Rockaway Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Accused Of Selling Sex During Late Night Shifts

ROCKAWAY, NJ (WCBS 880) – Ordering “extra sugar” at the Dunkin’ Donuts along Route 46 in Rockaway Township apparently got you more than just a sweet cup of coffee.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney In New Jersey

Police say 29-year-old Melissa Redmond, of nearby Mine Hill, was arrested for selling sex while working late night shifts at the store after soliciting sex from a undercover officer.

Police Det. Sgt. Kyle Schwarzmann said Redmond would go out to cars in the parking lot and spend 15 to 20 minutes in the vehicles.

“Whatever sexual act you want, there was a price for it,” says Schwarzmann.

Local residents were relieved the operation was put to an end.

“It’s good they caught her. I mean, that’s horrible. You doing things like this and then you’re going inside serving the people,” says regular customer Al, one of many in stopping by in disbelief.

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  • RicardoCabeza

    This gal has a real head for business. Or maybe she just has a business for…

  • Bill

    She’s getting ready to run for congress and this will be a resume enhancer if she is a liberal.

    • Bucky McFarlan

      Hey, what’s the problem here? Sounds like a market driven approach to this great capitalist system we have here. Get the government out of my donut shop! This girl is just trying to make the best of supply side economics.

  • CW

    Gives a new meaning to just buying the donuts hole.

    • Daimen Bokk

      It is time to face the obvious, make prostitution legal so it can be regulated and properly taxed. This would stop a lot of children being abused, help the world economy and create better standards that an unregualted industry has had for thousands of years.

  • RicardoCabeza

    As long as she washes her hands thoroughly then it’s not a problem.

    • Steve

      Do you think she washes her hands (with soap) after she takes a dump while at work…..

    • Jessibby

      What?! Prostituion is ILLEGAL. Donuts or not.

      • Stalin

        shut up hippy

    • i-Truth

      Were you one of her clients?

    • Bucky McFarlan

      Jesus, sis, if I told you once, i told you a 1000 times. Get to know your boyfriends a little better before you go sharin’ the family treasure. And if they’re cops, yur gonna halfta give em a discount. What were you thinkin?

  • TD

    “Dunkin Donuts……………It’s worth the trip.”

  • Dennis

    How stupid can this girl be. She worked in a Donut shop and I guess never made the connection between Cops and Donuts.

    • Jamie


    • jenn

      tjat should be 1010’s comment of the day – very funny!

      • Mr K

        Maybe they were on they “layroll” :)

  • David

    I don’t know which is more disgusting, this women doing sleazy things with sleazy men and then going back and handling food or the fact that there are so many people who see absolutely no problem with it.

    • RicardoCabeza

      what’s the problem here virgin?

    • david earl,atlanta ga

      whats the problem here??

  • Mitteness

    Wonder what she does with the donut holes?

    • robyn

      LOL!!! it really makes u wonder

  • Dave

    Capitalism at its best!

    • me

      Welcome to Dunkin’ Hoe’nuts!

  • bucky l

    pie wasn’t the only thing one good get a piece of in that restuarant. a real full-service place.

    • Mrk

      There was a lot more Rockin going on in Rockaway Township then we thought. And we thought Police hung out at Donut Shops for the pasteries.

  • Omega13

    So was she at least attractive?

    • Louis Shipp

      Probably not. They almost never are.

      • patrick

        Is the “they” in this comment prostitutes or dunkin donut workers?

  • Dana

    I guess the patrons would ask for the Baker’s dozen.

  • Not Melissa

    Is that

    Melissa Redmond


    Melissa Redmound?

    • shehiplocki


    • porcorosso

      I don’t think you can play the Bush card after the Redmound is laid down.

  • Mike

    I’d like to see a picture of the accused to determine the severity of the “offense.” Let’s face it: If she’s hot or even cute, it really isn’t THAT OFFENSIVE ;)

    • sandy

      ricardo – ur hilarious – u should write for a living

    • JEFF

      They should change the nname to DUNKIN YO NUTS

    • Shakespeare

      Suddenly I feel like getting a donut.

  • Ratsaz

    Gives new meaning to getting your donut dunked.

  • Jon Audette

    Even money says no

  • Jon Audette

    “It’s good they caught her. I mean, that’s horrible. You doing things like this and then you’re going inside serving the people,”

    Truer words never spoken. Unless you add the thought: “Hey, both activities may be ‘serving the public’.”

    • Kuerno

      She prolly got “Serving” mixed up with “Servicing”.

      • Jeff

        I was one of her customers and as far as I know she cleaned herself up with a napkin. I have been getting my donuts dunked there for a long time,

  • Inspector V. Jayjay

    The officer noted a copious amount of krispy kreme on her person and suspected something was a amiss.

    • John

      That’s absolutely horrible. Has she found work anywhere else? What shifts will she be working?

      • shaky

        I agree. We in the public need to be warned of exactly WHEN and WHERE this criminal might be lurking again. And, how much she charges for what.

  • ibid

    special on long johns?

  • Massimo Deportado

    This country is too weak and perverted to survive.

  • npg

    I’ll have mine with sprinkles….

  • Andrew

    I go to Dunkin Donuts a lot and now will be thinking about this story. Regular please.

  • FRS123

    No, it’s to pay taxes to our great government. They know better.

  • Jimmy J

    Mmmmm…. sprinkles

  • chewydog

    Yeah, ’cause serving dough nuts and coffee is such a technical job….probably should pay around $100K a year or so….

  • Tom Tucker

    Good thinking. Break the law where all the donuts are. There won’t be any cops there.

  • Ricardo Queso

    Donut Ho

  • SailorV

    Unbelievable! Everyone knows the time for donut dunkin’ is when the frost is on the punpkin’.

  • elmer j fudd

    IT no doubt smells like bad Oysters, not fresh!!!

  • AMB

    Their glazed donuts always had that certain je ne sais quios.

  • Cheezy

    Now I know why I never liked their vanilla cream donuts donuts, they had a weird after taste and smelled like bleach

    • susie

      Nows I know why I liked the vanill cream

      • Free Melissa

        Wow Wow Wow!!!!!!!!!

  • ig farben

    Where is her mug shot?

    • bill

      As long as she washes her hands , why should I care? She’s a just being a capitolist. God bless America.

      • RicardoCabeza

        Bill is a “capitolist” anything like a capitalist? Just wondering.

  • dp

    They changed the name of the Coolata to the COOLITO……

    • Milo D

      Ay Papi! lol

  • joe greeson

    Leave her alone…arrest the cops!

    • SeeClear

      Yeah maybe she could get you a donut with her gummy hands. Yum!

    • RicardoCabeza

      arrest the cops for what genius?

  • Claude Ballls

    Dunkin Donuts is now serving cream pies….

    • Balls

      And when I saw the place I thought there was a slug infestation.

      • Somedude

        At least the walk of shame is right back to the kitchen to serve up more!

    • Jim Nicastro

      If it had been Massachusetts then it would be BOSTON CREAM PIES :P

  • TonyZ

    Don’t go near the cruellers!

  • Deb

    As long as she washed her hands, I don’t care.

    • andrew

      Yeah, because prostitutes are so clean and all…

  • David Emerson Powell

    Oh man, think she washed her hands before handling the donuts? I mean, eww!

  • Ymal Brucker

    “Shocked by this story? Leave comment below.”

    No commentator seems shocked. Most think it’s clever.

    Article must have been written by a woman.

    • geo

      I’m shocked, SHOCKED, to find that there is sex going on here!

      • Claude Rains

        Here are your condoms sir!

  • Nicholas Bozman

    I can’t believe I haven’t found a comment referencing the movie “Idiocracy” lol!

    Did anyone order a “super hot latte?”

  • Ted Novak

    I wonder how the donut holes tasted like.

    • Balls

      Hey there’s a hair on my donut

      • quinny


  • Dennis Amnott

    Leave to DD’s to come up with a “full service” menu. Gotta love it!

  • Joe Cruella

    Done at Dunkin.

    She will be moving on to a Krispy Kreme.

  • Franchise Attorney

    Did the franchisee report, and pay a franchisee fee, on this revenue to the Franchisor?

  • Jack Belk

    Take a flying what at a rollin’ donut?

  • morandini12

    At a donut store? And she didn’t think the police would stop by?

  • marot

    Shes’ just paying of her student loan, working two jobs.

  • MIKE


    • Blade Runner

      What’s the matter, Mike. you can’t charm the pants off the ladies? Gotta pay for it?

      • YouGottaLoveIt

        Ya, right show me a man that hasn’t paid for it and I’ll show you a man that’s never had it….you pay one way or the other…….just some like to take the short road and pay up front.

      • Mikey

        @ YouGottaLoveIt

        100% correct. Unless you marry a sugar momma, you are paying for it and at a MUCH higher rate than this “lady” was charging.

  • Lard Lad

    Think twice before you order a glazed.

    • hcool

      I would really be worried about the cream filled!

    • Balls

      Or the chocolate filled

    • Mikey

      I don’t even want to THINK about the “jelly donut”.

  • rocky

    Guys were tired of putting it in the donut hole lol

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