Lawmakers, Community Leaders Oppose Closure Of Hospital In Queens

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) State Senator Malcolm Smith called for an investigation into the planned closure of the Peninsula Hospital in Queens.

Smith joined other elected officials, along with community leaders and local residents at 90 Church Street Sunday, when he announced that he filed papers with the State Department of Health to request a formal in-depth review of the hospital’s fiscal management.

Peninsula Hospital Center is the only hospital in the Rockaways and South Queens with the New York State Department of Health Stroke Center designation.

“I am urging the State Health Department, NYS Attorney General and the NYS Comptroller’s Office to suspend accepting the closing plan until a formal investigation and audit is complete,” said Smith.

“This closure can potentially cause irreparable harm to a community already facing many challenges. Peninsula Hospital Center renders all levels of health care service through its community-oriented Family Health Center, providing over 35,000 patient visits each year,” he added.

The hospital is scheduled to close on September 1. Smith told WCBS 880 that he met with the hospital’s president about a month and a half ago when he learned the hospital was in danger of closing, and that he was shocked to hear that the hospital was in a fiscal crisis.

“While I understand the financial concerns involving the decision to close, the medical needs of the residents of Queens warrant a review and investigation of all possible alternatives, including potential restructuring, consolidation and mergers, or a scaling back of services. Closure of Peninsula Hospital Center could jeopardize the health and well-being of many Far Rockaway residents that depend on the services,” Smith said.

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  1. grits says:

    Did you fall in a ditch? Hasn’t been St. Joseph’s since about 1970. My elderly mother has needed the Peninsula Emergency Rm twice in the last year. Really hate to think that she will have to go all the way to Far Rockaway in the future. Parking there is a nightmare, and I assume it will only be worse when it becomes the only hospital on the whole peninsula.

  2. ArlineH says:

    Duh! There is NO St. Joseph’s Hospital in Far Rockaway.

  3. Reverend Rev says:

    How about a new law banning any hospital closures. All hospitals must always stay open, with absolutely no financial considerations allowed.

  4. MR KKK says:


  5. David Brown says:

    I remember when liberals such as Susan Sarandon preferred having St. Vincents closed because of abortion and historical preservation, and she got exactly what she wanted (Talk about “Don’t Ask For Something You Might Just Get It.”). Well briging in more poor people who either can’t or won’t pay (Including many illegal aliens), burdensome regulations, and an overall demand for increased services, led to the shutting of Peninsula (Another example of liberalism at its worst). Guess what? The financial money train (aka bailouts) has been stopped in its tracks, and the liberals have to go back to school and learn that “Economics is the study of SCARCE resources and how best to allocate them.” That is right SCARCE not unlimited. Maybe if they get that message, we will stop seeing hospitals being shut down.

  6. oliver hayes says:

    i get a kick out of the response of gov workers, liberal dems, when the sht hits the fan. they are all dumbfounded and shocked- Hey stupid, wake up, there is no money left, the gig is up, the gravy train left the station.

    1. DanTe says:

      Why are you trying to confuse the RE TAR DS with logic? “They” will pay for it. All the dum a crats need to do is hold committees and pass a law, and “They” will magically appear to pay for everything.

  7. THE TRUTH FOR REAL! says:

    St. Joseph’s is now St. John’s and they do not have a stroke center, cancer treatment or a hospice.

  8. truth! says:

    liars… there’s also st. joseph’s hospital in the far rockaway.

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