Lincoln Park Police Discover Man’s Dead Body In Car Trunk

LINCOLN PARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A horrifying discovery was made Thursday morning in a quiet New Jersey community.

Authorities in Lincoln Park said they found a dead body stuffed in the trunk of a parked car.

At around 8 a.m., authorities got a tip from a man walking along Ryerson Road that led to police making the grisly discovery inside a 1996 Toyota Camry with New York plates.

Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi said police believe the deceased individual to be a Hispanic male in his 20s or 30s.

Residents in the neighborhood were shocked to hear the gruesome news.

“It’s quiet, you can walk here — do anything you want. You know, it’s no problem. Never had a problem in town,” Jim Rafferty told CBS 2’s Mark Morgan.

“It’s a little scary because the body was discovered directly across the street from the middle school that my son will be starting in next year,” Anthony Greco said.

Late Thursday afternoon, police were still gathering evidence from the scene as investigators began to piece together what happened.

“We have a registration on the vehicle and we’re running down the registration as well as leads with that particular individual,” Bianchi said.

The cause of death will be released following an autopsy by the medical examiner.

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  1. kendra says:

    i wonder what has gotten into people these dayz they act like its okay to go on with ur life and go around killing people that isn,t right and i pray the police catch who ever did that t that man cause know1 deserves to die the way he did and hid family is probably wondering what happened to there son and i andmand may his amily finally but there mind ease and have a decent burial for him the way people whoo care about others should have my condolences go out to him and his family.

  2. SpaceX gonna give it to ya says:

    To the Killer: You are now a FUGITIVE. You had better climb on a Spacecraft and head for the MOON. If you stay on Earth they’re going to hunt you down and take you down just like the animal that you are. SpaceX gonna give it to ya.

  3. Bobbie Jean Furman says:

    I have lived in Lincoln Park all my life so far and as soon as heard this i was entirly shocked because Lincoln Park is a very quite town and i can also say that the man killed did not live in Lincoln Park. He lived in Clinton NJ

  4. ProFromDover says:

    Shocked? No. Crime is on the uptick, be it armed robbery, burglary, and arson to cover up homicides. Must be someting in the water…

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