By Kimberly Rae Miller

Howard Stern can stop complaining about Lady Gaga giving him the cold shoulder: she showed up in all her Gaga glory to his talk show on Monday to discuss everything from her early piano lessons from a stripper to her cocaine habit.

In true Gaga fashion, the girl didn’t pull any punches, and confessed that she had a rough go of it when she dropped out of college at NYU.  After long days of table-waiting to make ends meet Gaga admitted “I did [cocaine] all alone in my apartment, while I wrote music.  And I regret every line I ever did. So to any of the little sweethearts who are listening, don’t touch it. It’s the devil.”

Gaga claimed it was her father’s love that got her to kick her hard drug habit, but does admit to smoking pot once and a while, claiming she has no respect for artists that lie about their recreational drug use.

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This little confession may serve as a wee bit of damage control after unauthorized-biographer-of-the-stars Ian Halperin let it slip recently that he was working on book about Gaga, with an emphasis on her drug use.

Gaga also claimed she has no idea how much money makes (although Stern was quick to come up with the figure of $90 million last year), and when back in her hometown of New York City she resides in a tiny $1,100 per month Brooklyn apartment.  The only splurges she claims she’s made with her newly acquired fortune is a Rolls Royce and heart surgery for her father.  Awww.

Stern’s interview with Gaga goes a long way to humanize the somewhat larger-than-life personality we’ve come to know and love.  The two even touched on relationships, and while she admits that she is currently sexually active she doesn’t have a boyfriend.  Stern didn’t ask if she happened to have a lady friend, but did go off on a tangent about how hard it must be for her to find someone she trusts now that she’s an uber celebrity.

Gaga’s been doing the media rounds lately, having also stopped in at 92.3 NOW and visiting with Nick Cannon. Check out photos of Gaga’s visit with Nick here, or watch the video of the visit below.

You can check out the full Howard Stern-Lady Gaga interview on GagaDirect.

Kimberly Rae Miller is a writer, actress, and host living in New York City ( Lady Gaga on Howard Stern by GagaDirect

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