Person Of Interest In Custody In Connection With Queens Road Rage Shooting

QUEENS, NY (CBS 2) — Police are questioning a man in connection with a road rage shooting.

The deadly confrontation took place Thursday night when two brother’s double-parked their car on Austin Street in Kew Gardens, blocking a white van.

Police say a few minutes later, someone in that van fired shots, killing 25-year-old Roberto Adanes and wounding his brother.

The 47-year-old man in custody is being considered a person of interest.


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  1. altonEllis says:

    dante you’re not worth the drops of sweat that formed on your mother’s forehead while you were being born into this world. your life is already too far gone i’m sure, but if you have children one day i hope by some chance they don’t turn out as ignorant and intolerant as you are. i hope they are never harmed or killed because of their intolerance and stupidity, learned from you. what you’re saying has absolutely nothing to do with what happened. in fact i’d argue it’s your type of asinine attitude that would be more likely to lead to bloodshed, rather than someone’s race. be a little more thoughtful and be alert of everyone not just ‘spics’ because there are many idiots like you on this earth that will harm and kill for absolutely nothing, just like in this case. learn something from it, don’t comment with bigoted remarks that bear no relevance to this story.

  2. Eric says:

    Hey nick your really low class ,wishing death because they probabliy took a couple of dollars or drugs from you.well hope you dont get shot one day or better yet your ass beat.

    1. Nick says:

      And there speaks another stupid sp/c who blocks people’s way and then wonder why folks find them deSPICable.

      1. Eric says:

        I hope your kids ,if you ever have any dont come out worse .keep making the race comments,as I knew things kew gardens was full of non speacking abanians russianns and spanish people so,you confused thete are no red necks in kew gardens ass.

      2. Unknown says:

        I have to agree with you Nick…Im just upset that there is blood on my block…wish it happened a few blocks away. Little by little this area is turning into section 8 garbage. They wanted to initiate a fight over their wrong doing and I guess they thought they could bully an old white man….now we have a memorial for these thugs and next they will probably name the park after them lol.

      3. DanTe says:

        Learn to write you deSPICable T ARD.

        Oh wait. I’m sorry. Forgot that you’re not really human. Don’t have the full human IQ / brain size. Sorry about that. Should not have used your lack of intelligence against you.

        You can’t help it. You’re born that way.

      4. DanTe says:

        I like that deSPICable usage. Hope you don’t mind my imitating you on that one.

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