‘Leiby’s Initiative’: Lawmakers To Propose $500 Tax Credit For Surveillance Camera Installation

NYC Stands To Lose $472 Million, But Plan Met With Overwhelming Support

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Leiby Kletzky murder nightmare in Brooklyn may lead to more surveillance cameras across New York City.

It was a video — shot from stores and a dentist’s office — that ultimately led police to Levi Aron, the man who allegedly murdered the 8-year-old boy. Now, in the aftermath of that senseless and brutal crime, lawmakers want to encourage homeowners in residential areas to get their own surveillance gear, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

“When this kid went missing the first hour, the second, the third, you know those cameras would have told the story and maybe saved his life, possibly,” Assemblyman Dov Hikind said.

PHOTO GALLERY: The Funeral Of 8-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky

Assemblyman Hikind (D-Brooklyn), Assemblyman Peter Abbate (D-Brooklyn), and State Sen. Diane Savino (D-Brooklyn/Staten Island) will introduce a bill called “Leiby’s Initiative,” which would give a $500 annual tax credit to any New York City property owner who installs and maintains surveillance cameras on their property.

“If we had more surveillance cameras, we could have traced Leiby literally within minutes — his tracks. So this is one of many initiatives that will come forward to try to do more to protect our children. The more cameras you have, the safer your community,” Hikind told 1010 WINS.

“This is the way we’re fighting terrorism today as well. You know, New York, everybody says, you know when you have someone on video. Even the message that this community has video cameras all over is enough to discourage someone from doing anything,” Hikind told Kramer.

In the shell-shocked community it was hard to find anyone who was against the initiative.

“Absolutely a fantastic idea. I mean, everybody would surly go on it,” Borough Park resident Yankey Rosefeld said. “In crime, breaking into houses and in regards to the tragedy that we had I think it should be a very good idea.”

“Go back to the tape and see, you know you can save someone’s life,” added Israel Hagar of Kensington.

“I think in light of what happened I think it’s a very reasonable and sensible thing to do,” said Miriam Gabbay of Flatbush.

“Definitely a good idea. I don’t see any downside on it. I don’t know what the actual cost is of installing one, but certainly a step in the right direction. It played such a vital role in helping track down this murderer,” Borough Park’s Alex Weinstock said.

Hikind pointed out that home security systems can be installed for a reasonable price.

“You can spend under $1,000,” Hikind said.

If the bill passes it would mean lost revenue for New York City. The tab for that would be $472 million; enough, the city said, to hire over 6,000 cops. Assemblyman Hikind admitted he may have to negotiate the actual amount of the tax credit. It may have to be $350 instead of $500.

Hikind said the tax credit idea is a “no-brainer” and something that lawmakers were “going to try to make happen.”

“I can’t imagine why anyone would have a problem with this. There’s work to be done, but this is something that just makes common sense,” he said.

A spokesman for Mayor Michael Bloomberg refused to comment on the initiative, saying the mayor wants to see the actual legislation.

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  1. calany says:

    New York does not support the bill! NY supports the Leiby Law, proposed that security cameras should not be the responsibility of storeowners, but only the burden of the city. The Coalition Against legal Abuse proposes the Leiby Lawy – THIS should be the Leiby Law – a metropolis that is densely populated with more than 30 children per 100 apartments per street shall be outfitted with surveillance cameras on each street light. These devices shall be maintained by the city’s law enforcement public safety division with equal access to archives indefinitely by all law enforcement officials.

  2. If only... says:

    The parent’s responsibility has been addressed… their son had been begging them for weeks to walk home alone, they finally agreed to let him walk halfway, where they waited to meet him. They even practiced the route repeatedly. These were good, caring parents who tried to give their child a tiny bit of the independence he craved. The only person who is at fault here is the vicious murderer. And while criminals will certainly continue to do their dirty work even with the threat of cameras, it will certainly be easier and faster catching them. Who knows, if their has been even one more camera on the street where Leiby was taken, they might have gotten a clear enough shot to find him within the first day, and maybe even saved his life.

  3. justpassinthru says:

    Seems like it didn”t take long for the vulture politcians to try to twist this tragedy around and exploit this boy’s murder for their own political agenda…. “Leiby’s” Initiative??? It sounds like some contrived mumbo jumbo sitting on some politcian’s desk waiting for a young victim’s name to attach it to….

  4. Jeffrey Monheit says:

    Another question I have is who in the surveillance camera industry is giving out favors (bribes) to our politicians so that we buy and install their contraptions for a $500 tax credit? Like 9/11, all that was needed was a tragic precedent so that government could quickly and perpetually rob us of more and more of our liberty, money and privacy. I don’t want my taxes going towards tax credits for these surveillance camera installations, which invade my privacy and make me feel miserable and uncomfortable. There’s no guarantee people will even keep their surveillance camera systems running or not block out the lenses to protect personal privacy. This is a HUGE waste of money that will further bunkrupt the city. Government should not promise money to people it doesn’t have!! IT IS IMMORAL! There is no surplus of government money in NYC.

    If it’s anyone who has a lawsuit it should be me versus a corrupt, wicked, inconsiderate, lawless and abusive government for allowing camera surveillance out in the open! The government must strictly obey the U.S. Constitution otherwise government is lawless and should not be legitimized by its citizens. I want to sue over the proliferation of surveillance cameras. If you are a lawyer who wants to do a class action suit against the cameras with me then please reply!

    1. badman says:

      yeah, that colossal “surveillance camera industry” is definitely a powerful, consolidated and insidious force bent on corrupting our government and undermining our society. They work with the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

      First you threaten to move back to Montana, then you threaten a class action lawsuit. I guess the redeeming factor with conspiracy theorists like you, Jeff, is that you talk a lot but never really act.

      Surveillance cameras led to the arrest of this guy Aron, and also to that guy who tried to bomb Times Square. There are still Constitutional limits to what police can do with evidence collected with cameras. What makes you feel miserable about them? They catch you coming out of the porno store?

      What about those gun shot sound detectors cops are starting to use in cities? Are they an invasion of your privacy too? You want to be able to fire off a few rounds in a densely populated area without those pesky cops nosing around your business?

      THIS IN NEW YORK CITY. It ain’t Montana.

    2. Fortheplan says:

      Jeff I am a lawyer but this isn’t an invasion of privacy. You dont have any expectation of privacy while walking in the street. And have some compassion for the little boy people, he was killed and could have been saved with more video cameras. All streets will be covered with video surveillance sooner or later I think this is a good way to get it to be sooner and help prevent crime. Maybe it’ll balance out with less police officers but even if it doesn’t it’s a very noble cause and should definitely be pursued.

  5. avi says:

    Idiotic law. Private businesses have plenty of incentives to install cameras if they choose; I have no interest in subsidizing them. Cost to the city/state would be ridiculously expensive, and the opportunity for fraud is enormous.

    I view this as politicians being politicians — spending our money to try to make a name for themselves.

  6. Jeffrey Monheit says:

    Only 1/5 criminals is ever captured due to surveillance camera footage. Don’t be fooled folks, these things are not worth giving up your privacy for! We need to restore our Fourth Amendment rights in the U.S. Constitution. Ron Paul for President in 2012!

  7. tara ann rose says:

    Never leave your children alone. These socipaths are like dogs lo king for a bone.
    Whatever happened to adult supervision? these parents should go to jail after they mourn their child.
    When we glorify sexual and physical violence like society allows the German rock group Rammstein we become desensitized TO THE REALITY that the worlld is a dangerous place.
    The reason Strip clubs have bouncers is that left to their own devices men would attack almost anything given the opportunity.
    Wake up America!!

  8. Jeffrey Monheit says:

    No amount of surveillance cameras will stop a criminal from doing what he or she intends to do. What will drive real fear into the heart of criminals and what will reduce crime is if law abiding citizens are allowed to carry arms. We need to loosen up our gun laws in New York. This is the best way we can protect ourselves against criminals. Once the State of Florida (for example) loosened their restrictive gun laws crime shot down exponentially.

    Why can’t New York try ideas that actually work instead of stupid liberal ideas that violate our U.S. Constitution? Our U.S. Constitutional 2nd Amendment gives us the right to carry arms (it says nothing about needing to buy a permit to own a gun) and our 4th Amendment right protects us against unreasonable searches without a warrant or probable cause.

    Too bad New York has no regard for our U.S. Constitution, which is supposed to legally restrict the reach and abuse our government would like to wield.

    With the smoking ban(s), gay marriage and now New York City turning into an Orwellian police state, I’m ready to leave New York and move back to Montana!

    1. badman says:

      Jeff, you’re just plain wrong. presence of surveillance cameras is shown to decrease illicit activity, when the presence of the cameras is clearly indicated. And while lax gun regulations may be OKa in a place like Montana, a lot of guns in a place with as dense a population like this is a plain bad idea. Even the cops in NYC (who probably know a little more about law enforcement than you) are in favor of the most stringent gun laws.

      Since you mentioned it, why don’t you do us all a favor and go back to Montana?

      1. Jeffrey Monheit says:

        The reason the cops want gun control in New York is to control people! Criminals don’t care about gun control laws and get guns through their underground sources, that is why you are more vulnerable to criminals since they are armed and you are not! There’s not enough police around to stop violent criminals in NYC and that is why people in NYC need to start getting armed to protect themselves and the rest of society! All disarmament has ever caused is for rogue regimes to be allowed to take power and for mass scale genocides and holocausts to occur along with them. You are very ignorant! There is a reason we have a Second Amendment that pertains to Americans.

      2. badman says:

        I never said that I wasn’t ignorant. But you’re paranoid and delusional. And ignorant, too, for that matter; that “well regulated militia” clause is a pretty important qualifier, but people like you only see what they want to see.

        I like Montana. It’s a beautiful place. New York is nice in a very different way, and would be nicer if you went back to Montana. Stop threatening to do it, grow a pair and actually go.

  9. Hal Rosengarten says:

    Why limit this $500 credit to New York City? There are plenty of other locations throughout the state that would benefit from such an incentive.

  10. Leesh says:

    I live in Central New York. Waaaaaay safer than NYC. When my daughter was 9 years old, she did not walk home alone.

    1. joel says:

      Where you live may be safer than NYC but it ain’t safer than Borough Par or Williamsburg!

  11. John V. says:

    Not that I’m defending the animal that killed this poor child, But doesnt anyone else feel that the parents themselves are at least partly responsible. I mean the kid was just nine years old ! If my Nine year old child caused some kind of mischief while unsupervised and that resulted in some kind of damage to property or personal injury to another person, what do you think would happen next ? You bet your ass you know what would happen. I would be getting sued and or arrested. Thats what.

    1. georgedunne says:

      If you believe children have a propensity for mischief, so at what age should a child be allowed to walk home alone unsupervised?

      I don’t blame the parents. This abduction could have happened outside Leiby’s house.

  12. ur an idiot says:

    you don’t know anything stop with your stupidity. We as a community watch our children.

    1. Tomy says:

      u did a hell of a job….and now ur community is embarassed it was one of u

      1. joel says:

        Wrong!! He was not one of us! In our community no one has TV at home, we are a Hasidic community. This murderer is Jewish like Bernie Madoff is.

  13. tomy says:

    NYPD read this please.
    1. This boy would have been alive today if the parents didnt neglect to walk this minor home. They should be charged with ciminal child neglect by letting a minor roam the public streets.

    2. The day camp where this child left should also loose their license and be charged with the same above offense.
    Schools will not release a child if there is no adult their to pick them up .


    1. No double standards please says:

      tomy you are so right….no double standards anywhere.


      Toomy, you are so wrong, children walk home from school everyday.

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