.

All of the victims were taken to local hospitals and everyone is expected to recover. Police have not yet made an arrest.


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  1. nathan says:

    What color were the shooters?


    I willl say it yet again.What needs to be done is have police set up some kind of stop and frisk in high-crime areas. Vehicle searches as well. (Everyone gets searched (white, black, Hispanic, male, female) except for very old and young). Even Korean for Rodin lol.

    Any contraband found gets confiscated, but NO FURTHER ACTION taken against such person unless they resist. Got 10 inch switchblade, an Uzi with a 100 shot clip, or 5000 kilos of cocaine? Confiscated, no questions asked and the person is let on their way. Got a stolen car? Take a walk home while car is returned to rightful owner.

    And I don’t want to hear about the somewhat outdated Constitution and violation of privacy. And neither willl the loved ones of whom had their RIGHT TO LIVE violated instead.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Actually, I would rather live in a place where “Koreans” are gunning for each other and myself than where the government is capable of invading my privacy at their whim without justification. Your right to live–as you call it–will become meaningless when the government takes aim at your other rights. In time, the government, with their unchecked power, will become the Koreans and the situation will be worse than before because the it will be done under the guise of the law.

      We should prosecute criminals and stop giving them free rides based on feigned drug addiction. If you look at the statistics, those that are really addicted to drugs, fail out of rehabilitation programs and keep doing drugs while armed robbers and drug dealers, whom were never addicts, pass with flying colors. Local DA’s offices throw them graduation ceremonies and they are turned loose with no criminal record, only to do it again and again. Your tax dollars hard at work.


        I can’t agree with you more on ending welfare, affirmative action, and so forth. But once again, that can not be done without hurting the feelings of “Koreans”. And since that is more important than the “right to live”, it will never be done. At least not in our lifetime anyway.

        And I think you actually mean “Norwegians”. Getting your races mixed up lol.

  3. Rodin says:

    This, like all other violent crime in the city, comes at the hands of the Koreans. They are always complaining about equal rights and lack of access to essential services, but when given a leg up in education and jobs with affirmative action, these Koreans squander every last opportunity. And, God forbid, you say something about it. The Koreans will label you a racist and Korean civil rights leaders will call for boycotts of your businesses. Koreans never stop having children, and never do you see a Korean father with his Korean child. You and I pay for these baby Koreans with our tax dollars. Even though more government money is spent on ensuring Koreans learn, grow and assimilate in society, it is almost guaranteed that these little Koreans will turn to drugs, gangs, and crime before their 18 birthday. Most will be sent up state and be housed with other Koreans. Lately, Koreans of all ages, while crying poverty and leaching off of the backs of non Koreans, have been spending hoards of tax money on big screen televisions and tattoos of foolish drawings or writings, often on their neck and other obese parts of their body. I see rowdy Koreans on the buses and trains and never does anyone ever tell them to stop causing trouble. The streets are littered with homeless Koreans demanding that we give them handouts on top of our tax dollars already used to support them. When will these Koreans learn to live civilized and peacefully. While they claim that non Koreans, are the biggest threat to them, society watches as Koreans slaughter each other for sport everyday in the city. I wish these Koreans would just clean up their act or just leave already, but since no one has the balls to criticize a Korean, you can bet it will get only worse.

    Wait a minute. I don’t think I meant Korean. What people did I mean?

  4. Nathan says:


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