Motorcyclist Dies In Crash On Long Island

SELDEN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork)Suffolk County police are investigating a crash that claimed the life of a motorcyclist in Selden Sunday.

According to police, 20-year-old Travis Smith and 83-year-old Georgia Reeve collided at 11:32 a.m. by the parking lot of a CVS pharmacy at at North Evergreen Drive.

Smith was riding a 2008 Suzuki motorcycle eastbound on Route 25 and Reeve was driving a 1997 Dodge sedan.

The two were taken to Stony Brook University Medical Center, where Smith of Farmingville was pronounced dead, and Reeve of Coram was being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Both vehicles were impounded for safety checks.

Anyone who may have witnessed this crash and has not yet been interviewed by detectives is asked to call the Sixth Squad at 631-854-8652.

All calls will be kept confidential.

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  1. dp says:

    Thatts why they call them “Donorcycles”…

    Poor kid..RIP.

  2. colleen morandi says:

    I can’t believe someone can be as much of an ignorant, classless, disrespectful person. You should be ashamed of yourself. You make me sick. Where is the respect for the families involved. I only hope that you never have to experience a tragedy like this.

    1. Bob Johnson says:

      Hey, HEY! What are we, married?

    2. Crying Uncle says:

      Okay! I’m sorry I left the seat up! Sheeeesh.

  3. LG says:

    My condolences to the family of this young man. I could not imagine the pain these folks are feeling.

    A motorcycle is a dangerous tool, whether or not the rider is cautious and smart. There is less protection on that machine than even in a smart car–it’s just a matter of time when a cyclist who chooses the steed for speed (and not cruising) is going to get injured or killed.

    Case in point: A friend of a friend died from his injuries from an accident in the city where he was going the posted speed limit, and there were no other vehicles involved. There was a large crack in the road that he did not negotiate well, and he went down and was slammed under a parked car. The impact crushed his vital organs. Had he been in a car, he would not have spun out of control or been thrown in that manner. Motorcycles DO NOT protect riders in any way, shape or form.

    These machines need to be banned from congested areas of the country. I worry about the rider every time I am near a bike. It may not be the antics of the rider that cause accidents–it very well may be the ignorance of those in protected vehicles who don’t understand that physics is against the biker when it comes to impact-prone situations, i.e. following too closely. I don’t see drivers required to take tests on how to share the road with bikers being a mandate across this country anytime soon. Until then, keep the bikers off the congested roads. Designate open roads where they can ride freely. Their chances of survival are much greater.

    1. Tim says:

      There’s a reason why hospital employees refer to motorcycles as donorcycles!

    2. RiderX says:

      A Ban on Motorcycles?? What an ass. How about revoking the licenses of drivers who are at fault in an accident with a motorcycle? I own a motorcylce and have over 15 years riding experience.A few years ago I had a woman make a left in front of me after passing me on the right. I was able to maneuver out of danger because I was mindful of my surroundings and the road conditions. Had I not been mindful of HER inattention, I would have been killed. I followed her to her desitiantion a few blocks and asked her if she saw me at all. I was not angry or intimidating in any way. Her response was: yes, she did see me, and that I was moving too slow ( I was doing the speed limit) and that she passed me because she was late for her appointment with a personal trainer. It doesn’t matter if a person is on a bike or in a car, ALL drivers need to drive and ride defensively.

      1. LG says:

        No. The ass is the person who takes words out of context and then makes judgements about them.

        The entire idea was: “These machines need to be banned from congested areas of the country.” This is because, if you would have read the rest, most people do not know how to drive safely around motorcyclists, and there is no mandate that all drivers be required to show that they do.

        If there were more people in the world like me who worry about bikers on the road, there wouldn’t be as many accidents. But instead you call me an ass. I’m sorry you think you’re so skilled as to avoid accidents, but some day, you may not have the chance to react to the stupidity of others. I hope that never happens to you.

        BTW, following a person for making a dumb decision is a sign of aggression and narcissism, in most camps, unless you are a law enforcement officer on duty. I certainly hope you aren’t someone guilty of either. You stalked that woman to get an explanation, but perhaps what you truly were doing was teaching her a lesson, calmly or otherwise. It isn’t your job to police the actions of other people, again, unless you are a law enforcement officer on duty. You’re lucky she didn’t pull a gun on you, but then again, you seem to be in complete control of the world as such since your actions can fix the problems on the roads.

        I’m wondering…do you have a cape, too? 😉

        Ride safely, and my “assly” advice is never, never take the actions of others as your responsibility.

      2. Sean says:

        Thank you Rider X. Your response was very well put. I’ve been riding now for 31 years and the amount of ignorance espoused by the car-driving public never ceases to amaze me! Imagine for a moment what a country we would live in if we banned everything that posed a risk to us. Freedom would ease to exist! Motorcyclists need to be hyper-vigilant and remain aware that ignoramuses in cars abound!

      3. LG says:

        And I’ve been witnessing people either dying or getting injured for 35 years. I do not know one rider who hasn’t had an accident with injuries during his or her lifetime on a cycle. Not one.

        Neither of you obviously read what I posted. Nobody said there should be a ban on all motorcycles, as that was not the complete thought. That was only PART of the thought with conditions clearly stated. Please tell me how you get through life by picking and choosing which part of the comment you want to make the whole argument…

        I can’t help you with your comprehension skills, but I will say that restricting the use of motorcycles to areas that are not so congested would save lives. With this power comes responsibility (to paraphrase a comic book hero motto). But your responsibility only goes so far. I believe that you both are exceptionally safe riders, but you leave out the fact that riders often are at the mercy of physics and the non-cyclists who share the road with them.

        You would be safer on open roads where you have more control over your fate since the influence of others has less weight in the equation. Your own skills of how to negotiate the road would be in play and not so much the stupidity or ignorance of others.

        Your passion is commendable, but please read the whole story before commenting next time.

  4. Crotch Tickets says:

    We should outlaw cars!!! Too dangerous. It would br a safer world if we all rode mopeds! Except 60 % of our citizens are obese. I guess we should ban all motor vehicles and make the fatties walk!

    Any fatties want to chime in here?

    1. (chewing sounds) says:

      Can’t chime in…eating.

      1. LG says:

        But you just did.

  5. Kris says:

    His fault. Her fault. Murdercycles. Stop texting. Motorcycles are inherently dangerous. Old people are inherently dangerous. His fault. Her fault.

    Blah blah blah.

    I really need to stop reading these articles at the comments section. It’s clear that most of you have no idea what you’re talking about, on any issue.

    Just because you CAN leave a comment doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

    1. LG says:

      I feel that way about most comment sections of Internet articles. The only real value of these types of boards, outside of encouraging discussion and debate, comes from seeing how the average citizen thinks. Most of the time, you see impulsive remarks bordering on insult perhaps since it’s easier to voice venom, hate, and ignorance from behind an anonymous computer screen. In earlier days, it took far too much effort to voice an opinion in writing, so maybe most people were much more careful about what they said and how they said it. Now, we can tap a few things on a keyboard and instantly send whatever nonsense comes to our heads. It’s the way of things now, but it doesn’t make it palatable to those who truly want to say something thoughtful.

      P.S. Unfortunately, many people vote with the same ignorant and impulsive mentality.

  6. Moroccan Carey says:

    The driver of the car was probably sexting at the time of the accident.

  7. Amanda says:

    To many young Kids are getting killed on those damn street bikes. My brother died on a street bike on his way to work doing nothing wrong and he was 23 years old he didn’t even start his life yet I strongly believe they should BANNED those. Mite as well start digging your own grave when you buy one. It’s a shame

  8. SuperHakan says:

    I Drive a fuel truck for work and I see alot of drivers either on the phone or texting.The cops should enforce tougher laws for this!

    1. kss says:

      Agree 100%. But I’m not holding my breath for tougher law enforcement. And the drivers texting are the worse because they’re looking down while texting which means their eyes aren’t even on the road.

  9. Knit one, pearl one says:

    Get these Grannies off the road for God’s sake! Anyone past 65 years of age should have a designated driver, or use a car service, or have a friend/relative drive them. Most people at 83 y.o. have some form of dementia, or problems with coordination. What a waste of a young life. This granny should have her license revoked or suspended. How many more young lives will she end? She is a danger to herself and to everyone else around her.

    1. Ellen says:

      Wow, how do you know it was her fault? And, what study have you found that states that most people at 83 have some sort of dementia??!! All people over 65 should have a designated driver or use car service? Racism, breedism, and now age or seniorism…let’s see how you’re faring at that age and if you have any issues or concerns with any of the above – you’re an idiot.
      And by the way, it’s knit one, pearl TWO.

  10. Michelle Lanna says:

    You were a sweet,awesome kid-going to miss u “lil bro” RIP

  11. kendra says:

    will unfortanately how ever way you see it i am sorry that the driver had to lose his life and my heartfelt condolences really go out to his family and close friends cause that is a terrible way to die and i know the lady driver was probably in the wrong also but thank god she survived with just minor scratchs and thats it cause it could have been worse then that.

  12. kss says:

    They’re not called “crotch rockets” for nothing. I see young dudes speeding and driving recklessly on them all the time.

    1. kss says:

      Also, it’s hard not to notice these Suzukis because in most cases the exhaust pipe has been altered to make the maximum amount of noise. The 20-somethings riding these things speed around the neighborhood especially at night setting off car alarms and generally creating a nuisance.

  13. EddieB says:

    Hospitals refer to motorcyclysts as “DONORS” I wonder why?

    I passed the scene of the accident around 1:30 today and Middle Country Rd. was still detoured.

    Middle Country Rd in this area has been identified as one of the most dealiest roads in America

  14. G.C. says:

    So as a motorcyclist this is sad to read. Looking at Google maps, this looks like this occurred at an intersection on what appears to be a pretty fast road (50MPH). I am betting the young man was going straight and the women was turning through the intersection.

    @Jerry – Its not that 2 wheel bikes should be banned because the trikes are just as dangerous as well. As for those riders who are texting while riding, well they are just asking to meet there maker.

    @Lombardo – At speeds of 25 to 60 MPH, motorcycles physics wise are very stable due to inertia. Anything lower or higher is where problems come into play. As well as not adjusting your speed to your surrounding conditions, traffic wise and road surface condition wise. Also when cars and bikes come together its really hard to place most of the blame on the car because a lot or bike riders do a lot of stupid stuff as well.

    It comes down to driver and rider skills and the ability to recognize situations. To me without knowing details, which is what we are going on here, it seems like it was simply a case of the car turning left, not looking at oncoming traffic before the turn or she was impatient and didn’t want to wait because there doesn’t appear to be a turn on green light controlling the turn and the rider not looking ahead through the intersection, scanning for potential dangers and not adjusting his speed accordingly. But again we don’t know details so this is just what I think occurred based on what I see on the map and street view. Riders should really go through a motorcycle safety foundation course (which has saved me from injury many times and various situations) and class D drivers should be subjected to a safety course as well, not those B.S. video tapes that everyone falls asleep to.

    I hope the woman is OK and thinks about what she may have done wrong so that she can better handle a similar situation better next time and my heart goes out to his family and I hope this is a reminder for all riders, safe or reckless, that we can be seriously hurt on our machines. Safety first.

    1. Rugbyball says:

      Well said, and you are correct. Took the Motorcycle safety course back in 2003 and it is a great course, a must if you ask me even if you are a grizzly old seasoned rider. There where some tricks you learn that you would probably never learn elsewhere no matter how long you rode.
      And the rider course really shows your strengths and weaknesses as a rider. Most failed the figure 8 in a box test during practice runs and many missed it on the test. And we had a few people give up on the course mid way when they dumped the bikes a few times and they realized it takes more than bicycle riding skills to control a motorcycle, probably saved there lives and some money on bike and gear.

  15. Jake says:

    It is not the motorcycles that are dangerous – it is people who drive or ride carelessly. For those who say that 2 wheelers should be banned — it is none of your business what another person decides to use for transportation. Your job is to obey the road rules, get off the phone, and pay attention.

  16. reaper grim says:

    Just want to say my Neurologist names them murdercycles .
    They are safe till you have an accident and usually most head injured
    bikers don’t make it back to anywhere normal ,many are brain dead.
    I wonder what bone Drs. call them ,another home in the mountains?

  17. Jerry says:

    2 wheelers should be banned now that three wheelers are plentiful.
    Ive seen texting being done by riders too.

  18. F. Lombardo says:

    Motorcycles are inherently dangerous simply because of the unstable physics of two-wheel, high-speed driving. Unfortunately, many car drivers [especially elderly drivers] either don’t see them, or don’t recognize them as legitimate vehicles, or do not take their limitations into traffic consideration when driving near them. In most instances it is the fault of the car driver when there is a collision between a car and a motorcycle..

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