The guys had differing opinions about the U.S. Women’s performance in Sunday’s World Cup finals loss to Japan – Craig thought they choked, while Boomer did not.  We put it to a poll and Craigie was very pleased to announce that 53 percent of respondents agreed with him.  He used the victory to reiterate his disdain for losing out to Boomer for this year’s ‘Pulse of the People Award’.

The discussion prompted Craig to declare this year to be YOTC (Year of the Craigie), which Boomer got a kick out of.  Boomer also got a kick out of showing Dominique some of his old commercials on YouTube, which Dominique seemed to get a kick out of, or at least she pretended she did.

And I almost forgot about Craig’s matching outfit today (pictured) which everyone on the staff certainly noticed…

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